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I’m Here!

I’m here, I’m here, I’m here!

It’s crazy to me that 7 months have gone by since my last post, but at the same time, it almost seems longer.  I’ve thought about coming back to this space more and more over the past month or so, but couldn’t think of anything worth while.  Then, I decided that I didn’t give a shiz and I’d come and babble away anyway.

That, and we are about to kick of a big DIY project next weekend and I got super excited to document progress here.  But, I figured I ought to come back and check in before diving on in with that.

1st Bday

A lot of life has happened in seven months.  We celebrated Eddie’s first complete holiday season, his first BIRTHDAY, went to Mexico, and have crammed as much as we possibly can into every day with out sweet boy.  Craig and I are continually amazed at what a sweet, funny, lovable kiddo he is.  Don’t give me wrong – amigo has his moments, you know the ones…the ones where we look at each other like “can you please make your child stop it?” hahahaha

What else, what else?

I started spinning in November and it’s re-energized my genuine desire to get the gym.  I spin 3-4 times a week and Body Pump usually once a week.  I’m recently started seeing a chiropractor after being unable to finish a run without any hip/leg discomfort.  He’s a miracle worker and I’m hoping to complete a dualathon this fall.

I picked up crocheting like a crazy person.  I’ve crocheted scarves for Christmas gifts for years, but this winter I branched out to challenging myself with different stitches and patterns.  I even joined a Monday night crochet group with a girl from work!  I have 3 different projects going right now – but I’ve made mittens, hats, blankets, more scarves, a sweater for Eddie, a top for myself…I’m telling you, I have a serious addiction to it.  It’s so relaxing for me.


We are wrapping up a Spring session of music classes with Eddie.  The first couple of weeks were stressful – like, it wasn’t even fun.  He acted out, didn’t listen to directions, and whined almost the entire time.  But in week three, he finally “got” it.  I think he came to recognize the room and the people and really came out of his shell.  He loves it now.  He claps along to the songs and has the silliest dances, he grabs the instruments to jam out and he really likes watching the other kids.  Craig and I have enjoyed taking him together, interacting with him in a different way and just watching him interact with other kids his age.  I’m so glad we put ourselves out there to try it – I think we will be signing up for more sessions this summer or fall.

I have so much more I could ramble about, but I think that’s good for now!  I’m so excited to start sharing more of our lives, projects, and every day haps!


Daycare – And Why I Wouldn’t Have It Any Other Way

You may or may not remember about a year ago when the daycare search started and it was a traumatizing experience.  I wasn’t a “daycare kid,” and so it was hard to imagine my son being one.  Picking a place is a huge decision – you are literally entrusting strangers (at the time) with your child’s life and well-being.  TALK ABOUT STRESS.

For Craig, it was easier.  He went to daycare, so while he may not remember specifics, he knows that he wasn’t traumatized and he turned out okay, right? (That last part is debatable.)

Eddie is almost 8 months into his journey as a “daycare kid” and I can confidently say it is the best decision we could have ever made.  And I never, ever, ever, EVER would’ve thought those words would come from my mouth.  But, I had something happen this week that solidified that this has been the right decision for our family.

I got this picture when I was at work from his primary caregiver, Miss Shannon (I cropped out most of her face, I didn’t ask permission to share her mug on the internets).  What do you see?


I see: An incredibly happy child.  A child that is loved.  A child that feels safe.

It literally brought tears.  Happy tears.  Thankful tears.

It’s certainly taken me time to get here.  There were some rough mornings that, when we arrived to daycare, Eddie would reach for Miss Shannon.  And it would sting a bit.  But, I’m your mom.  It made me feel insecure that he was so comforted by her and the other women that care for him each day.

More recently though, Eddie has starting crawling.  And every evening that I arrive to pick him up, I get the biggest smile ever, the happiest squeal, and he barrels towards me.  He’s so happy to see me – every.single.night.  The older he gets, the better he is at expressing his emotions and his ability to do so has helped silence any insecurity I have felt.

The absence of that insecurity has also allowed me to take a step back and look at the situation in a different light.  Instead of it stinging that Eddie reaches for Miss Shannon or Miss Suzie or any other of the wonderful women that care for him – I am grateful.  He loves them so, so much – and it’s because they have shown him love and security.  What more can a mother possibly ask for!?  He spends his days being surrounded by so many people that truly love him.

The result of our family’s decision for me to work has meant that outside of special relationships with mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, etc – he has these “bonus” relationships at daycare.  I mean, can you really go wrong when you’re adding to your baby’s love tank?  I say no.

I’ve developed great relationships with “his girls” (as we lovingly call them).  He gets multiple “hello’s” when we arrive and multiple “goodbyes” when we leave.  I’m often stopped on my way in or out for someone to share a funny anecdote about something he did that day.  I’ve actually been followed out because someone “forgot to tell me and just had to share” the ridiculous conundrum Eddie got himself into that day.  I mean, really.  All signs point to a great group of women that take great care of my child.

I go to work every day and feel good about it.  It’s a social outlet for me, I like my coworkers, and I enjoy my work.  Being able to recharge allows me to come home and be a better mom to Eddie.  I think it gives me greater patience.  More appreciation.  More love.

I am not every woman.  I am not here to say that my being a working mom makes me better than a mom that stays at home.  It doesn’t.  Just like a mom that stays at home isn’t better than me.  I am here for the women that had the same fear I did.  Fear of the unknown.  I’m here to tell you that it will be okay.  You’ll find a situation that works for you.  That little face up there says so.

Edison – 10 Month Update

10 months

With a mobile, independent baby – gone are the days of getting decent monthly shots.  This all happened in the matter of 3 minutes.  No joke.

10 months 2

So, I missed a few months.  Honestly, many of the months blur together.  Things develop so slowly, you hardly notice anything at all.  And then the kid went and started crawling.  And growing teeth.  And pulling up on things.  Opening drawers.  Rolling over (finally).

The day Eddie turned 9 months old was the first morning I went into his bedroom and found him asleep on his stomach.  He had rolled just TWICE before that day.  That’s it!  Now he’s a rolling machine.

Just a couple weeks later, he was crawling.  He never really practiced or tried crawling – he just did it one day.  Seriously.  Even the girls at school were shocked – one day he showed up and started crawling.  We were convinced he might not crawl because his noggin is large and he has a lot of weight to haul around.

10 months 5

And along with crawling came pulling up and opening all sorts of drawers and cabinets.  Our world has been turned upside down.  Baby proofing is high on the to-do list and the pack and play and taken up permanent residence in the living room.  Gone are the days of plopping Eddie down and floor and knowing he would be safe.  Now, I turn around for 10 seconds and he’s already across the room.

Seriously – all of those things happened in the last 4 weeks.  It blows my mind.

He’s a feisty little sucker, too.  Thankfully, 95% of the time, he is easy-going, albeit extremely mischievous.  But, dang, the minute you take that empty Gatorade bottle away or don’t shovel food into his mouth fast enough – a meltdown ensues.  He gets over it pretty quickly, but for that 30 seconds my blood pressure sky rockets and I want to crawl into a ball on the floor.

No talking yet, but the different kinds of sounds he makes are increasing.  His laughter is infectious and his eyes literally sparkle when he is happy.  He grunts when he eats something he likes.  He communicates often by blowing raspberries.  The variety of sounds he can make leave me wondering if perhaps he hasn’t completely created his own language.

10 months 3

He loves to wave and clap.  His “wave” is perhaps the most pitiful, adorable thing I’ve ever seen.  His whole arm just kind of flaps around and he gets the biggest grin on his face.  He’s so proud.  The clapping comes about when he’s super excited and/or LOVES what he is getting for dinner.

Him and Myles are still big buddies.  Myles is so tolerant of the pulling, pinching, and grabbing.  Eddie will reach and grab his bone while Myles is chewing and Myles just rolls with it.  If you know anything about Myles, you know that Nylabones are literally an addiction for him.  Rudy and Myles get pretty possessive over them.  But, Eddie can reach in, grab the bone and Myles lets him.  Never an ounce of aggression.  Ever.

Rudy on the other hand?  Doesn’t love Eddie.  The minute Eddie comes near, Rudy gets up and walks away.  He’s growled at Eddie a few times and I wouldn’t trust to leave him unattended with Eddie.  If we are present, I have no concern over Eddie playing on the floor with Rudy around, but don’t have the same comfort level with Rudy as I do with Myles.

Craig is still the super awesome dad that he was the last time I checked in.  One of our favorite things to do is to just sit and watch Eddie take in the world.  We don’t talk – we just watch.  And laugh.  I love it.

10 months 4

What else, what else?  His hair is most certainly curly and it melts my heart.  After bath time it’s pure perfection – those ringlets!   He’s still huge – in the 100%ile.  At his last visit he was 2’7″ tall and 29 lbs.  He’s still very proportionate, just a big dude.  He wears 24 month and 2T clothing; size 4 shoes.  He hates hats of all kinds.  He loves Gerber puffs and though he can hold his bottle, refuses to 80% of the time.  He prefers to be served. 😉  High maintenance babe.  He isn’t a picky eater, though, and has eaten everything from fish to broccoli, carrots, pb&j, oranges, pears…kid hasn’t met a food group he doesn’t love.  But, he really loves his carbs.  #gotitfromhismama

What do I think is on the horizon?  He’s started self-weaning himself off of his bink.  We have it on stand-by if he becomes inconsolable, but otherwise has gone about a week without it on a consistent basis.  This is totally his own doing – we noticed that he started leaving it laying around, so we just picked it up and didn’t give it back unless he “asked” for it.  We still willingly give it at nap and bedtime, but mostly for selfish reasons – we want to sleep, too. 🙂  I had been a little worried about that transition, but turns out – he’s doing it for us.

I really think he will be walking by the time he hits 12 months.  He can’t stand himself up without pulling up on something, but if I stand him up and let go he has pretty good balance!  He also LOVES to be on the go and once he figures out how much more efficient it is to do it on 2 limbs rather than 4, I don’t think there will be any stopping him.

I can’t believe we have a 10 month old!  We love you, Big E!

Checking in!

I feel like life is so good, but I feel like it’s been super routine – nothing special to read about!  Here’s a quick look at what we’ve been up to.

the original four

the original four

My parents were in town for about a week.  They hadn’t seen Eddie since he was a month old.  I think they were pretty shocked (because they said so!) at how big Eddie has gotten.  I took a day off of work to hang out with them and my mom took Eddie for another day instead of taking him to school.  It was so fun watching Eddie get loved on by my parents.  He isn’t a huge fan of strangers – he can stay pretty reserved – but he opened up pretty quickly.  I’m thinking he recognizes them from the few times we’ve been able to facetime.  I’m already looking forward to their next visit!

g alll

We’ve also spent time with other family on both sides of my family.  I don’t see them often because of distance, so June has been a special month full of family.  We have some get-togethers coming up with Craig’s side, too.  Busy, busy!

g fathers day

Happy Father’s Day!

Craig celebrated his first Father’s Day!  He is such a good dad.  Really.  Eddie just adores him – Craig is clearly the favorite right now.  I’m okay with that, too.  I get lots of snuggles and smiles – but man, the kid just lights up like no other when Craig comes around.  It makes my heart so happy.

Anxiously awaiting the doc

Anxiously awaiting the doc

Eddie had his follow up with the Craniofacial Specialist.  I was so nervous for this appointment.  HOWEVER.  It went better than I could’ve hoped.  Eddie does NOT need a helmet!  HOORAY.  His measurements are still out of whack (his head is still wider than it is deep), but it’s showing some improvement.  Also, the doctor told us that helmets only help for children that have a flat spot; Eddie’s head is symmetrically flat.  I don’t know the science behind the “why,” all I care is it means that I don’t need to stock up on sweet decals for a helmet.  He also assured us that his head will continue to improve since he is sitting up so well and when he gets more hair it will be even harder to tell.

So what’s on deck for the rest of the summer?  Craig and I are headed to Summerfest for a date night.  I’m searching for a weekend to get to Nashville to see my girlfriends (I MISS THEM SO MUCH).  One of my dear friends is getting married in the fall, so that means I have a bachelorette party coming up – party, party!  And Craig has a family reunion.  Just enough to keep us busy, but not overwhelmed. I’m looking forward to it!

Hope you’ve enjoyed your first days of summer!

Edison – 6 Month Update

Each month is truly proving to be better than the last.  This month brought a lot of development and firsts.  But, even more than that – the more time that goes by, the more we realize that we have a cool kid.  Like, he’s really neat.  His personality is awesome – he’s such a character.  He is just so much fun.


2′ 6″

24lb 4oz


Since we’ve brought Eddie home, I’ve been a crazy person about bedtime routine, naps…notsomuch.  He still doesn’t have a schedule – we simply allow him to sleep when he is tired.  Lucky for us, he can sleep anywhere…including bowling alleys and Brewer games.

6 month2

Well, he is solidly into 12 month clothing.  Depending on the brand, some of it is a bit snug, but the next size up is all too big.

He still dictates his bedtime between 6:30 and 7:30.  He sleeps through the night without eating, but we may be up just once to give him back his bink.  I’m incredibly grateful for his sleep!

6 month

BIG MONTH!!  We started solids!  I thought that I’d try baby-led weaning.  Yeah, that lasted all of 2 days.  I hated the mess and Eddie was just happier if we helped him get the food into his belly.  So, I bought a Baby Brezza and I LOVE IT.  All I have to do is chop up the veggies/fruit – turn it on, walk away and in as little as 15 minutes later, I have baby food!  It’s awesome.

I’m certainly not opposed to store-bought food – and purchased some organic pouches to take with us if we are out and about.  And if it came down to it, I’d feed Eddie just about anything if he was hungry (child gets hangry real fast), but my preference is to know exactly what his little belly is ingesting.  Please remember this is coming from the mother who will give him tummy time on our floors – and having two dogs means that he often gets a mouthful of fur.  So, take it all with a grain of salt.

I also haven’t been following the rule suggesting that you introduce a new food no more than once every 3 days.  I guess it’s easier to identify allergies that way.  And I know that’s important, but we haven’t had any issues thus far with me throwing caution to the wind and throwing all sorts of variety at him.


Blowing raspberries like it’s his job.  So much, that there was even one night that Craig asked what we could do to make him stop.  hahahahahahah.  I never got tired of it – and still think it’s hilarious.

He can also sit up solo, but if he turns his head too quick, he will topple over.  His core strength is SO good, but he still isn’t rolling.  He’s only done it twice (tummy to back) unassisted.  I asked his doctor about it and her response was simply “maybe he just doesn’t like to roll.”  Alrighty then.  But, in all seriousness, she did say that he is more stable when he is sitting up than most kids his age, so it’s all give and take.  And truthfully, with his noggin, I can’t say I’m super surprised that he doesn’t dig the rolling tricks.

He loves food.  He smiles and coos all through dinner time.  But gets real mad if I don’t scoop it up fast enough!  He hasn’t come across a puree that he doesn’t love!

He loves getting kisses from Myles and has started reaching for him to get the kisses.  So, while I want to be conscious of what I’m feeding my kid, if I turn my back, my dog is licking his face.  So what?

He still hates tummy time.  And being hot.  This summer should be super fun.


other notes
He still has eczema pretty bad on the back of his legs.  Itchy kid.  His doctor indicated that some studies have shown that it could be an indication that he is more susceptible to allergies.  She then advised us to give him peanut butter sooner rather than later because other studies have shown that early introduciton can help deter a peanut allergy.  OMG I would want to DIE if my kid had a peanut allergy.  I LOVE PEANUT BUTTER.  So within 24 hours, you better believe I was offering peanut butter.  I’m happy to report that there has been no reaction.  #hallelujah

We have our follow up appointment with the Craniofacial specialist in couple weeks.  Truthfully, I’ve seen significant improvement in his head shape just within the last week or so – I’m still hopeful we can avoid the helmet.  But, if not, I’ve already tracked down a baller tshirt Eddie will wear that says “Helmet hair, don’t care.”  He will OWN that shiz if he has to.

mama/papa updates
We are good, good, good!  No complaints!  I know more than anyone that life is full of peaks and valleys and we’ve been living through a pretty awesome peak lately.  Craig and I get along pretty dreamily 99.9% of the time and Eddie is a saint.  The dogs can drive me batty sometimes, but we still love ’em.  All happy news.

Big E's first Brewers game!

Big E’s first Brewers game!

Edison – 5 Month Update

You guys.  Seriously.  Being a mom is the most favorite thing I have ever done in my entire life.  Eddie is, like, the coolest person I’ve ever met.  I want him to grow up and talk and play – but at the same time I’m devastated that he is already big enough to laugh and interact.  I want time to hurry up and slow down.  I feel all the feelings, all the time.  Ugh.

5 month sitting 2

still huge
still huge
still flat.  and huge.

I should just take this part out.  The kid doesn’t know what a nap is.  He cat naps if we/school are lucky.  Otherwise he just goes all day long.

Some 9 month and some 12 month.  hahahahaha.  He’s huge.  Still proportional, though!  He’s in size 4 diapers, too.  No one can believe he is “only” as old as he is.  I had a “moment” in Target this week when I was looking for more sleepers for him.  …I had to go to the toddler section and buy legitimate pajamas.  Like pants and a top.  They didn’t have any sleepers big enough for him.  I got emotional.  No, I’m not kidding.  Dramatic, maybe.  But kidding, that I am not.

5 month sunshine

Between 6:30 and 7:30 depending on his mood.  Some nights he’s probably “ready” by 6pm, but we hold out in hopes he will sleep later the next morning.  And other nights, he’s pretty wide awake at 7:30, but we put him down anyway.  Our bedtime routine really helps him wind down and once he is in his crib, very rarely do we have to go back in for him.  There have been a couple exceptions, but I’m fairly certain those instances included growth spurts and/or just not feeling well.  He definitely hasn’t gotten to a point where he messes with us and tries to prolong bedtime.

We started added rice cereal last month, as recommended by his pediatrician.  We had backed off the amount of formula we were giving him because we thought he was developing acid reflux.  Well, since adding the rice cereal, he very rarely spits up anymore.  And he’s back to eating the same amount he previously was at each sitting.  I’m happy we were able to easily resolve that!  Little boy loves to eat and it could’ve been a real headache trying to get any stomach issues resolved!

5 month sitting up

His core is so much stronger.  Since seeing the craniofacial specialist last month, we’ve been super OCD about him being on his back.  We’ve asked his teachers to literally record the amount of time he spends in the saucer, the bumbo, tummy time, etc.  When he is home with us (and awake), he is either in his go-pod or being held 80% of the time.  He will spend a little time in his monkey chair now and then simply because he does tire out and we have things we need to get done.

Truthfully, I think I see improvement in his head shape.  Yes, it’s still flat, however it’s gaining a little bit of shape.  Whether or not it’s enough to avoid a helmet next month, I have no idea, but I feel like we are moving in the right direction.  Fingers crossed!

He can also “stand” now.  Obviously we are holding his hands, but he can lock out his legs and stand for a decent stretch of time.  He looks like such a big kid!

5 month standing

He loves this orange ball thing I bought at Target awhile back.  It’s easy for him to hold.  It rattles and it’s brightly colored.  He also enjoys trying to shove it into his mouth, however it’s about 15x bigger than his mouth, so that’s never going to happen.

He loves eating his hands, too.  Whether they are mittened or not, they’re frequently in his mouth.  He hasn’t tried sucking on any fingers, so I figure it’s harmless.

He also loves mornings.  He never ever cries in the morning.  Even if he wakes up, I can take my time getting to him because he will just talk to himself until we arrive with a bottle.  The smile I get every single morning, first thing, is my absolute favorite thing about my day.  It’s so big and genuine.  It’s like he’s truly happy to see me.  It melts my heart.  And while he is so happy and content in the morning, if he wakes up in the middle of the night he YELLS until we go in to give him back his bink.  I have no idea how he differentiates between night time waking and morning waking, but I’m not complaining!

He still hates being surprised with loud noises or sudden movements.  Does any kid enjoy that, though?  He also doesn’t enjoy tummy time, but he isn’t rolling over yet, so it’s a necessary evil.

5 month fly

other notes
I’ve had a couple people ask about his mittens and/or if there is anything wrong with his hands.  No, there is nothing wrong with his hands, but I appreciate your concern!  We have to mitten him in an effort to get his face to heal.  He still has that spot on the side of his face that hasn’t healed.  He keeps after it something fierce.  We do give him supervised “breaks,” from them, but we have to watch him like a hawk because he starts scratching like crazy.  We are still working through other skin irritation issues, but we may have a resolution.  Time will tell!

5 month overall

mama/papa updates
We are darn good.  I can’t remember the last time I had a truly bad day.  (Don’t hate me for saying that.)  That doesn’t mean that Craig and I don’t ever argue or that my child doesn’t have the occasional epic meltdown.  Those things definitely happen.  But, gosh, when they do, they’re such a small part of my otherwise wonderful day.  Motherhood has calmed me down a little bit (I thought it would do the opposite to this type-A girl) and I’m so much better at rolling with the punches.  Not perfect – but better.

I love, love, love watching Craig with Eddie.  He’s such a good dad.  He’s really proactive and really involved.  I’ve known for some time that I married a great husband, but every day I see more and more that I married a great dad, too. (awwwww)

In Eddie’s 5th month – it was Week of the Child at school.  We didn’t have stuff for all of the themes, but we did for a couple!  Hat day, track suit day, and sunglasses day are below.  We didn’t have a track suit, but we figured he could be a ref instead!  And he didn’t have sunglasses at the time (he’s been hooked up now), but he had that cute onesie in his closet to wear.  I loved getting him dressed up.  Just imagine if I have a little girl someday.  Oh boy!

week of the child - mwn


I’m super pumped for the next couple of months.  Craig’s birthday is coming super quickly and June means a visit from mama and papa G!  And a couple of my aunts!  I so rarely get time with “my side” of the family, I’m just tickled that I will have so much of it jam-packed into June!

When You’re Kid Has Plagiocephaly

My kid has a flat head.  And has for months now.

At his 2 month well check, his doctor showed little concern.  Yep, it was flat, but so are a lot of kids’ these days because protocol is for them to sleep on their backs.

He was getting stronger and stronger, so we thought the time he spent sitting up and/or on his tummy would help remedy the problem.  But, it didn’t.  By 3 months, even his daycare was pulling us aside to make sure it was on our radar.  I was relieved to be able to tell them that, yes, it was – but also worried that it was getting so bad they felt the need to seek us out to talk about it.

At his 4 month well check, his pediatrician acknowledged that it was quite flat.  It was flatter than most kids, but it wasn’t the worst she had seen.  She wasn’t overly concerned, but thought it was worth us seeing a specialist to get some measurements done.  So, we did.

We’ve now learned that Eddie has a severe case of plagiocephaly – that’s a fancy way of saying he has a flat head.  And let me be clear – it isn’t a flat spot – his head literally drops off in the back.  Also – note that it looks much more severe in this photo than it does in “real life” – I think his hair standing up in the back makes it look like it slopes up on the top of his head from front to back.  It’s flat, yes, but not pointy!

eddie - fh

The specialist (whom Eddie hated, by the way) told us that it’s quite severe.  He is 6 standard deviations away from what is considered “normal.”  His head is significantly wider across the front (ear to ear) compared to the front to back measurements.  Hearing it was severe made me emotional – but she had some really reassuring information for us.

First of all – he won’t be put in a helmet at this point.  For cases of plagiocephaly, this specialist does not put children in a helmet before 4 months and rarely does right at 4 months.  It is having zero impact on Eddie’s cognitive development, therefore she is taking a conservative approach.  In two months, we will go back to have more measurements done to see if things are getting better or if they are staying the same.

The specialist also told us that in about 50% of her patients, things significantly improve to the point that they never need a helmet.  He’s doing a lot of development right now – learning to roll over, sit up, etc.  Learning all of those things mean that he spends less time on his back – which is what he needs to do in order for his skull to develop properly.  She also told me that this generation sees a lot more of this condition than generations past because of the protocol for babies to sleep on their backs to reduce the risk of SIDS.

Her telling us those things made me feel better.  I’m hopeful that we have the opportunity to remedy it without medical intervention.  And it’s reassuring to hear that it’s more common than I may think it is.  I feel like every person I’ve spoken with knows of at least one child that has been put into a helmet – maybe not a personal acquaintance, but they know of someone.  I’m obviously not happy that others experience this, but it makes me feel like I’m less of a “bad” parent for letting my baby’s head get flat.

I feel like his size has also contributed to a certain degree – being bigger and heavier means needing more strength to roll/sit up and develop balance.  It’s also a lot of weight on the back of his little head!  The specialist told us that even if/when his head rounds out, it will stay a little wider than “average.”  And that’s okay – just gives him a little extra character!

We have a plan in place with the help of daycare to help remedy the flatness without medical intervention.  I’m optimistic that we can return in June to find that everything is resolving itself.  Time will tell.

The reason I’m sharing is because all of this has been new/unknown/a little scary for me.  I’ve felt a lot of guilt and uncertainty – and (perceived?) judgement from others because of how my child looks.  I’m that mom that is offering an explanation before the question is asked because I feel like they’re wondering.  I hate that I do this.  It’s not really their business, right? But, I hate the idea that they may draw inaccurate conclusions.  But, on the other hand I’d equally hate it if they had the audacity to ask.  Sigh.  There’s no winning with me.

Ultimately, Eddie’s plagiocephaly is purely cosmetic.  It’s possible that, for that reason, insurance wouldn’t cover treatment (I have yet to check).  But, honestly, who cares right?  He’s healthy as a horse.  He’s the happiest little boy.  And he’s meeting his milestones like a champ.  If our kid ends up in a helmet for a few months, so be it.  There are much worst things, this I know.

That being said, we will be making a concerted effort to avoid the helmet.  So, if you need Eddie over the next couple months, you’ll find him like this:

eddie go pod

Or this:

eddie - pillows

Here’s to Eddie growing a round head!

Edison – 4 Month Update

Friday morning, Eddie and I started our day as we normally would.  I got him up singing “good morning” to him and he gave me the biggest of grins and immediately started telling me about his dreams.  I changed him, kissed him, made him giggle, and we settled into the nursery chair for breakfast.


And then my baby proceeded to grab his bottle and feed himself.  The entire 6 ounces.

My baby doesn’t need me anymore.  Cue the waterworks.

He might as well be going to college tomorrow.

eddie 4 mos

UGH.  Honestly.  I shed tears.  I’m going to be THAT mom.  You know the one – the one that falls to pieces for everything.  Significant or not – there will be tears.  I thank my own mother for that.  Commercials can make that woman cry.

So.  Four months.  Four whole months of this little nugget.  Four best months of my life.  Without further ado, may I introduce you to: Four Month Old Eddie.

2’3.5″ (100%ile)

20lb 5oz (99%ile)

17.5″ (99%ile)

Side note: while he is certainly a big boy, he is very proportionate.  Like in the 50%ile, proportionate!  He’s as tall as he is heavy!  Which is so strange to me because we don’t really have any unusual height or size in our family.  Maybe he will slow down at some point?

Another side note?  We met a 2 1/2 year old yesterday that weights just 22 pounds.  #what

eddie 4 mos bumbo

The kid doesn’t nap.  His daily daycare report indicates cat naps no longer than a half hour and that’s how he is on the weekends, too.  Which is mostly okay.  Until he has a day like he did last Sunday – he was a beast.  We couldn’t wait until bedtime.  We thought it was a growth spurt – which was confirmed at his doctor’s appointment.  SO BIG.

eddie 4 mo bunny

He’s moving into 9 month clothing.  Thanks to Grandma Jo and one of his aunts, he has a whole new 9-month wardrobe.  I never thought our kid would get so spoiled on Easter.  It was like Christmas all over again.  We weren’t complaining, though!

We moved up bedtime out of necessity.  Daycare wears him out and he started becoming really special (that’s the kind way of saying: BEASTLY) around 6:30.  His mood dictates his bedtime between 6:30 and 7.

All of his sicknesses have seriously impacted his sleep.  His new routine includes a feeding between 2 and 3am.  We don’t love it.   Hopefully the change in his formula (see below!) will help us drop this extra feeding.

After his 4 month vaccinations he passed out at 6pm.  He passed out hard.  Takes a lot out of a kid.

eddie 4 mo

SO MUCH.  One of the things we addressed with his doctor was our thought he was developing some acid reflux.  However, his doctor thinks that it could also be because he is just eating so much.  He’s eating 6 ounces at a time, 6-7 times a day.  That’s a lot of formula for his little belly.  And he definitely needs it with how he is growing!

His doctor suggested that we start mixing rice cereal in with his formula.  The thought is that its thicker consistency will mean he will need to take less formula and it will better settle in his stomach.  So far, he’s been handling it really well.  She started talking introducing solids to him (because of the amount of formula he is taking!), but acknowledged that he needs to be sitting up first.  Note: Never add rice cereal to formula unless directed to do so by your physician!

He loves talking and cooing.  His giggles come more regularly.  His head control is solid – and he loves spending time in a saucer when he is at school.  Eddie (aka Craig) won the basketball pool at Craig’s work, so I suggested we get a bouncer for him at home.  Hopefully this weekend!

He’s started interacting with toys more and more.  By interact, I mostly mean: grabbing it and trying to shove it in his mouth. Ha.  He also loves the singing dog that he got for Christmas.  He consistently follows things with his eyes and there is zero doubt that he recognizes people he sees on a regular basis.  I love how his face lights up when I show up at school (I get the biggest smile).  Though, I have to say I’m quite envious of the reaction that Craig gets – little boy loves his papa.  The happy reaction he gives when he sees his teacher, Miss Shannon, warms my heart too.  Leaves room for zero doubt that my baby is well loved and taken care of during the week.

In the spirit of shoving things into his mouth – he often does this with his left fist.  Not his right, just his left.  But seriously – he tries so hard to fit it in there.  It’s almost concerning how hard he is shoving.  But, it’s mostly cute.  He hasn’t tried to suck his thumb (thank goodness), but is still quite attached to his bink – and that’s okay with me for now.  You can take the bink away – you can’t take a thumb!

Loves talking to mama and papa and telling us about his dreams.  He loves sitting, facing us and look at our faces.  He is really starting to love interacting with people.  He still really loves his vibrating monkey chair.  And his soft teddy bear.  And ceiling fans.  And lights.  And his papa’s silly faces.  Loves those silly faces.

He hates when people sing to him.  Oh my goodness.  It’s hilarious.  At first I thought it was just me, because truly, my voice is terrible.  But, Craig actually has a decent voice and he was met with the same reaction.  He just does not like it!  But he loves his singing dog toy – riddle me that.

eddie 4 mos brewers

On this day (wearing his Brewer’s gear), he told me that he really hated the Brewer’s starting their season 0-4.  That face says it all.  Thank goodness they pulled off a win last night!  Nobody wants an unhappy Edison.

other notes
We have an appointment to take Eddie to the Craniofacial Clinic next week.  His head is uber flat.  His doctor isn’t super concerned.  She said that while his head is flatter than most kids, it isn’t the absolute worst that she has seen.  (He doesn’t just have a flat spot, his head is legitimately flat on the back.)  She did think it was worth seeing a specialist to have measurements done, so that if for some reason, it doesn’t remedy itself as he begins to sit up and roll over, we at least have a baseline to work off of.  She isn’t a huge fan of helmets, but again, acknowledged that she isn’t a specialist.

Have I ever mentioned how much I love his doctor?  She’s so realistic and I’ve never, ever felt like she “guesses.”  She will openly tell me when she isn’t sure about something and will find resources to give me up-to-date information.  She doesn’t over-prescribe meds and isn’t quick to diagnose.  I appreciate it so much.  She is also super patient.  She spent 45 minutes with me at our last appointment to address my laundry list of concerns.

Another concern is Eddie’s skin.  It’s so sensitive.  There is a spot on his right temple that hasn’t healed since before he was 2 months old.  It’s just dry and agitated.  During this visit, she felt it looked a little infected (I agreed!) and so she provided an antibiotic cream.  We also discovered a touch of a yeast infection in his neck rolls.  So we have something to treat that as well.  My kid is a hot mess.  Good news is that what she prescribed is already working in making improvements!

She talked me through what I can do to help his sensitive skin.  I had already cut back on his baths (as they wash away all of the natural oils), but she made some suggestions for alternate moisturizers and such since the Aquaphor didn’t seem to be working.  I’d already been using unscented EVERYTHING for him, but she made some additional suggestions – like just paying attention to clothes that seem to irritate his skin more than others.  Y’all, I have learned so much about baby skin care in the last 4 months!  Here’s to hoping the little dude’s rashes and dry spots heal with our new plan.

Also super strange – Eddie has never had a diaper rash.  Ever.  The rest of his body is constantly reacting to something, but never his bottom.  Imagine that.

We finally figured out how to FaceTime with GiGi – but it took some time for GiGi to figure out her phone.  These were the sad faces we sent her as we impatiently waited for her to figure it out.  Eddie: already nailing the selfie.

eddie 4 mos sad

Lastly, Big E got his first “hair cut.”  Meaning – mama took a scissors to his hair.  He has lost majority of the hair he was born with and what is left has seriously lightened up.  It was long and weird.  So I trimmed it up so he didn’t look like a mad scientist anymore.  Plus, tomorrow is picture day and I want my little man’s hair to be on point!  (You can also see that spot on his right temple that we are trying to get to heal up!)

before after

mama/papa updates
We are still doing good!  I’m still proud of the team we make.  I know days pass when I feel like I’ve taken more on than Craig and I know that days pass when Craig feels like he’s carried majority of the load.  I really feel like it evens out – and if we ever feel like it hasn’t, we’ve talked about it.  There has been minimal tension surrounding balancing and/or sharing our responsibilities.

I’m still loving my new job.  I couldn’t be happier with my decision to leave the credit union.  I worked with great people there, but the job and culture were just not a good fit.  I’ve noticed how much that job impacted other areas of my life, just in terms of my attitude and stuff.  The enjoyment I find in my job has noticeably carried over every aspect of my life.  I’m a better mother, wife, sister, daughter, friend.  The longer I’m back working, the harder it is for me to imagine being a stay at home mom.  Don’t give me wrong, I’m sure I’d adjust and love being at home full time – but for now, this seems to just really “fit.”  And truthfully, I’m 100 times happier right now that what I ever thought I could be as a working mom.  That in itself is testament to how much I’m enjoying my new job!

Fun part of having a kid?  Being able to pick on him sometimes – BUNNY EARS!  Such an unsuspecting victim!

eddie 4 mo ears

I’m already asking Craig when we can start trying for babe number 2.  I usually just get an “are you flipping kidding me” face in response.

With a kid like Eddie, you can’t blame me for asking, though! 😉

Busy Bees

Hello, friends!  It’s been a little bit, eh?  Ooooof.  Time has been flying – seriously, by the time I’ve accepted the fact that it’s Monday – it’s already Friday.  SLOW DOWN.

eddie surprise - mwn

We’ve settled into a nice routine since my return to work and I think it’s safe to say we are all happy as clams.  Well.  Eddie is still sick (now a mixture of coughing and pooping), Craig caught the stomach flu, and I had a tooth pulled.  So, really, we are a sorry bunch – but we’re all smiling.  In Craig’s case he finds it within himself to smile between heaving.  But, mostly, yes, we are a happy crew – even if we are a sorry one.

How about a little catch up?

eddie badger - mwn

First of all – YEAHHH BADGERS.  Final Four!  I’m a fair-weather fan and I’m not ashamed to admit it.  I care very little until the last rounds of the tournament.  I’ve been in bed for most of their earlier round games.  It’s what happens when you work full time and have a sick baby.  Sleep takes priority over everything but baby.  And I mean, everything.  ANYway!

So what’ve we been up to!?

Mostly just loving on each other.

My aunt finally got to come and meet Eddie.  Eddie LOVED her.  So many smiles shared.  He’s a lucky boy – loved by so, so many.  Also?  BABY IN A VEST.

eddie vest - mwn

Kelsey and I shared a night out together.  One of her favorite bands is Gaslight Anthem and when I saw they were coming to Milwaukee, I knew I had to scoop up some tickets.  We went to dinner beforehand at Wolf Peach (fellow Milwaukee peeps – SO GOOD!) before heading to the Pabst for the show.  I’m slightly obsessed with my sister and love spending time with her, so it goes without saying that we had a great time.  We couldn’t be more different, but man, get us together and we just fit so perfectly.  It was definitely a highlight of my month.  It was also a nice break from my pooping baby.

I had a birthday.  SURPRISE.  I know.  I could hardly believe it when it came, either.  Between being back to work, finding a routine, and having a sick baby, it just sort of snuck up on me.  Everyone’s favorite question was “WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO!?” and my favorite response was “NOTHING.”  Seriously.  I had the best evening at home with my boys, eating take out sushi.  A year ago, I was still reeling from my miscarriage and was quite a sad sight.  It’s amazing what can happen in 365 days.  Amazing.  I remind myself of that every time I’m wiping explosive baby poop off of my walls.

I had the chance to head west and grab lunch with some girlfriends.  We’re pretty good at making it work about every other month.  These ladies range in age from 28 to 65 and we all love each other to pieces.  I also stopped in to see my grandma and my aunt, which is always a treat.  I love watching them with Eddie.  I think they’re smitten – and Eddie is, too!  Again, so much love!

On a not so fun note, Thursday I had to have a tooth pulled.  I had a tooth that cracked when I was pregnant with Eddie and finally got around to getting it taken care of.  I was so anxious about it.  But, no worries.  They drugged me to high heavens and it went off without a hitch.  The mixture of Valium, laughing gas, and Novocaine (or whatever the goodness in the shots were) proved to be exactly what I needed to not sweat bullets.  I wonder if I can request the same goods for my regular cleanings.  Probably not.

eddie stroller - mwn

And that brings us to today.  We have zero plans for the weekend and I’m thrilled.  It’s cold, but it’s sunny.  Eddie and I enjoyed a nice, long walk.  My parents got me a jogging stroller for my birthday and it’s seriously the greatest thing.  Super easy to handle and Eddie LOVED being forward facing.  I’m excited for him to get just a little bit bigger so I feel more comfortable actually jogging with him in there – probably once we officially hit the 4 month mark.  (Side note: he weighs the same as a 1-year old at school. hahahahhaa.)

Well, I think that wraps it up for now.  ‘Til next time!

Day Care Wins

As I’ve already mentioned, I fully expected Eddie to get sick during his transition to school.  I was not expecting it to span almost 3 weeks and 2 totally unrelated illnesses.  Eddie needs to catch a break!

And so do mama and papa!

Stop reading now if you have a sensitive stomach.  Lots of poop talk are all up in here.

The Sunday after his first week in school landed us in urgent care.  What had started as congestion developed into a nasty cough that we could hear in his lungs.  Being only 12 weeks, Craig agreed that we should error on the side of caution and take him in to be seen.

Yes, he is sleeping with his eyes partially open.  Creepy.

Yes, he is sleeping with his eyes partially open. Creepy.

After 2 hours in Children’s Urgent Care, we were told it was bronchiolitis.  There wasn’t anything they could really give him to help since it was a virus.  We just had to wait it out.  It’s such a weird thing – I was SO grateful that it wasn’t anything requiring meds, but at the same time, it didn’t really give us any solution!  By Wednesday, though, he was on the upswing.  The cough lingered through the following weekend, but it started to sound better.  Through it all, he never once had a fever which also helped ease my mind.

YAY we had weathered our first illness and survived.  Despite being sick, Eddie stayed in relatively good spirits.  Sure, he was in bed around 6:30 every night because little dude was exhausted and crabby from adjusting to school and being sick, but given the circumstances – he stayed pretty darn happy!

Just as he was kicking that first bug – ALL THE POOP CAME.

So much poop.  Nasty poop.  And I’ll spare you the description that led us to another doctor’s appointment.  You’re welcome.  But, even his teacher said that in her 20 years she had never seen anything like it come from a formula fed baby.  It is disgusting.

This past week has been a blur of diaper changes and a hungry baby that won’t eat.

sick eddie gopod

It used to be that Eddie came home in a different outfit than what I sent him in because he spits up like crazy – but now it’s because he poops out of his diapers left and right.  His teacher went through 4 diapers in one change because it just kept coming. 

I had noticed he wasn’t eating well (barely 2 ounces, when he usually downs 5 like it’s nothin’!) and when I asked his teacher, she said that at school he might be taking longer to eat, but that he was finishing his bottles.  Then by Wednesday she called to tell me that his eating habits were significantly different and he wasn’t having many wet diapers – just plenty of poo.

After calling the doctor, she said that since he didn’t have a fever and still had some wet diapers, we should just keep an eye on him.  Initially, they thought it was the same virus he originally had moving through his system.  By Friday, he was having less than 6 wet diapers in 24 hours, so the doctor overbooked us to get in to have him checked out.  We were worried that he might be dehydrated and with such a wee lad, you have to be careful with that.

Welp.  It was determined it was a new virus, but alas, a virus, so there was nothing they could do.  She said he seemed hydrated to a point that she wasn’t concerned, but again to watch was he was expelling and to take him to the ER this weekend if he started showing different signs.  I love his doctor – she spent the time to tell us exactly what to watch for, explained how she determined he was hydrated enough for the time being, and what they would likely do if we had to take him to the ER.  She is so thorough and so kind.

So, here we are today.  It’s been 55 degrees, sunny, and beautiful here in Wisconsin and Eddie and I have been inside all day because I don’t dare go too far and risk explosive poop all over clothing, car seats, our car, stroller, etc.

He’s been sleeping a ton.  Until he wakes up screaming his head off, like if he doesn’t eat right this minute, he might die and then proceeds to eat an ounce.  Per his doctor’s recommendation, we’ve been offering Pedialyte as well.  Between formula and Pedialyte I think he is staying hydrated, but we are changing icky poopy diapers every half hour or so.

Outside of seeing my first baby sick, perhaps the worst part has been lack of sleep.  Gone are the nights that Eddie sleeps through the night.  He gave us a glorious 6 weeks of that – but it’s gone now.  He’s up at least once a night to eat.  And be changed.  And scream his head off.

sick eddie bumbo

I spent an hour trying to get him to eat at 2am this morning.  And he wouldn’t eat.  But, the minute I put him down he just screamed.  Took me an hour to realize that all he wanted was to be held.  He didn’t want to eat.  He didn’t need to be changed.  He wanted his mama to snuggle him.  So, I grabbed a blanket and spent the rest of the night on the couch sleeping with our sweet boy.  And you know what?  He slept like a champ.  Sometimes sick babies just want their mama.  And you know what else?  I couldn’t be happier to oblige.

Day Care: 2
Eddie: 0

PS. In the time between me drafting this and getting around to adding pictures and posting – he projectile pooped all over me and his nursery mid-diaper change.  Motherhood: Not for the faint of heart.