Daycare – And Why I Wouldn’t Have It Any Other Way

You may or may not remember about a year ago when the daycare search started and it was a traumatizing experience.  I wasn’t a “daycare kid,” and so it was hard to imagine my son being one.  Picking a place is a huge decision – you are literally entrusting strangers (at the time) with your child’s life and well-being.  TALK ABOUT STRESS.

For Craig, it was easier.  He went to daycare, so while he may not remember specifics, he knows that he wasn’t traumatized and he turned out okay, right? (That last part is debatable.)

Eddie is almost 8 months into his journey as a “daycare kid” and I can confidently say it is the best decision we could have ever made.  And I never, ever, ever, EVER would’ve thought those words would come from my mouth.  But, I had something happen this week that solidified that this has been the right decision for our family.

I got this picture when I was at work from his primary caregiver, Miss Shannon (I cropped out most of her face, I didn’t ask permission to share her mug on the internets).  What do you see?


I see: An incredibly happy child.  A child that is loved.  A child that feels safe.

It literally brought tears.  Happy tears.  Thankful tears.

It’s certainly taken me time to get here.  There were some rough mornings that, when we arrived to daycare, Eddie would reach for Miss Shannon.  And it would sting a bit.  But, I’m your mom.  It made me feel insecure that he was so comforted by her and the other women that care for him each day.

More recently though, Eddie has starting crawling.  And every evening that I arrive to pick him up, I get the biggest smile ever, the happiest squeal, and he barrels towards me.  He’s so happy to see me – every.single.night.  The older he gets, the better he is at expressing his emotions and his ability to do so has helped silence any insecurity I have felt.

The absence of that insecurity has also allowed me to take a step back and look at the situation in a different light.  Instead of it stinging that Eddie reaches for Miss Shannon or Miss Suzie or any other of the wonderful women that care for him – I am grateful.  He loves them so, so much – and it’s because they have shown him love and security.  What more can a mother possibly ask for!?  He spends his days being surrounded by so many people that truly love him.

The result of our family’s decision for me to work has meant that outside of special relationships with mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, etc – he has these “bonus” relationships at daycare.  I mean, can you really go wrong when you’re adding to your baby’s love tank?  I say no.

I’ve developed great relationships with “his girls” (as we lovingly call them).  He gets multiple “hello’s” when we arrive and multiple “goodbyes” when we leave.  I’m often stopped on my way in or out for someone to share a funny anecdote about something he did that day.  I’ve actually been followed out because someone “forgot to tell me and just had to share” the ridiculous conundrum Eddie got himself into that day.  I mean, really.  All signs point to a great group of women that take great care of my child.

I go to work every day and feel good about it.  It’s a social outlet for me, I like my coworkers, and I enjoy my work.  Being able to recharge allows me to come home and be a better mom to Eddie.  I think it gives me greater patience.  More appreciation.  More love.

I am not every woman.  I am not here to say that my being a working mom makes me better than a mom that stays at home.  It doesn’t.  Just like a mom that stays at home isn’t better than me.  I am here for the women that had the same fear I did.  Fear of the unknown.  I’m here to tell you that it will be okay.  You’ll find a situation that works for you.  That little face up there says so.


Edison – 10 Month Update

10 months

With a mobile, independent baby – gone are the days of getting decent monthly shots.  This all happened in the matter of 3 minutes.  No joke.

10 months 2

So, I missed a few months.  Honestly, many of the months blur together.  Things develop so slowly, you hardly notice anything at all.  And then the kid went and started crawling.  And growing teeth.  And pulling up on things.  Opening drawers.  Rolling over (finally).

The day Eddie turned 9 months old was the first morning I went into his bedroom and found him asleep on his stomach.  He had rolled just TWICE before that day.  That’s it!  Now he’s a rolling machine.

Just a couple weeks later, he was crawling.  He never really practiced or tried crawling – he just did it one day.  Seriously.  Even the girls at school were shocked – one day he showed up and started crawling.  We were convinced he might not crawl because his noggin is large and he has a lot of weight to haul around.

10 months 5

And along with crawling came pulling up and opening all sorts of drawers and cabinets.  Our world has been turned upside down.  Baby proofing is high on the to-do list and the pack and play and taken up permanent residence in the living room.  Gone are the days of plopping Eddie down and floor and knowing he would be safe.  Now, I turn around for 10 seconds and he’s already across the room.

Seriously – all of those things happened in the last 4 weeks.  It blows my mind.

He’s a feisty little sucker, too.  Thankfully, 95% of the time, he is easy-going, albeit extremely mischievous.  But, dang, the minute you take that empty Gatorade bottle away or don’t shovel food into his mouth fast enough – a meltdown ensues.  He gets over it pretty quickly, but for that 30 seconds my blood pressure sky rockets and I want to crawl into a ball on the floor.

No talking yet, but the different kinds of sounds he makes are increasing.  His laughter is infectious and his eyes literally sparkle when he is happy.  He grunts when he eats something he likes.  He communicates often by blowing raspberries.  The variety of sounds he can make leave me wondering if perhaps he hasn’t completely created his own language.

10 months 3

He loves to wave and clap.  His “wave” is perhaps the most pitiful, adorable thing I’ve ever seen.  His whole arm just kind of flaps around and he gets the biggest grin on his face.  He’s so proud.  The clapping comes about when he’s super excited and/or LOVES what he is getting for dinner.

Him and Myles are still big buddies.  Myles is so tolerant of the pulling, pinching, and grabbing.  Eddie will reach and grab his bone while Myles is chewing and Myles just rolls with it.  If you know anything about Myles, you know that Nylabones are literally an addiction for him.  Rudy and Myles get pretty possessive over them.  But, Eddie can reach in, grab the bone and Myles lets him.  Never an ounce of aggression.  Ever.

Rudy on the other hand?  Doesn’t love Eddie.  The minute Eddie comes near, Rudy gets up and walks away.  He’s growled at Eddie a few times and I wouldn’t trust to leave him unattended with Eddie.  If we are present, I have no concern over Eddie playing on the floor with Rudy around, but don’t have the same comfort level with Rudy as I do with Myles.

Craig is still the super awesome dad that he was the last time I checked in.  One of our favorite things to do is to just sit and watch Eddie take in the world.  We don’t talk – we just watch.  And laugh.  I love it.

10 months 4

What else, what else?  His hair is most certainly curly and it melts my heart.  After bath time it’s pure perfection – those ringlets!   He’s still huge – in the 100%ile.  At his last visit he was 2’7″ tall and 29 lbs.  He’s still very proportionate, just a big dude.  He wears 24 month and 2T clothing; size 4 shoes.  He hates hats of all kinds.  He loves Gerber puffs and though he can hold his bottle, refuses to 80% of the time.  He prefers to be served. 😉  High maintenance babe.  He isn’t a picky eater, though, and has eaten everything from fish to broccoli, carrots, pb&j, oranges, pears…kid hasn’t met a food group he doesn’t love.  But, he really loves his carbs.  #gotitfromhismama

What do I think is on the horizon?  He’s started self-weaning himself off of his bink.  We have it on stand-by if he becomes inconsolable, but otherwise has gone about a week without it on a consistent basis.  This is totally his own doing – we noticed that he started leaving it laying around, so we just picked it up and didn’t give it back unless he “asked” for it.  We still willingly give it at nap and bedtime, but mostly for selfish reasons – we want to sleep, too. 🙂  I had been a little worried about that transition, but turns out – he’s doing it for us.

I really think he will be walking by the time he hits 12 months.  He can’t stand himself up without pulling up on something, but if I stand him up and let go he has pretty good balance!  He also LOVES to be on the go and once he figures out how much more efficient it is to do it on 2 limbs rather than 4, I don’t think there will be any stopping him.

I can’t believe we have a 10 month old!  We love you, Big E!

Edison – 3 Month Update

How is my baby already 3 months!?  The days have been long and short all at the same time.  I know that this is a little bit late – but better late than never?  This has been written since March 5th, but the thought of uploading pictures proved to be too much for me until now.  Also, I don’t really have his measurements.  I just have his weight from when we were in urgent care.  Just trust me when I say that he is a big boy.  A big, cuddly boy! 

3month - mwn

17lbs 8oz


Still no regular nap schedule, but based on his teacher’s notes, I can tell she is trying to get him on one!  Mom-fail.  Before I went back to work, we did just fine without one.  I just stayed flexible and ran errands right after he had a bottle.  As long as he wasn’t hungry, I could get out and about with him with no problems.  But, going to school (with all the extra stimulation) wears him out quickly and he isn’t super stoked about napping.


So, we’ve established we have a big dude.  BUT.  This is nuts.  He is thisclose to being in 9 month clothing.  He is 3 months old, people.  In 9 month clothing.  Good thing I never went nuts buying him clothes.  He’s gotten good wear out of every single outfit we’ve ever owned!

3month2 - mwn


Bedtime had been at 7:30 until school started.  Now, when he gets home from school he is exhausted.  We aim for at least 7:00, but if he makes it to 7:30, we are flexible.

My first week back at work, he slept until I went in to get him at 6:45am  I never had to wake him out of a deep sleep, but he wasn’t truly awake.  Week two was a different story!  Being sick has really messed with him.  Overall, though, he is a great sleeper.  I attribute the ease of our transition into parenthood and working to that.  Having a baby that likes to sleep can be a crap shoot, so I’m definitely counting my blessings!


He eats 5 ounces every 3 hours.  It’s so tricky though – no matter how much he eats, he always spits up.  Always.  And sometimes it’s a lot!  He’s gaining weight, so I’m not concerned, it just means I do a lot of laundry.  He never comes home from school in the clothes he went in!



His neck is getting so strong.  He doesn’t mind tummy time and it’s fun to watch him start swinging his head around.  He moves around like a little fish.  I think he’s anxious to get moving!

He’s also gotten really vocal.  My favorite part of the day is first thing in the morning.  He’s so chatty.  I like to think he is telling me about his dreams.  He’s definitely a morning person.  Something he did not get from his mama.


He loves school.  Seriously.  I have seen zero negative change in his demeanor since he started going – if anything, he’s even happier.  He’s a social butterfly!

The teachers have told me multiple times that Eddie gets a kick out of his friends dancing for him at school.  They set him up in a bouncy chair and his friends dance for him.  He’s already making friends!

That being said, he definitely has a personal bubble!  He doesn’t enjoy being held all the time.  I get snuggles every day, but he doesn’t like being held for long periods of time.  He loves his vibrating monkey chair.  Sometimes I have guilt that he spends so much time in it, but then again, he really does love it.  He will sit there and chat your ear off.

He also doesn’t like having a lot of people in his face.  We’ve had some gatherings and of course, everyone is super excited about him.  He’s easily overstimulated and gets mad when he is passed around (remember, he doesn’t like being held all the time) and even angrier when multiple people are in his face.  It’s hard explaining that to people without them taking offense, but they usually realize I’m right when he calms down when taken into a quiet room for a bit.


new this month

GIGGLES!  Oh my goodness I about cried when I heart that sweet, sweet noise.  He loves when papa makes funny noises and thought it was so silly, he actually laughed!  WHAT.  My baby laughs!  He doesn’t do it consistently, but I’m so excited to hear those little sounds more often.

other notes

I knew Eddie going to school meant we would battle illness.  I think it happens to just about every kid.  I thought within the first month it would happen – not the first 3 days!  A stuffy nose progressed to a pretty icky cough, so we went to Urgent Care on Sunday after his week at school.  He had bronchiolitis, a virus.  He never had the fever (thank goodness), so there was nothing to do but wait it out.  He’s still a little congested and coughs when he gets worked up, but overall he is definitely on the upswing.  He did more sleeping and wanted more cuddles (yay!).  He certainly had his moments, but even as a sick kid, he’s generally a really happy kid.

eddies first week school

mama/papa updates

Craig has been great.  It took just a couple days for him to adjust to a new morning schedule.  With me working, he had more to do in the morning.  He makes up Eddie’s bottles and gets the dogs’ peanut butter bones prepped for me.  (Yes, the dogs get peanut butter-stuffed kongs when I leave for work.)  He’s works a lot of hours, but happily agreed to pick up 2x/week and drop off 1x/week.  That gives me some flexibility at work if I have hours to make up.

My first couple weeks back to work have been great.  I think I’m truly going to like my job.  I’m so busy during the day, I don’t have a lot of time to think about how much I miss Eddie.  I love being the one to shuttle Eddie to and from school.  At first, I thought it would be a burden (it’s an extra half hour), but I love having that quiet time with Eddie every day.  The one morning Craig has taken him, it made me so sad.  It’s nice to know I can count on Craig to do it – but I think for now, I’ll be happy doing it myself.

We both continue to be well rested.  I think overall we do really well working as a team – the minute one of us starts to feel like we are “giving” more, we talk about it.  Having a baby can be super stressful at times, but truthfully, I think we are getting along better now than what we did when I was pregnant.  We fought so much when I was pregnant and I think it’s because we were so uncertain about how Eddie would change things.  Yes, life has changed.  Yes, it can be hard.  Yes, tensions can run high.  But, looking at the big picture, these transitions (most recently, my transition back to work) have gone smoothly.  I’ll happily give Craig most of that credit!

Edison – 2 Month Update

Month two of parenthood has been fun stuff.  Edison is such a fun little kid and I’ve love being able to spend my days with him.  I can’t believe how quickly my leave is passing.  I’m just soaking it up while I can.

2 month - mwn

We headed to the doc today for a well visit.  Little man got 3 shots.  For about 10 seconds he screamed his head off.  And then – he was totally fine.  He just went back to sucking on his paci and looking around with his bright eyes.  The nurses were impressed!  We snuggled when we got home, he got a bottle, and now he’s sleeping the day away.  He was a champ.  Mama’s so proud of her tough little boy!

25in – 99%ile
15lb 1oz – 95%ile
16.93in – 100%ile

Still a big baby!  We could tell that he had a growth spurt – he’s gotten so heavy!  And when Craig holds him I can see just how long he is.  Combine that with some fussiness and you have yourself a tell-tale growth spurt.  He still has a big head like his mama, poor kid.  Good news is that he is in the 50%ile for his proportions.  So, while he may be huge, everything is equally is huge.  We love our chunky monkey!

2 month 2 - mwn


hahaha.  We don’t know what real napping is.  He gets so overtired so often and we can’t quite figure out how nice napping is.  And by “we,” I mean “Eddie.”  He gets so crabby, rubs his eyes, fusses, suddenly dozes for 20 seconds and then his eyes get real big and he’s back awake.  I don’t dare put him in his crib unless it’s bedtime or he gets pissed.  He does tend to fall asleep whenever I put him in the car, but for no more than an hour.  I’ve made some trips to see family members and he sleeps for about an hour of the trip and then is awake and unhappy to be staring at the back of a car seat.  When he does doze off during the day, I’m lucky if he’s out for more than 20 minutes.  But, for the kind of kid he is overall, I’ll take the no-napping feature.


He eats like the big boy he is.  During the daytime hours he eats every 3 hours, pretty consistently.  Sometimes, I can squeak an extra half hour in-between, but usually, after 2 1/2 hours I’m holding him off.  And yes, I hold him off sometimes, because child had the tendency to spit up a good portion of his meal if he’s fed more than every 3 hours.  He takes 5 ounces during the day and we typically give him 6 ounces right before bedtime and during his night feeding.


My 6 week old baby was already in 6 month clothes.  I know that baby clothing isn’t always accurate – I was told that babies usually are in “bigger” sizes than their age would indicate.  But…seriously?  Six MONTH clothing at 6 WEEKS!?  I know we have a big boy, but it was pretty surprising when his sleepers started getting short on him so early.


I’m very much a routine person, so we may have started Eddie on a “routine” before he was really capable of following one.  I think his bedtime routine is just as important to Craig and me as it is to Eddie.  We start bedtime at 7:30; he gets changed, mittened, swaddled, fed, burped, and rocked.  The sound machine goes on, as does the humidifier.  Depending on his mood – he will take a pacifier.  Routine, routine, routine.  It has paid off.


We transitioned Eddie to his crib from our bedroom around 5 weeks.  I really think it helped me practice “the pause,” which is something that deserves it’s own post.  He wasn’t readily available to me whenever he made a noise, so naturally it has resulted in much better sleep for mama and papa!  The first few nights were a little nerve wracking for me, but once I learned that I had no problem monitoring him from our bedroom it got better.

We’ve already established that the kid doesn’t nap – but he sleeps like a champ.  Majority of nights he is up around 5am to eat.  But, he has surprised us with a few nights sleeping through until 6 or 6:30.  Just last weekend I woke up at 7:15am and panicked.  I turned the video on the monitor and I found him wide awake, but just looking around.  He didn’t cry at all.  I got up and fed him right away, but I was shocked!  So yes, some nights are better than others – but I can’t remember the last time we had a “bad” night. (knock on wood.)  I really think our established routine has very much attributed to our nighttime success.


He started smiling in response to us shortly after he was one month old.  We got a few smiles before that, but I’m certain there were attributed to bowel movements and REM sleep.  And now he is a smiling machine.  He has the most adorable sideways smirk that he will give before breaking out into his full, gummy grin.  I really think we have a handsome boy on our hands.

He is thisclose to laughing.  So, so close.  He makes strange huffing noises noises when he smiles super big.  His eyes just sparkle that remind me so much of my Grandpa Wally.  Earlier this week he made a “mooing” noise.  Craig and I looked at each other so confused – it was the weirdest noise ever.  And then he literally sat there grinning looking like he was proud.  It was so sweet.  Gah.

He’s always had pretty good head control, since we brought him home from the hospital!  No joke.  We’ve had him in his Bumbo on a couple occasions, but only when he is closely supervised and it lasts for no more than a couple minutes.

2 month smile - mwnNo smiles for mama until he gets back into his favorite, vibrating monkey chair!


He loves mornings.  He is the happiest baby right after he gets up.  (Let it be known this is completely opposite of his mama.)  He especially loves when you play with his little toes and talk to him after he gets up.  He will give you smiles for days.  He loves funny noises and when you “boop” his nose.  He thinks it’s the best thing ever.

He loves Myles.  These two are forging such a neat relationship.  Earlier this week he spent a good amount of time staring and grinning like a fool at Myles.  I have some fun photos that I’ve posted of the two of them on Instagram.

Eddie hates tummy time.  He’s good for about 30 seconds and then just gets mad.  He hates napping and just won’t do it.  He hates loud noises and doggie sneezes – both of them startle him like crazy.

Mama/Papa Updates

Doing great!  I feel rested: Eddie has been kind enough to let me get a decent amount of sleep.  I’m still operating on less than what I’m used to, but I don’t dare complain.  I know that I’m getting more sleep than many mamas at this point.  I feed a little sad: I’m dreading going back to work and leaving Eddie at daycare, that will be a sad, sad day.  I feel so happy: this little boy brings me so much joy.  They tell you how wonderful it will be, but sometimes that can be hard to realize when you’re in a sleep deprived fog.  This month I’ve seen that with clarity.  Eddie brings me to the verge happy tears at least once a day.

I think papa is doing good, too.  He has been blessed with the ability to sleep through any of Eddie’s noises, so that means that he’s well rested for work.  It’s fun to see the joy on his face when he interacts with Eddie. I know that he is really looking forward to the day that he can actually play with Eddie.  Craig has also been having to put a good amount of effort into keeping my baby fever at bay.  Ha.

A couple outtakes – sneezes and his bff Myles photobombing:

2 month sneeze - mwn 2 month myles - mwn

Edison – One Month Update

The nights have been long, but the days have flown by.  How many times have you heard that?  And how many of you can relate to that!?  I cannot believe that it has been an entire month since little large Eddie made his way into our arms.

I’m excited to keep you all updated on his growth and development.  I know that it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, so feel free to skip my updates on the 5th of every month!  But, for my family that lives everywhere but Wisconsin, I know that they’ll enjoy reading about all of his milestones.  I recently took all of my bumpdates and made them into a photobook.  I’ll likely do the same thing with these updates.

1 month 3 - mwn

Month 1 Stats
height: 1′ 11” (97%ile)
weight: 11lb 15.5oz (93%ile)
head circumference: 16.14″ (100%ile)

I was guessing he would be around 12 pounds.  Turns out it was a pretty good guess!  Also, 100%ile for head!?  His head has been big since my last ultrasound.  At the time, my doctor assured me that all babies have big heads.  Well, doc, I don’t know that they get much bigger than 100%ile!

The first month was one of learning and adjustment, definitely.  Eddie has been such an awesome baby.  For the first few weeks, he only cried or fussed when he was hungry or needed to be changed.  And while, that isn’t completely true anymore (little man has a ‘tude!), dare I say he’s still pretty “easy.”  Yes, there is unexplained fussing, but he’s easily consoled and often just wants to be held and loved on.  From what I’ve read, as he continues to make cognitive leaps, the desire for physical contact will increase and decrease.  And honestly?  You don’t have to ask me twice to hold and love on him.  Nothing beats the warmth, smell, and being the subject of inquisitive eyes belonging to a newborn.

We had a few really great nights where he went down around 10pm and slept until around 2 or 3am to be fed.  That was followed up by another 4ish hour stretch.  That 5 hour stretch was a drrrream.  I thought we had hit our stride.  But, 2 nights later he was up every hour and a half.  I’m chalking it up to a growth spurt or something, because I don’t know that he ever needed to be attended to every hour and a half!

Eddie will take a pacifier, but often knows it’s an imposter.  I think he knows we are tricking him.  If he’s fussing, he often doesn’t want to suck on the imposter – he wants to be fed!  That being said, he will take it occasionally and Craig and I get a serious kick out of it.  Why?  Because more often than not he “angry sucks.”  He grunts and gets such a serious look on his face.  He just looks ticked; like he’s seriously thinking, “I know this isn’t the real deal, but for god’s sake I will appease you and suck on this (angrily) for a few minutes before spitting it back out and fussing for a bottle.”  He’s a character, I tell ya.  His facial expressions kill me – he seriously has quite the little personality thus far.

1 month collage - mwn

Breastfeeding didn’t happen.  Which has been heartbreaking.  I’ll likely share more about that at some point, but it’s still a little raw.  Thankfully, Edison hasn’t seemed to mind and happily takes a bottle.  The silver lining is that Craig has been a saint and willingly helped to take on some of the overnight feedings.  Eddie certainly has a healthy appetite.  I didn’t have to worry long about if he was getting enough to eat; he has had no problem informing any of us if he is hungry!

Eddie is strong.  He doesn’t love (but doesn’t loathe) tummy time and he can easily move his head from side to side.  When he is propped up on our chests he can hold his head up with no assistance.  That’s quite the feat now knowing how large his noggin’ is.  At first, I think he held it up just because he could, but now you can tell he is really taking in his environment.

In the last week you can tell he has certainly “woken up.”  He focuses in on our faces.  He looks around, truly curious about what he sees.  We have a fake plant (hahahahaha, yes a fake tree) in our living room and I often sit in the chair next to it when feeding him.  I swear the child’s eyeballs have to hurt from straining to stare at it while he eats.  He also loves staring at the decal wall in his nursery while we change him.  Apparently fake trees are simply fascinating to this one month old boy.  Just wait until he’s itching to climb a real one.  Oh goodness.

1 month smile - mwn

I think we are getting thisclose to smiling.  At his doctor’s appointment today, Papa was tickling his tummy to keep him entertained while we waited for the doctor – look at that gummy grin!

Craig and I have gotten so much joy watching him over the last month.  It really is amazing how quickly time is going and how fast he seems to be growing up.  Yes, I use “growing up” loosely.  He’s a month old, I get it.  But, seriously…he doesn’t even need me to hold his bottle half of the time!  He’s such a little man.

It’s been a solid first month, Edison.  Let’s see what you do with the next 30 days!

Edison’s Birth Story

The birth plan: (1) Epidural. (2) No assisted delivery – meaning no vacuum or forceps; that little lesson during our baby class freaked me out.  That was it.  I’ve known and read about far too many mamas that have elaborate plans, only to have them completely thrown out the window when baby has other plans.  Being the Type-A person I am, I knew that it would be better not to have a plan at all, than to have my heart set on things going a certain way and later having to accept that it wouldn’t happen as such.  The end goal, was of course, was to deliver a healthy baby boy.  And despite the fact that things got a little cray, that was exactly the end result.  And for that – I’m eternally grateful.

eddie - hospital - mwn

Our lives changed forever on December 5, 2014.  With a big healthy scream, Edison made his arrival known at 11:47pm.  Followed closely by heaving sobs of relief and joy from his mama, L&D Room 12 quickly became filled with a special kind of chaos.  Our family of four had suddenly become one of five.  The joy in that in absolutely indescribable.  That  joy is the only thing that makes a day like December 5th worth every single moment.

Around 1:30am, I was awaken by my water breaking.  Prior to that morning, I can’t tell you how many times I’d climb back into bed after a bathroom break to have Craig ask me if I was okay.  That morning was no different – only this time, my response was not at all what Craig was expecting.  With fear and uncertainty, I informed him that I “thought my water broke.”  He didn’t believe me of course, but after repeating myself a couple times and assuring him that I was for real (!!!!) he shot out of bed.

I called Labor and Delivery right away.  I wasn’t having contractions, but because my water had broken they told me to head to the hospital.  Feeling pretty confident that we wouldn’t be sent back home, Craig and I took our time – we showered, double checked our bags, and loved on the dogs a bit before heading in.  Mid-shower is when I started to feel contractions and by the time I was into the car, they were pretty darn uncomfortable.  We rolled up around 2:45am.

I was checked right away to confirm that my water had broken (it most certainly had!) and while I was still the 2cm dialted that I was earlier that week at my doctor’s appointment, I was 90% effaced!  They asked when I wanted my epidural and as soon as I knew they were willing to give me the goods, I asked for them!  Why try to “breathe through” and otherwise manage my pain when an epidural was the main part of my birth plan?  Let’s not mess around, ya hear?

The epidural was a dream and I maintained the ability to move myself in bed.  From there, it was just a waiting game.  …and wait we did.

And wait…

…and wait

…and wait!

Granted, my body was progressing as it should by itself.  They weren’t sure that my body would progress at an acceptable rate and told me they might have to consider using pitocin.  Again, I was not opposed to any suggestion they had to keep Bumpster safe.  With my water breaking, my chances of infection became quite a bit higher and if they wanted to move things along to help prevent that, it was good with me!

It was during this time that my epidural stopped working.  Legit just stopped working.  The goods were still being delivered to my body, but my body wasn’t responding.  OH, THE PAIN.  And it took about an hour for them to figure out what was happening and/or why it was happening.  It was finally a resident that asked me about the dentist.  Yes, the dentist.  Did the dentist have to give me extra novocaine when having procedures?  Why, yes, yes he does.  Every single time.  Conclusion: my body was metabolizing the medication much more quickly than most people do.  The cure?  Up the dose!  Give me more!  It took another 45 minutes or so for it to “catch up” and give me the relief I had once had.  This time, though?  I lost mobility of my legs – I felt like such a whale when the nurses needed to roll me from side to side.

In the end, no pitocin was needed.  I was dialating an additional centimeter each hour.  Until about 3pm.  At 3 o’clock, I was 9cm dilated and still 90% effaced.  I wasn’t complete until 6:45pm!  I haven’t a clue what happened, but my body checked out and decided to chill at 9cm.  Dang – almost four hours for that last measly centimeter!?  Brutal.

The nurses caring for me were on duty until 7:30pm.  And when I started pushing at 6:45, they were convinced they’d be the ones to welcome our little bundle.

But, 3 (yes, THREE!) hours of pushing later, Bumpster hadn’t made much of a move.  Apparently, it was far too cozy and he had zero interest in going anywhere.  (Stubborn like his mama?)  At any rate, it was at this point that the doctor told me that she was obligated to offer me the option of an assisted delivery.  Yep – the kind of delivery that I had zero interest in.  I told her thanks, but no thanks.  If I can do 3 hours, I can surely go a little longer and get this little bugger into the world solo!

For the duration of my pushing, Craig was watching Gold Rush.  Yes, he was certainly helping to coach me, but you best believe Gold Rush was on TV. …and him and the nurse had a lovely conversation about “clean outs” and other aspects of the show.  A few times I actually had to tell the nurse (who was supposed to be watching the monitor for contractions) that I thought I could feel a contraction coming – so that she could resume her position to help me push.  And yes, with my excellent epidural, that’s all I could do – make an educated guess as to when I was contracting.

At 10:45pm, I broke.  Utterly exhausted.  I asked Craig what he thought about an assisted delivery.  He knew how I felt about it, we had talked at length about it.  And he knew that I’d rather have a c-section (and take majority of the risk on myself, rather than put it onto baby).  The doctor interrupted and informed us that a vacuum was no longer an option.  That Bumpster was pretty well wedged all up in there and she was recommending forceps or a c-section.  She was comfortable with both, but shared that she felt the forceps were the better option (lower risk for both me and Bumpster).  Awesomesauce.

Craig kindly asked that I give it 3 more rounds of pushing before I made a decision.  Apparently, Bumpster was pretty darn close, but just couldn’t make it that last little bit.  Six rounds later, I told the doctor I wanted the forceps. And I wanted them now.

I guess it doesn’t work that way?

She had to assemble a team from Children’s (protocol for all assisted deliveries) and other doctors and nurses.  Craig said the room got so crowded.  I  was beyond the point of exhaustion, so I couldn’t tell you there was anyone there outside of my husband, the nurse, and the 2 doctors assisting me.  It was about 30 minutes later that everyone was in place and the assist could begin.

I guess assisted deliveries typically go pretty quickly?  But, not Bumpster’s!  It was another half hour of pushing (and pressure and pain, oh gosh) before I heard that glorious scream of Edison announcing his arrival.

eddie dad hospital - mwn

From that point on Friday night to Monday evening at 6pm when we were discharged, our lives were a whirlwind.  I have so much to share about the remainder of my experiences surrounding child birth, but for now, I think this does it.  I mean, what a better way to conclude than with the birth of a healthy child?

Rereading what I’ve written, I realize that it might sound a little bit horrific?  Truthfully, I didn’t love it, but let me assure you, I’d do it all again tomorrow (yes, seriously) if I had to.  I’ve already been asking Craig when we should try for Eddie’s first sibling.  …to which he has responded that he thinks I’m crazy.  Touche.