A Challenge For October

Oh, hey.

I’ve just been over here living life with the most awesome little person on the face of the planet.  I’m obviously not biased.


I’ve been keeping up with you all behind the scenes, reading blogs on the reg.  It just seems that after bedtime, I’m much more content reading about you all versus articulating any of my own thoughts.  Thinking is hard, guys.  It’s even harder when you have an extra human being to keep alive.  My  mind often is consumed with diapers and bottles and “Oh my gosh, is this food cut up small enough so he won’t choke? Wait, is it TOO small and he WILL choke!?”  It’s glamorous.  And I love it.



For about a month now, I’ve thought about coming back to this space.  So, here I am.  Did I mention that procrastination is also a new trait of mine?  Sleep trumps all, folks.  Sleep. Trumps. All.

So, why am I here today?

Some time ago I wrote a post about my experience with Mint.  Mint has been the single thing that had gotten me on track with a budget.  And I was doing pretty good!  And then I had a baby.  Eddie has his own “budget” for clothes, formula, etc.  Turns out Eddie can’t stick to a budget.  TINY BABY SHOES.  HE NEEDS THAT SILICONE BANANA TOOTHBRUSH.  AND THE CHEAP PLASTIC STACKING RINGS.  THAT GIANT TEDDY BEAR!?  IT’S SO FLUFFY.  ALL. THE. THINGS.

Add to all of that, the fact that I have somehow managed to GAIN weight rather than lose it, leading to the purchase of clothes that I’m sad fit me comfortably. Blah, blah, blah – all of that to say that I’ve become a woman spending money like MAD.

What does one do when her husband has to sit her down to kindly remind her that money doesn’t grow on trees?

Irrationally blurt out that you vow to not spend a penny for A MONTH.

Yes.  I’m an idiot.

But, then he said that he didn’t think I could do it.  So, obviously, I have to.  Just to prove him wrong.  Because that’s what I do.

I’ve told my friends and coworkers (and all of you!) with the hope that it will help me stay motivated to prove my husband wrong.  I CAN do this.  However, upon telling my friends and coworkers – they’re reaction was along the lines of “why on earth would you do that to yourself!?”

Because: I’m an idiot.  But now, it’s about proving my husband wrong.  Whatever it takes, I guess?

Now, don’t you worry.  We won’t starve.  I’m still shopping for food and other things necessary for survival – it just means I’m passing on the Pumpkin Spice Lattes, that super adorable outfit, and all the adorable itty bitty baby shoes.  I CAN DO IT.