what makes us, us

September 30, 2012.  Best day of my life to date. 

Craig. Me. Family. Friends. and the Sunshine.

love college Collage
Craig and I knew one another for about 5 years before we finally got our shiz together and dated.  Here are a couple posts on how I met him and what our relationship was like pre-romance.

How I Met My Mister I
How I Met My Mister II

And then finally Craig saw the light and realized he was a fool for not realizing what a catch I had been all along.  From the beginning, our romantic relationship had a lot of obstacles, but we’re stronger for it.

Dating My Mister I
Dating My Mister II
Dating My Mister III
The Proposal

new couple
He put a ring on it and we got married in September, 2012.  The same month both of our parents were married, as well as his maternal grandparents.  It just seemed like the perfect time to do it.  We had the most perfect fall day.

The Ceremony
The Reception
The Details



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