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I’m Here!

I’m here, I’m here, I’m here!

It’s crazy to me that 7 months have gone by since my last post, but at the same time, it almost seems longer.  I’ve thought about coming back to this space more and more over the past month or so, but couldn’t think of anything worth while.  Then, I decided that I didn’t give a shiz and I’d come and babble away anyway.

That, and we are about to kick of a big DIY project next weekend and I got super excited to document progress here.  But, I figured I ought to come back and check in before diving on in with that.

1st Bday

A lot of life has happened in seven months.  We celebrated Eddie’s first complete holiday season, his first BIRTHDAY, went to Mexico, and have crammed as much as we possibly can into every day with out sweet boy.  Craig and I are continually amazed at what a sweet, funny, lovable kiddo he is.  Don’t give me wrong – amigo has his moments, you know the ones…the ones where we look at each other like “can you please make your child stop it?” hahahaha

What else, what else?

I started spinning in November and it’s re-energized my genuine desire to get the gym.  I spin 3-4 times a week and Body Pump usually once a week.  I’m recently started seeing a chiropractor after being unable to finish a run without any hip/leg discomfort.  He’s a miracle worker and I’m hoping to complete a dualathon this fall.

I picked up crocheting like a crazy person.  I’ve crocheted scarves for Christmas gifts for years, but this winter I branched out to challenging myself with different stitches and patterns.  I even joined a Monday night crochet group with a girl from work!  I have 3 different projects going right now – but I’ve made mittens, hats, blankets, more scarves, a sweater for Eddie, a top for myself…I’m telling you, I have a serious addiction to it.  It’s so relaxing for me.


We are wrapping up a Spring session of music classes with Eddie.  The first couple of weeks were stressful – like, it wasn’t even fun.  He acted out, didn’t listen to directions, and whined almost the entire time.  But in week three, he finally “got” it.  I think he came to recognize the room and the people and really came out of his shell.  He loves it now.  He claps along to the songs and has the silliest dances, he grabs the instruments to jam out and he really likes watching the other kids.  Craig and I have enjoyed taking him together, interacting with him in a different way and just watching him interact with other kids his age.  I’m so glad we put ourselves out there to try it – I think we will be signing up for more sessions this summer or fall.

I have so much more I could ramble about, but I think that’s good for now!  I’m so excited to start sharing more of our lives, projects, and every day haps!


Checking in!

I feel like life is so good, but I feel like it’s been super routine – nothing special to read about!  Here’s a quick look at what we’ve been up to.

the original four

the original four

My parents were in town for about a week.  They hadn’t seen Eddie since he was a month old.  I think they were pretty shocked (because they said so!) at how big Eddie has gotten.  I took a day off of work to hang out with them and my mom took Eddie for another day instead of taking him to school.  It was so fun watching Eddie get loved on by my parents.  He isn’t a huge fan of strangers – he can stay pretty reserved – but he opened up pretty quickly.  I’m thinking he recognizes them from the few times we’ve been able to facetime.  I’m already looking forward to their next visit!

g alll

We’ve also spent time with other family on both sides of my family.  I don’t see them often because of distance, so June has been a special month full of family.  We have some get-togethers coming up with Craig’s side, too.  Busy, busy!

g fathers day

Happy Father’s Day!

Craig celebrated his first Father’s Day!  He is such a good dad.  Really.  Eddie just adores him – Craig is clearly the favorite right now.  I’m okay with that, too.  I get lots of snuggles and smiles – but man, the kid just lights up like no other when Craig comes around.  It makes my heart so happy.

Anxiously awaiting the doc

Anxiously awaiting the doc

Eddie had his follow up with the Craniofacial Specialist.  I was so nervous for this appointment.  HOWEVER.  It went better than I could’ve hoped.  Eddie does NOT need a helmet!  HOORAY.  His measurements are still out of whack (his head is still wider than it is deep), but it’s showing some improvement.  Also, the doctor told us that helmets only help for children that have a flat spot; Eddie’s head is symmetrically flat.  I don’t know the science behind the “why,” all I care is it means that I don’t need to stock up on sweet decals for a helmet.  He also assured us that his head will continue to improve since he is sitting up so well and when he gets more hair it will be even harder to tell.

So what’s on deck for the rest of the summer?  Craig and I are headed to Summerfest for a date night.  I’m searching for a weekend to get to Nashville to see my girlfriends (I MISS THEM SO MUCH).  One of my dear friends is getting married in the fall, so that means I have a bachelorette party coming up – party, party!  And Craig has a family reunion.  Just enough to keep us busy, but not overwhelmed. I’m looking forward to it!

Hope you’ve enjoyed your first days of summer!

Busy Bees

Hello, friends!  It’s been a little bit, eh?  Ooooof.  Time has been flying – seriously, by the time I’ve accepted the fact that it’s Monday – it’s already Friday.  SLOW DOWN.

eddie surprise - mwn

We’ve settled into a nice routine since my return to work and I think it’s safe to say we are all happy as clams.  Well.  Eddie is still sick (now a mixture of coughing and pooping), Craig caught the stomach flu, and I had a tooth pulled.  So, really, we are a sorry bunch – but we’re all smiling.  In Craig’s case he finds it within himself to smile between heaving.  But, mostly, yes, we are a happy crew – even if we are a sorry one.

How about a little catch up?

eddie badger - mwn

First of all – YEAHHH BADGERS.  Final Four!  I’m a fair-weather fan and I’m not ashamed to admit it.  I care very little until the last rounds of the tournament.  I’ve been in bed for most of their earlier round games.  It’s what happens when you work full time and have a sick baby.  Sleep takes priority over everything but baby.  And I mean, everything.  ANYway!

So what’ve we been up to!?

Mostly just loving on each other.

My aunt finally got to come and meet Eddie.  Eddie LOVED her.  So many smiles shared.  He’s a lucky boy – loved by so, so many.  Also?  BABY IN A VEST.

eddie vest - mwn

Kelsey and I shared a night out together.  One of her favorite bands is Gaslight Anthem and when I saw they were coming to Milwaukee, I knew I had to scoop up some tickets.  We went to dinner beforehand at Wolf Peach (fellow Milwaukee peeps – SO GOOD!) before heading to the Pabst for the show.  I’m slightly obsessed with my sister and love spending time with her, so it goes without saying that we had a great time.  We couldn’t be more different, but man, get us together and we just fit so perfectly.  It was definitely a highlight of my month.  It was also a nice break from my pooping baby.

I had a birthday.  SURPRISE.  I know.  I could hardly believe it when it came, either.  Between being back to work, finding a routine, and having a sick baby, it just sort of snuck up on me.  Everyone’s favorite question was “WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO!?” and my favorite response was “NOTHING.”  Seriously.  I had the best evening at home with my boys, eating take out sushi.  A year ago, I was still reeling from my miscarriage and was quite a sad sight.  It’s amazing what can happen in 365 days.  Amazing.  I remind myself of that every time I’m wiping explosive baby poop off of my walls.

I had the chance to head west and grab lunch with some girlfriends.  We’re pretty good at making it work about every other month.  These ladies range in age from 28 to 65 and we all love each other to pieces.  I also stopped in to see my grandma and my aunt, which is always a treat.  I love watching them with Eddie.  I think they’re smitten – and Eddie is, too!  Again, so much love!

On a not so fun note, Thursday I had to have a tooth pulled.  I had a tooth that cracked when I was pregnant with Eddie and finally got around to getting it taken care of.  I was so anxious about it.  But, no worries.  They drugged me to high heavens and it went off without a hitch.  The mixture of Valium, laughing gas, and Novocaine (or whatever the goodness in the shots were) proved to be exactly what I needed to not sweat bullets.  I wonder if I can request the same goods for my regular cleanings.  Probably not.

eddie stroller - mwn

And that brings us to today.  We have zero plans for the weekend and I’m thrilled.  It’s cold, but it’s sunny.  Eddie and I enjoyed a nice, long walk.  My parents got me a jogging stroller for my birthday and it’s seriously the greatest thing.  Super easy to handle and Eddie LOVED being forward facing.  I’m excited for him to get just a little bit bigger so I feel more comfortable actually jogging with him in there – probably once we officially hit the 4 month mark.  (Side note: he weighs the same as a 1-year old at school. hahahahhaa.)

Well, I think that wraps it up for now.  ‘Til next time!

Serious Case of the Mondays

SO.  Today is Monday.

But, not just any Monday.  My first Monday back at work.  Enjoy reading this.  Because I’m surely in a corner somewhere in a puddle of my own tears.  Eddie didn’t get the memo that I had reserved yesterday as a full-on cuddle day, because he fell asleep around 4pm in his little monkey chair (as I was folding laundry) and didn’t wake up until it was time to eat before bed.  And you know – never wake a sleeping baby.  So, I left him at home with his papa and got some grocery shopping done, returned home, did some meal prep, and spent remainder of my evening gazing at him – silently sobbing.  Dramatic, much?

ANYway.  Before we get to the oodles of photos of our sweet boy, we have some catching up to do.  We’ve already established, that I’m back to work.  BUT.  I’m not returning to the credit union.  That’s right.  Mama got a new job.

When Edison joined our family, I knew that I couldn’t continue to work the hours I was working at the credit union and keep my sanity.  My days were too unpredictable – an 8 hour day could easily become an 11 hour day.  Craig has a job that he works 6:30am to AT LEAST 5:30 every night, so it was super important to me to have a more regular schedule.  We didn’t have a baby for him to spend all of his time at daycare.

My new role is putting me back into more of a support role, which I am A-okay with.  I can honestly say that I didn’t enjoy “being management.”  We are taking a noticeable pay cut, but the benefits of my new role greatly outweigh any amount of money.  The timing was perfect and in the end I only “lost” a week of my maternity leave.

I am closer to Eddie’s daycare.  I’m closer to home.  I may have the opportunity to work from home occasionally.  My hours are regular.  No more Saturdays (that was huuuuge).  All in all – more time with Eddie.

Our family’s decision for me to go back to work was a hard one.  Truthfully, I wish I wasn’t.  But, reality is that I am.  And I’m grateful that we were able to compromise by me finding a more flexible position. Regardless – as I said, I’m likely a basket case today.  Or perhaps speeding down the road to visit Eddie on my lunch.  Or maybe, if we are all lucky, you’ll find me coping as a rational human being should.  If we are so lucky, you can be promised that I’m still counting the seconds until I head out the door to scoop Eddie up in a great big hug tonight.

And now.  Some pictures!


Gosh, I think he looks like my dad here.


So chubby. So cute.

day12 day13 day15

Show and Tell Tuesday: Love Story

Hello, strangers!  Yep, it’s been a bit since I’ve popped in.  And yes, I have the typical excuse of “life has been crazy,” well, because it has been.  I will have an update for you in the coming days.  I’m currently enjoying my last week of maternity leave.  I can’t believe how quickly it’s gone by.  My heart is already breaking knowing what is waiting for me Monday morning.  Ugh.

But, in the meantime, you can enjoy (yet again) my little love story.  Linking up with Andrea!

Show and Tell Banner - mwn

You can find the most complete story of “us” on the “what makes us, us” page.  For the sake of reminiscing, I’ll give you the highlights here!

hand ceremony

Craig and I didn’t meet in the most conventional way – he happened to be dating my best friend at the time.  There was zero romantic connection.  I was dating someone else and I thought that Craig just talked…a lot.  The kid had more energy than most people I’d ever met.

During our sophomore year of college, about 8 months after I met Craig, he and my friend had parted ways.  But, when my friend’s father passed away – Craig and I stepped in to help her cope.  Despite the fact they were no longer dating, I watched Craig serve as a constant comfort to her.  It was during this time that Craig and I began speaking more – mostly about about we thought she was doing and what we could do to help.

love college Collage

Our senior year of college, Craig lived on the upper level of my apartment building.  Craig and I started hanging out (he helped me through a break up, we’d watch football together, head to the bars…you know, all the things that friends do).  Still zero romantic connection. By the end of the year, I was back into the relationship he had once helped me get over and he was dating someone else, too.  So yeah, the photos above are those of friends having a good time – not friends that have interest in dating one another.

Time goes by – and it wasn’t until almost 4 years after Craig and I originally met that I saw him in a different light.  Our courtship was long distance, for the most part.  We weathered a lot in the 6 months we officially dated.  I think it was all of those tribulations that really drew us close to one another and quickly made us realize it was the real deal.


In December of 2011, Craig asked me to be his wife.  I think our families were a little surprised (we only dated for 6 months, after all), but we knew.  I had known Craig for almost 6 years by that time.  I knew who he was when I wasn’t the girl he was trying to “impress.”  He served me Manwich for goodness sakes (grossssss).


We were married 9 months after that, in September, 2012.

Marriage is hard.  Unfortunately, we’ve weathered a lot of tough stuff in the short 2 1/2 years we’ve been married.  Fortunately, we always find our way through it – together.  And even more fortunately, we’ve had a lot of happy, happy times over the course of our relationship – most notably the arrival of Eddie in December, 2014.


I love Craig a whole lot.  He challenges me and loves me in a way that no one has.  Watching him with Eddie…sigh.  Let’s just say I didn’t think I could love him any more than I already did – and then we went and had a baby and I love him a bajillion times more.

Don’t give me wrong – we fight with the best of ’em.  But, you know what?  We love just as hard as we fight.  And I wouldn’t have it any other way!

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And for the wedding posts – you’ll just have to head to the What Makes Us, Us page.


Show and Tell Tuesday: Groundhog Day

Show and Tell Banner - mwn

So it appears we have 6 more weeks of winter.  And apparently some groundhog bit some mayor or something.  That’s what Facebook told me yesterday, anyway.

If I could choose one day a time in my life to live over and over again – I think I would choose a day my sister and I spent in Europe together.  That trip was almost 5 years ago!  I’m not sure how that is possible, five whole years!?  Time flies.  Gah.  Because it was 5 years ago, I can’t pinpoint a particular day, but I’d love to relive that trip over and over again.

I was finishing up my first year of grad school and Kelsey was wrapping up her semester in Spain.  We planned a little tour that included Denmark, Sweden, Germany, and Ireland.  I am really close with my kid sister, so being able to experience what we did together was so special.

We booked flights and hostels, but outside of that – we went without a plan.  I’m type-A and that was really hard for me.  Kelsey is much more of a “go with the flow” personality and I ended up relying on her heavily as we made our way through Europe with minimal direction.

In each city we found a grocery store and bought water, Special K cereal, and apples.  That was our diet.  We “treated” ourselves to one local meal in each city.  Hey, we were both college kids and on tight budgets.  With what we ate and how much we walked, we both lost a decent amount of wait over those 13 days!

It turns out that all of those things were the recipe for the time of my life.

Copenhagen, Denmark
We picked Denmark because my great grandfather immigrated from there when he was a young boy.  My mom had studied abroad there when she was in college.  I have all sorts of nationalities in my background, but this is the one Kelsey and I identify the most with.  We spent our days walking the city – visiting parks and museums.  We took a boat tour and saw where Hans Christian Anderson lived, as well as the Little Mermaid statue.

denmark flowers

flower lined sidewalks

denmark hca

honoring Hans Christian Anderson

denmark houses

HC Anderson lived in the brown building

denmark ship

Danish ship

Malmo, Sweden
Sweden was a day trip.  We took the train from Copenhagen.  The train went under the ocean.  It was crazy.  It was awesome.  Sweden wasn’t originally part of our plan, but once we realized how easy (and quick!) it was to get there, we went for it.  We did some shopping and wandering.  There are so many beautiful parks!  We had fun frolicking through the flowers and mimicking statues.

sweden malmo

on the square

sweden statue hug


sweden statue jessi


sweden statue kels march

it’s like where’s waldo, isn’t it?

sweden statue kels


Berlin, Germany
When we arrived in Berlin, we got lost trying to find our hostel.  Trying to read a map when all of the words are no less than 15 characters long is hard.  It was raining.  I was dragging a rolling suitcase (yeah, learned that lesson, definitely backpack Europe, don’t do suitcases!).  The sidewalks were stone.  I was pissed.

Despite that, Berlin was by far my favorite part of the trip.  We first found a free city tour and at the end they told us about paid tours we could take, including one to a concentration camp.  We visited the Sachsenhausen concentration camp, which was surreal.  Many of the original buildings were still there – complete with drawings some of the prisoners made on the walls.  The camp was outside of Berlin, but in the city was the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe.

We also saw a book burning site near the university where Einstein worked before coming to America.  We visited the East Side Gallery, which is part of the Berlin wall, now covered in graffiti artwork.

Another notable stop the the Berlin Parliament.  The building is lit by the reflection of light off of an impressive dome in the center.



berlin memorial

Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe

berlin book burning memorial

A memorial to the book burning in Bebelplatz square

berlin einstein

Humboldt University

berlin east side gallery1 berlin east side gallery

berlin parliment

Truthfully, Ireland was probably my least favorite stop.  I wasn’t a fan of Dublin – it wasn’t much different than any old, dirty city here in the States.  But, I know plenty of people have visited and loved it, so I suppose it’s just a matter of opinion!  We picked up another free city tour (like we did in Berlin) that took us to see Trinity College and other historic sites.  We did more wandering, toured Guinness, and took a day trip to the Cliffs of Moher.  On the way back to Dublin we also made a pit stop at Kilmacdaugh monastery and Doolin Beach.

ireland trinity

Trinity College

ireland guinness

Gravity Bar, Guinness Brewery

Gravity Bar, Guinness Brewery

ireland cliffs of mohr

Cliffs of Moher

ireland church


ireland coast

Doolin Beach

Kelsey and I had the best time.  If I could relive this trip over and over and over … I would in a heartbeat.  I got to relive our trip to a certain degree in August 2012, when Kelsey helped me plan a sisters trip to NYC before I got married.  I don’t doubt that another sisters trip will happen in the future – which will allow me to relive our adventures together again and again.

Friday Favorites


This Friday I’m linking up with my favorite blogs – Andrea, Erika, and Narci.

It’s been an eventful week!  Well, compared to most people’s standards, probably not.  But, I’ve been a hermit over the last 7-ish weeks, so for me this week has been adventurous!  We had a “dinner date” at Chick-fil-a, watched Fury (much better than I expected), went furniture shopping, ventured to the store to restock on formula, picked up a prescription, and had the lenses of my glasses replaced.  Eddie was my sidekick through it all and was a champ!  (I should clarify, these things took place over multiple days!) AND tomorrow I’m headed west to get lunch with some girlfriends I haven’t seen since I was 16ish weeks pregnant.  Look at me go!

Here are some favorites from this last week!

2 years ago - and still one of my favorite photos of her!

2 years ago – and still one of my favorite photos of her!

— Tomorrow is Kim‘s birthday!  She’s one of my dearest friends and I’m so sad she is a whopping 4 (or is it 5!?) hours away, so I can’t celebrate with her!  I briefly considered driving to see her, because I feel like I’m overdue on a visit anyway – but then the thought of my cranky kid screaming in the backseat quickly changed my mind.  Next time, Kim, next time. 😉  There is an epic gift (that hasn’t made it to the post office yet….) with your name on it.  Blame Eddie for it’s tardiness, he’s easier to forgive than me!

— This is hilarious.  Let’s Get Drinks.

timehop - mwn

Kaitlyn, myself, Jamey

One of my favorite apps is Timehop.  There are all sorts of gems that pop up every day.  My favorites are the ones that go “way” back.  This is a photo of me and 2 of my roommates in college.  When I posted it on Instagram, Jamey’s response was epic: “A few things that come to mind: a. Thank you tan world in advance for the inevitable skin cancer. b. Onset of nausea when thinking about rum and coke. c. Can we please move back to 530 cedar when we paid $250 to live in a “house” <–(I use that word gently) d. This must’ve been before Kaitlyn experienced cat allergies and we had to take her home. I’m pretty sure she just didn’t want to share the 3 gallon bottle of fancy rum.”  All of this is Spot.On. Oh, to be in college again.

myles eddie - mwn myles eddie 2 - mwn
Myles has taken a serious liking to Edison.  From sleeping next to his crib to needing to be within a yard of him at all times, I’d say that Myles has found his new bff.  We definitely made a conscious effort to prepare our pups for Eddie’s arrival, but Myles had sought friendship – and it makes my heart so happy!

What are some of your favorites from this week?
Any fun weekend plans?


Can I call it weekending?  When basically every day of my life for the past five weeks has been like a weekend?  Meh.  Go with it.

My weekend started fabulously on Friday when I got to see my oldest and dearest friend, Allie.  She was in town from Colorado and made a special trip to meet her little nephew.  (Okay, obvs not her nephew, but she’s totes Auntie Allie, so ya know, go with it.)  She had a jam-packed weekend filled with flights and driving, so it meant oodles that she drove an extra 2 1/2 hours round-trip to see me and the little nugget.  Also got to say “hey” to her boyfriend, Thomas.  They’re dating because of me.  You should know that.  He was my neighbor when I lived in Denver.  Allie and Thomas met my last night in Denver before I moved to Tennessee.  Sparks flew.  And they’re still together today!

allie, circa march 2011

allie, circa march 2011

Friday afternoon, I headed to a local bakery to meet a friend I hadn’t seen in 3 1/2 years!  I worked with Mel while I was in grad school.  She was an undergraduate student worker in the Admissions office and we always got along famously.  She finished her bachelor’s as I finished my master’s.  Life took me to Colorado.  Life took her to North Carolina.  And now we are both back in Wisconsin!  It was super fab to see her.

mel, circa may 2011

mel, circa may 2011

Saturday I made a rookie mistake.  UGH.  Craig was up early to take our car in for an oil change.  Eddie and I hung out while I recovered from the day before.  (Seriously, you try being a hermit for 5 weeks and then having so much excitement in one day!)  After Craig got home, I headed out around 1pm to go grocery shopping.  I’m an idiot.  Saturday afternoon has to be the absolute worst time to grocery shop.  Seriously.  I bet if they studied it, the conclusion would be “only stupid people grocery shop on Saturday afternoons because that is when everybody and their flippin’ mother is at the grocery store.”

I thought I was going to have to park across the street in order to get into Trader Joe’s.  And by the time I got to Woodman’s I had my heels run over by a cart the jerk behind me was driving.  Dude, I literally cannot walk over the person in front of me, so I’d appreciate if you didn’t try to walk over me.  K, thanks.

I made it home about 2 hours later, with about 14 more gray hairs.  Seriously.  Craig and I had usually done our shopping late Friday or Saturday nights or early Sunday mornings when all the good folk are in church.  Why did I change up our routine?  #idiocracy

That brings me to Sunday.  The day the world didn’t end.  The Packer’s won their playoff game against the Cowboys.  WHEW.  My husband spent the rest of the day in a happy mood, so that’s always good news.  Like I said, the world didn’t end. 😉  I half-watch the games (today I was working on my Project Life album while “watching”).  I think it drives Craig nutso because I’ll half hear something and then ask him what happened.  So, he’s trying to explain what just happened while missing what is currently happening.  Bless him.  He’s so patient with me.

I should also mention that I got to sleep in.  I mean, I had to ask ahead of time, to make sure he’d get up to feed and love on Eddie, but whatev.  Life of a mom.  When I rolled out of bed at 9 (I was starting to feel guilty, I don’t doubt I could’ve legit slept until at least noon), I found my sweet little boy dressed and happy as a clam:

eddie packer - mwn

I die.  Is he not the cutest little Packer fan in all of the universe!?

I got some meal prep in for week numero dos of my Advocare Challenge.  More quinoa, chicken, and homemade avocado dressing.  Those are pretty much my staples.  I have a post started with some stuff to share, but when there is only 3 minutes of daylight during the winter, it’s hard to get photos that aren’t totally embarrassing.  Wait, I usually don’t care about the quality.  So really, it’s just an excuse.  I’ll get to it.  Maybe.  You know…baby and all.

So, there you have it.  Weekending.  If you can call grocery shopping weekending.

Until next time!

Five on Friday [january]

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve linked up with these lovely ladies.  I promise that my five aren’t all baby related.  Though, that’s a teensy bit difficult since my days revolve around le bebe.  But, I promise, you will get through this post with only 2/5 being baby-related and I didn’t even include a baby photo.  For those of you feeling overwhelmed with my newfound obsession, you’re welcome.  For those of you looking for a baby photo, no fear, you’ll be provided one at sometime in the near future, I don’t doubt that!

FiveonFridayIf you want in on the fun, join Darci, April, Natasha, and Christina each Friday.


These 20 Dogs Who Unapologetically Delight in Being Jerks made my entire week.

It happened.  I finally broke down and bought T-Swift’s latest album.  I knew it was time when I was trolling my satellite radio presets every time I got into the car, hoping to find “Blank Space.”  I picked it up on a solo trip to Target and I can tell you I felt a little lighter after cranking the volume and jamming on the way home.


Guilty. I check my Instagram all day long.  It’s by far my favorite social media medium and since Eddie has arrived you’d think my entire life was consumed by the little 12 pound nugget.  …oh wait, it is.  So, I guess (??) I’m sorry for inundating you with all of the photos of my adorable child.  And while they all probably look the same to you – in my opinion, he has a distinct expression in each of them.  “Look at my cute baby half smiling.”  “Look at my cute baby fully smiling.”  “Look at my baby crying.” “Pooping.” “Fussing.”  etc, etc.

I get it, not everyone is as smitten with Edison as I am.  So, thanks for humoring me.

bringing up bebe

One more baby related thing for today: this book.  My sister gifted it to me at my baby shower in October.  I loved it when I read it and I have even referenced it a couple times since Eddie has arrived.  I don’t necessarily agree with everything Pamela talks about, but there was quite a bit I wanted to remember.  Perhaps the most interesting idea was “the pause.”  I think this would be a great idea to gift someone that’s expecting.  Because even if they already have kids, it will definitely bring a different perspective – and either reinforce what they already believe or challenge (possibly change?) other thoughts.

red quinoa
YUM!  I prepared some of this good stuff last Sunday in preparation for my makeshift Advocare challenge.  It’s served as the base for majority of my meals this week.  I made it with chicken broth rather than water to give it some extra flavor.  It’s filling and super flexible.  I’ve eaten it with chicken burgers, mahi mahi, chicken & broccoli, etc.


Can I say that it was legitimately difficult to find 3 nonbaby related items?  I mean, without sounding like my life is pitiful.  I could’ve gone on and on about the HGTV or food Network marathons I watch all day long.  Or all the baby gadgets we’ve tried that have or haven’t worked.  Or the distress I feel when I have to clean bottles (there’s seriously no good way to do it, even our dishwasher complicates it by flipping the bottles and filling them with dirty water).  But, I put on my big girls pants, dug real deep and found a few items I thought could appeal to the larger audience.  How’d I do? 😉

Show & Tell Tuesday: 2015

Pretty pumped about a new year-long link up I’ve found with Momfessionals.  Come play along a couple Tuesdays each month!

Show and Tell - Big ListSo, let’s do this thing.

Twenty-fifteen.  What resolutions or goals do I have for myself?

eddie packer paci - mwn

First and foremost I’m hoping that over the next twelve months I figure out this parenting thing as much humanly possible.  I know that no 2 days will be the same and as soon as I think I have it figured out, it will all come tumbling down.  BUT.  But, I do hope (or expect?) I am able to at least get a good handle on things.

I want to feel better.  The past 2 months or so have taken it’s toll in more ways than one.  Sure, I’d love to shed some baby weight, but truthfully I know it’s more important for me to get my head right.  Part of that includes feeling good about how I’m fueling myself and part of it includes addressing a bunch of other emotional baggage I won’t got y’all down with.  For now.  Remember, I don’t have much of a filter.

I want to run another half marathon.  Ack.  Did I just make that public!?  I have zero plans to begin tackling that goal until spring time, when there is daylight for more than handful of hours.  And I can secure a safe running stroller to haul my mini mister around in.  There is only one circumstance that I’ll allow myself to bow out on that one…

I’d love to be pregnant by the end of 2015. (hahahahhahahaa)  No, for real.  Craig, pick your jaw up off of the floor.  Even though I’ve been up since 3am this morning with an angry baby, I meant it when I said that I’d do it all again tomorrow.  Turns out baby fever doesn’t always go away when you have a baby.  And while I’m certainly not actually looking to get pregnant tomorrow, I’d be thrilled if it happened October, November, December.  …because you can clearly plan these things exactly how you’d like them (insert sarcasm font).  Especially with my track record.  Right.

be the change - mwnFinally, I want to continue to practice setting boundaries, showing respect, withholding judgement and giving unconditional love.  This one is a little deep.  I’ve learned a lot about myself in the last twelve months.  I’ve recognized that I most certainly have room to grow in these respects.  I have no intention to set out and change anyone else.  But, what is it that Gandhi said?  “Be the change you wish to see in the world”?  I’m doin’ it.

What goals or resolutions do you have for 2015?