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Five on Friday – I’m Back Edition!

My favorite posts to read all week long are weekly “favorite” posts.  Having been MIA for a little bit, I have a backlog of some favorites to share with you all!  This week, I’ll share a little bit of everything.  Let’s get this party started!


PodcastHappierLogoWhen I drove to Tennessee in August, I knew I couldn’t make the solo trip depending on my short playlist of favorite singles.  I downloaded Serial and fell in love with podcasts.  Since then, I’ve added some other favorites including: Spawned, Note to Self, RadioLab, and HappierHappier and Spawned are my favorite to listen to during my commute to and from work and they’re the perfect length.

amazon music
Amazon Music!  This is new to me and it’s amazing.  We purchased Amazon Prime a couple of months ago and I had no idea that I could create playlists and listen to their entire library of music!!  Gone are my days of buying songs on iTunes.  Greatest thing ever.

door county
Fall weather.  Oh em gee.  It’s my favorite time of year.  September stayed SO hot in Wisconsin (uppers 80’s and 90!).  This week we hit a MAJOR cool down and temps are where they should be in the upper 50’s and 60’s.  It’s a dream.  Colors are just starting to change, the sun has been shining, and the temperature has been perfect!  Side note: While that isn’t my photo, Craig and I drove that road last week in Door County on our anniversary getaway.  So pretty.

Instagram/Etsy shopping – I follow so many adorable shops on Instagram.  Part of the reason that I took my October challenge is because of all the wonderful things I keep finding (and buying).  Some of my most recent purchases include the adorable green Sophie hoodie from Evy’s Tree.  Pricey, yes – but I buy them on sale.  AND they wear and wash great and can be dressed up or dressed down.  One of my favorite bloggers, Bonnie, recently opened up a shop called Hey June.  I purchased a sapphire necklace to commemorate my wedding month.  And finally, I recently bought Eddie a pair of those buffalo plaid jeans from Dudley Denim.  I missed out twice before finally snagging a pair before sellout last weekend.  He will be such a little stud wearing those this fall.  Instagram: My new favorite way to shop.

These pipSquigz are amazing.  Small enough to tuck into any bag and entertaining enough to keep our 10 month old happy for an extended period of time.  They easily suction to high chairs and tables and Eddie loves to pull them off because of the noise they make (“pop”).  They rattle, too.  And he loves to suck on them and throw them on the ground (and promptly begin sucking on them again when I hand it back – gross).  These were on a wishlist for Eddie way back when, and GiGi delivered.  We love ’em.

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Five on Friday [january]

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve linked up with these lovely ladies.  I promise that my five aren’t all baby related.  Though, that’s a teensy bit difficult since my days revolve around le bebe.  But, I promise, you will get through this post with only 2/5 being baby-related and I didn’t even include a baby photo.  For those of you feeling overwhelmed with my newfound obsession, you’re welcome.  For those of you looking for a baby photo, no fear, you’ll be provided one at sometime in the near future, I don’t doubt that!

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These 20 Dogs Who Unapologetically Delight in Being Jerks made my entire week.

It happened.  I finally broke down and bought T-Swift’s latest album.  I knew it was time when I was trolling my satellite radio presets every time I got into the car, hoping to find “Blank Space.”  I picked it up on a solo trip to Target and I can tell you I felt a little lighter after cranking the volume and jamming on the way home.


Guilty. I check my Instagram all day long.  It’s by far my favorite social media medium and since Eddie has arrived you’d think my entire life was consumed by the little 12 pound nugget.  …oh wait, it is.  So, I guess (??) I’m sorry for inundating you with all of the photos of my adorable child.  And while they all probably look the same to you – in my opinion, he has a distinct expression in each of them.  “Look at my cute baby half smiling.”  “Look at my cute baby fully smiling.”  “Look at my baby crying.” “Pooping.” “Fussing.”  etc, etc.

I get it, not everyone is as smitten with Edison as I am.  So, thanks for humoring me.

bringing up bebe

One more baby related thing for today: this book.  My sister gifted it to me at my baby shower in October.  I loved it when I read it and I have even referenced it a couple times since Eddie has arrived.  I don’t necessarily agree with everything Pamela talks about, but there was quite a bit I wanted to remember.  Perhaps the most interesting idea was “the pause.”  I think this would be a great idea to gift someone that’s expecting.  Because even if they already have kids, it will definitely bring a different perspective – and either reinforce what they already believe or challenge (possibly change?) other thoughts.

red quinoa
YUM!  I prepared some of this good stuff last Sunday in preparation for my makeshift Advocare challenge.  It’s served as the base for majority of my meals this week.  I made it with chicken broth rather than water to give it some extra flavor.  It’s filling and super flexible.  I’ve eaten it with chicken burgers, mahi mahi, chicken & broccoli, etc.


Can I say that it was legitimately difficult to find 3 nonbaby related items?  I mean, without sounding like my life is pitiful.  I could’ve gone on and on about the HGTV or food Network marathons I watch all day long.  Or all the baby gadgets we’ve tried that have or haven’t worked.  Or the distress I feel when I have to clean bottles (there’s seriously no good way to do it, even our dishwasher complicates it by flipping the bottles and filling them with dirty water).  But, I put on my big girls pants, dug real deep and found a few items I thought could appeal to the larger audience.  How’d I do? 😉

Five For Friday v. 8

This weekend, Craig and I (and the pups!) are headed up to spend time with his parents.  The dogs absolutely love it, because these trips usually mean homemade peanut butter dog treats and extra snuggles.  It’s been awhile since I’ve taken the time to bake some up some goodies for the boys, so they’re always happy campers when we get in the car for the 3 hour trek.  They are the best little travelers!

It’s time again for Five on Friday and this week I’m just sharing five of the random things that I’ve been loving lately.

Spin class.  I have found the most fantastic instructor.  He’s super cheesy, but he is super motivational and I love, love, love his music selection.  He keeps us moving – through intervals, hills, etc.  I’ve tried another instructor and was bored to death.  The music was not suited to Spin (Alanis Morisette – One Hand in my Pocket?!?!?!?!) and I just didn’t get the same workout.  I even gave her two chances.  Unfortunately, since I didn’t care of her style, my only option is 5:30am classes with Rick!  I’m not a morning person, but I love it so much, I make it happen!

This also makes me want to buy some shoes specifically for spinning and a heart rate monitor watch!

Purity.  For the past year or so, I’ve been using Arbonne FC5 facial wash.  Because it’s natural, I thought it was sure to clear up my skin.  Wrong.  I’ve struggled to have clear skin my entire life.  Well, after a year and a half (and about two months straight with a face very broken out), I knew I needed a change!  I’d heard good things about Philosophy’s Purity, so I gave it a try.  After just four days, my skin is healing.  I also use the Hope in a Jar.  Love them both.

Advocare.  Yep.  Still talking about it.  I haven’t recapped my 24 Day Challenge yet, but I will!  The products I’m most consistently using is the Spark and Rehydrate.

Peanut Butter Eggs.  I had 24 days of being sugar free and it was definitely do-able.  That being said, I have since treated myself to a couple pb eggs.  Just because I can go without sugar, doesn’t mean I should! 😉 They’re so flipping delicious – the white chocolate ones are my fave!  I’ve given in to sugar, but I’ve been able to maintain some moderation – there is some Ben and Jerry’s sitting in the freezer that I’ve avoided.  I don’t want to undo everything I’m working on at the gym!

reeces egg.five.
Trader Joe’s Chili Lime Chicken Burgers.  These are so quick and easy and flavorful!  Craig even likes them!  He can doctor it up on a toasted bun and I’m happy eating it sans bun with some romaine lettuce (for crunch!) and avocado.  They take only 14 minutes to cook up on a skillet from being frozen.  A pretty convenient, delicious dinner option, wouldn’t ya say!?

chili lime burger

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