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Five on Friday – I’m Back Edition!

My favorite posts to read all week long are weekly “favorite” posts.  Having been MIA for a little bit, I have a backlog of some favorites to share with you all!  This week, I’ll share a little bit of everything.  Let’s get this party started!


PodcastHappierLogoWhen I drove to Tennessee in August, I knew I couldn’t make the solo trip depending on my short playlist of favorite singles.  I downloaded Serial and fell in love with podcasts.  Since then, I’ve added some other favorites including: Spawned, Note to Self, RadioLab, and HappierHappier and Spawned are my favorite to listen to during my commute to and from work and they’re the perfect length.

amazon music
Amazon Music!  This is new to me and it’s amazing.  We purchased Amazon Prime a couple of months ago and I had no idea that I could create playlists and listen to their entire library of music!!  Gone are my days of buying songs on iTunes.  Greatest thing ever.

door county
Fall weather.  Oh em gee.  It’s my favorite time of year.  September stayed SO hot in Wisconsin (uppers 80’s and 90!).  This week we hit a MAJOR cool down and temps are where they should be in the upper 50’s and 60’s.  It’s a dream.  Colors are just starting to change, the sun has been shining, and the temperature has been perfect!  Side note: While that isn’t my photo, Craig and I drove that road last week in Door County on our anniversary getaway.  So pretty.

Instagram/Etsy shopping – I follow so many adorable shops on Instagram.  Part of the reason that I took my October challenge is because of all the wonderful things I keep finding (and buying).  Some of my most recent purchases include the adorable green Sophie hoodie from Evy’s Tree.  Pricey, yes – but I buy them on sale.  AND they wear and wash great and can be dressed up or dressed down.  One of my favorite bloggers, Bonnie, recently opened up a shop called Hey June.  I purchased a sapphire necklace to commemorate my wedding month.  And finally, I recently bought Eddie a pair of those buffalo plaid jeans from Dudley Denim.  I missed out twice before finally snagging a pair before sellout last weekend.  He will be such a little stud wearing those this fall.  Instagram: My new favorite way to shop.

These pipSquigz are amazing.  Small enough to tuck into any bag and entertaining enough to keep our 10 month old happy for an extended period of time.  They easily suction to high chairs and tables and Eddie loves to pull them off because of the noise they make (“pop”).  They rattle, too.  And he loves to suck on them and throw them on the ground (and promptly begin sucking on them again when I hand it back – gross).  These were on a wishlist for Eddie way back when, and GiGi delivered.  We love ’em.

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Door County

What a whirlwind weekend.  My mom’s flight was canceled Thursday night, so she arrived Friday afternoon.  That meant it was go, go, go all afternoon.  I opened at work (arriving at 7:15, gross) and didn’t really sit down again until 11:30 that night.  My feet and ankles were angry.  I was up early Saturday to help my mama with last minute prep for the shower, screwed on a smile (despite my exhaustion), and enjoyed an afternoon with our family.  It was lovely.  Craig, Bumpster, and I are so lucky to be loved and cared for the way that we are.  I have a separate post planned for the shower, once I can get pictures and my thoughts organized.  So, for now, let’s rewind to our anniversary weekend in Door County!

Growing up, my family went to Door County once a year.  I’m known to have a terrible memory, but I can easily recall so many things from those trips.  The Eagle Tower, a fish boil, mini golfing, Tannenbaum, Al Johnson’s, – just to name a few.  I can’t remember when we stopped going, but eventually those annual trips stopped.  They were sure fun while the lasted.

For our second anniversary, Craig and I headed back up to Door County.  We took a long weekend and treated ourselves to copious amounts of delicious food, exploration, and relaxation.  Our trip served double duty – babymoon!  I don’t know that I would’ve asked for a legit babymoon, but the timing was right, our anniversary came around, so it just all worked out!

We drove up to Green Bay Thursday after work to drop the dogs off at his sister’s and stay the night.  His sister was the sweetest and let us sleep in her bed – because, you know – I’m pregnant and all.  I was all prepared to get through the night on the couch or air mattress, so it was an awesome surprise!

Friday morning, we were up bright and early to continue into Door County!

Ready for picture overload!?

We started with a round of mini golf at Pirate’s Cove.  Mini golf or a chip and putt was tradition when on my family’s DC trips!  Craig won, by just four!  Boooooo.

a pirates covea craig mini golf

We wandered around Sister Bay, where I showed Craig Al Johnson’s Swedish Restaurant (I spy a goat on the roof!) and the Tannenbaum holiday shop.  We enjoyed an ice cream cone at Wilson’s in Ephriam with a beautiful view.

al johnsonsa ice cream view

Craig wanted to get some real swinging in before his round of golf Saturday morning, so we found a driving range.  I like watching him play, it’s relaxing.  I think it’s because he stays so relaxed – I can tell he thoroughly enjoys it!

craig driving range

For dinner, we went to the White Gull Inn, the oldest inn in DC, for a traditional fish boil.  I remember doing it as a kid and hating it.  I was a bit of a picky eater, so being served my fish with the skin and bones intact flipped me out.  I can’t say I loved having to pick through it this time around, either, but it was quite tasty!  Craig and I both really enjoyed it – it was a beautiful night and quite fun doing something you can’t do just anywhere!  For more information about what a fish boil is all about, you can check out the White Gull Inn.

fish boil

We went to bed exhausted after day one!  But, there was no sleeping in for these two kids – Craig had a 9am tee time for Saturday at a beautiful course in Egg Harbor, The Orchards.  We were paired with a really nice couple from Madison and it was fun chatting with them because they have a 3 month old little girl.  I, of course, didn’t golf, but rather rode along and offered my two cents when necessary. (“Honey, maybe you should consider a beer – it might improve your short game?”)

the orchards golf course

We enjoyed lunch at a local pizza place called Wild Tomato.  Honestly, I can’t remember the last time I legitimately enjoyed pizza, but this place impressed me.  The service was a bit to be desired, but the pizza was delicious!  We made a pit stop at the hotel for a cat nap before heading to Peninsula State Park, where you’ll find Eagle Tower.

Twenty-ish years ago, I tried to climb Eagle Tower.  I made it about half way before I freaked out and my mom (or dad?) had to take me back to the bottom, while my little sister continued to the top with our other parent.  Flying doesn’t bother me, but being in a structure I can feel moving in the wind, does!  I was determined to conquer the tower!  It’s pretty high, but it’s much less scary when you can reason with yourself.  It was tough hauling myself up all of those stairs though.  Oooof.  The view made it worth it!

SN: These were the first days that I felt like the extra weight and belly impeded my ability to do anything.  Bending over, walking, climbing, etc has all become more difficult.  Sigh. Ten(ish) more weeks!

jessi eagle towereagle tower

We wandered around the park a bit more and found some other pretty scenery.

craig peninsula

We drove to the tippy top of Door County, just to say that we did.  On the way, you find this famous stretch of road.  (Picture is not my own, click for source.)  The colors weren’t at their peak, but they were darn close to this!


We skipped dinner and headed to the Skyway Drive In for a movie on the big screen.  We saw The Hundred-Foot Journey – and we both really enjoyed it!

We were up and at ’em early Sunday morning to head back to Al Johnson’s for breakfast.  Craig stuck with a traditional American breakfast of eggs and bacon, but I treated myself to some Swedish Pancakes, topped with Door County cherries and cool whip.  Dessert for breakfast!  Delish!

swedish pancakes

We made a pit stop at Koepsels before heading out of town – where I stocked up on some Cherry Pie filling and Cherry butter!  You can’t come to DC and not have a cherry overload!


We jammed quite a bit into just 2 days – we came home exhausted (but strangely rested) and happy!  I’m already looking forward to future trips with our little boy!

In other news, it was also my mama’s birthday that weekend (Happy Belated Birthday!) and one of my bestest friends, Kim, got engaged!  There was plenty to celebrate the last weekend in September!