Checking in!

I feel like life is so good, but I feel like it’s been super routine – nothing special to read about!  Here’s a quick look at what we’ve been up to.

the original four

the original four

My parents were in town for about a week.  They hadn’t seen Eddie since he was a month old.  I think they were pretty shocked (because they said so!) at how big Eddie has gotten.  I took a day off of work to hang out with them and my mom took Eddie for another day instead of taking him to school.  It was so fun watching Eddie get loved on by my parents.  He isn’t a huge fan of strangers – he can stay pretty reserved – but he opened up pretty quickly.  I’m thinking he recognizes them from the few times we’ve been able to facetime.  I’m already looking forward to their next visit!

g alll

We’ve also spent time with other family on both sides of my family.  I don’t see them often because of distance, so June has been a special month full of family.  We have some get-togethers coming up with Craig’s side, too.  Busy, busy!

g fathers day

Happy Father’s Day!

Craig celebrated his first Father’s Day!  He is such a good dad.  Really.  Eddie just adores him – Craig is clearly the favorite right now.  I’m okay with that, too.  I get lots of snuggles and smiles – but man, the kid just lights up like no other when Craig comes around.  It makes my heart so happy.

Anxiously awaiting the doc

Anxiously awaiting the doc

Eddie had his follow up with the Craniofacial Specialist.  I was so nervous for this appointment.  HOWEVER.  It went better than I could’ve hoped.  Eddie does NOT need a helmet!  HOORAY.  His measurements are still out of whack (his head is still wider than it is deep), but it’s showing some improvement.  Also, the doctor told us that helmets only help for children that have a flat spot; Eddie’s head is symmetrically flat.  I don’t know the science behind the “why,” all I care is it means that I don’t need to stock up on sweet decals for a helmet.  He also assured us that his head will continue to improve since he is sitting up so well and when he gets more hair it will be even harder to tell.

So what’s on deck for the rest of the summer?  Craig and I are headed to Summerfest for a date night.  I’m searching for a weekend to get to Nashville to see my girlfriends (I MISS THEM SO MUCH).  One of my dear friends is getting married in the fall, so that means I have a bachelorette party coming up – party, party!  And Craig has a family reunion.  Just enough to keep us busy, but not overwhelmed. I’m looking forward to it!

Hope you’ve enjoyed your first days of summer!


Maternity/Family Photos

Next month I will have a baby.  Next month I will have a baby.

That realization hit me hard this morning.  This is the last month of my life that Craig, the pups, and I will enjoy as a family of four.  Because in approximately 40 days a tiny human will turn our world upside-down!  I’ve never been so excited for something so unpredictable and foreign.

Last month, Craig and I connected with his cousin (his second? or third?) who has a photography business, Carla Woepse Photography.  The day ended up being a little big cloudy, but we didn’t let it rain on our parade.  She still got some fabulous shots.  Here’s a handful of ’em –


Remember me mentioning that adorable Matthews Packers jersey we received at our baby shower last month?  Well, we figured that since we got photos of us in jerseys at our wedding, it was only right that we carry on the tradition to this milestone, too!  My jersey is fitting a little bit different these days, but we made it work!

matthews jersey

mini matthews - mwn

Five For Friday v. 6

Howdy!  While I’m off playing cowgirl at my parents’ ranch in Texas, I thought it’d be fun to dedicate this weeks Five for Friday to just that – Texas!  My parents moved while I was finishing up my junior year of college, so I’ve made the trip quite a few times now.

Here are five of my most favorite things about Te-has.

The ranch.  My parent’s live in the middle of flippin’ no where and at first, I didn’t love it.  Now?  I love it.  I’ve spent a few visits sleeping until lunch time, only getting up to lounge by the pool and read books to my hearts desire.  Their backyard is an oasis.  Love, love, love.  I also really enjoy jumping on a horse and getting my cowgirl fix in, too.  Books, pool, horses, quiet, and a mom that will feed me whatever I want?  Sounds like a perfect vacation destination to me!

Texas Backyard - What The Efff blogIMG_0168

The music scene.  You guys.  Seriously.  So many great artists.  Such unique venues.  I’ve seen great shows at La Zona Rosa, The Nutty Brown, and Gruene Hall.  I’m the first to admit I love me some Lady Gaga and Justin Timberlake, but I also love seeing people like Ryan Bingham, Reckless Kelly, and Charlie Robison.  Fun fact: Gruene Hall is the oldest dance hall in Texas.

IMG_0072Ryan Bingham

Johnson City Christmas Lights.  I had never seen anything like it before!  Who do you think sponsors these beautiful lights?  Yes, the electric company.  Whether we have been down there for Thanksgiving for Christmas, we always make the drive to see them.


San Antonio River Walk // The Alamo.  I haven’t overly enjoyed the shopping or the food I’ve had on the River Walk, but I did enjoy the boat tour quite a bit!  It’s just something really unique that was fun to do with the fam.  The Alamo is right “next door” and the history associated with that is pretty neat.


These guys.  Usually, the only time we can all be together is over the holidays when we visit mom and dad.  Now that I’m married and Kelsey has such an adventuresome spirit, it hasn’t happened recently.  But, having us all together is always pretty special, since it’s become so rare.

Proof-1044 Proof-1087family photos done by Parish Photography, San Antonio

Cooper’s BBQ.  I always request a trip to this joint.  YUM!


FiveonFridayThanks to April, Christina, Darci,
and Natasha for hosting!

Spring Breakin’

I’m headed south! I can’t think of anything better than hugs from my mama and papa and a few days to not do a damn thing (unless, mom, you insist we need to go shopping).

So, my fellow Northerners, stay warm.  I’ll be enjoying my parents back yard:

Texas Backyard - What The Efff blog

…which, in reality, probably looks more like this given the weather they’ve had lately:

Texas ice storm[source]

 I’ll be back next week!

Do you get a spring break this year? Any vacations planned for later this year?

King Louie

Last night after work, I headed straight to grandma’s house! She just returned from snow-birding in Arizona and my aunt that lives there full-time was back to help her get settled in. Unfortunately, there is still PLENTY of snow on the ground and the 7-day forecast doesn’t predict any temperature over 35 degrees. I doubt this is what she had in mind when she was returning to “springtime.”

Kelsey came to join us as well – I can even being to say how nice it is to have my kid sister living in the same state as me. We all enjoyed dinner together and catching up over some of the small details that happened over the winter months. Though we talk occasionally when grandma is gone, it isn’t nearly as much as we do when she is back “home.” One of the biggest highlights of my night was meeting her new dog, Louie. Right before Christmas, grandma lost her first little white fluff, Cloud. He was a great dog for her, but I have no doubt that Louie will be just as great! He is super sweet and already fully potty trained, BONUS! Not to mention, he resembles Cloud quite a bit; no doubt a match made in heaven!

Grandma, Louie & Kelsey

Grandma, Louie & Kelsey

This week has been INSANE. I’m very much looking forward to a low-key Friday night. Heck, you’ll probably find me in bed around 9:30. Lame. But necessary. SO necessary. Tomorrow I will be a lean, mean, cleaning machine! I’m wayy looking forward to welcoming some of my closet friends into my new home for a Mexican themed dinner party/game night.