Edison – 10 Month Update

10 months

With a mobile, independent baby – gone are the days of getting decent monthly shots.  This all happened in the matter of 3 minutes.  No joke.

10 months 2

So, I missed a few months.  Honestly, many of the months blur together.  Things develop so slowly, you hardly notice anything at all.  And then the kid went and started crawling.  And growing teeth.  And pulling up on things.  Opening drawers.  Rolling over (finally).

The day Eddie turned 9 months old was the first morning I went into his bedroom and found him asleep on his stomach.  He had rolled just TWICE before that day.  That’s it!  Now he’s a rolling machine.

Just a couple weeks later, he was crawling.  He never really practiced or tried crawling – he just did it one day.  Seriously.  Even the girls at school were shocked – one day he showed up and started crawling.  We were convinced he might not crawl because his noggin is large and he has a lot of weight to haul around.

10 months 5

And along with crawling came pulling up and opening all sorts of drawers and cabinets.  Our world has been turned upside down.  Baby proofing is high on the to-do list and the pack and play and taken up permanent residence in the living room.  Gone are the days of plopping Eddie down and floor and knowing he would be safe.  Now, I turn around for 10 seconds and he’s already across the room.

Seriously – all of those things happened in the last 4 weeks.  It blows my mind.

He’s a feisty little sucker, too.  Thankfully, 95% of the time, he is easy-going, albeit extremely mischievous.  But, dang, the minute you take that empty Gatorade bottle away or don’t shovel food into his mouth fast enough – a meltdown ensues.  He gets over it pretty quickly, but for that 30 seconds my blood pressure sky rockets and I want to crawl into a ball on the floor.

No talking yet, but the different kinds of sounds he makes are increasing.  His laughter is infectious and his eyes literally sparkle when he is happy.  He grunts when he eats something he likes.  He communicates often by blowing raspberries.  The variety of sounds he can make leave me wondering if perhaps he hasn’t completely created his own language.

10 months 3

He loves to wave and clap.  His “wave” is perhaps the most pitiful, adorable thing I’ve ever seen.  His whole arm just kind of flaps around and he gets the biggest grin on his face.  He’s so proud.  The clapping comes about when he’s super excited and/or LOVES what he is getting for dinner.

Him and Myles are still big buddies.  Myles is so tolerant of the pulling, pinching, and grabbing.  Eddie will reach and grab his bone while Myles is chewing and Myles just rolls with it.  If you know anything about Myles, you know that Nylabones are literally an addiction for him.  Rudy and Myles get pretty possessive over them.  But, Eddie can reach in, grab the bone and Myles lets him.  Never an ounce of aggression.  Ever.

Rudy on the other hand?  Doesn’t love Eddie.  The minute Eddie comes near, Rudy gets up and walks away.  He’s growled at Eddie a few times and I wouldn’t trust to leave him unattended with Eddie.  If we are present, I have no concern over Eddie playing on the floor with Rudy around, but don’t have the same comfort level with Rudy as I do with Myles.

Craig is still the super awesome dad that he was the last time I checked in.  One of our favorite things to do is to just sit and watch Eddie take in the world.  We don’t talk – we just watch.  And laugh.  I love it.

10 months 4

What else, what else?  His hair is most certainly curly and it melts my heart.  After bath time it’s pure perfection – those ringlets!   He’s still huge – in the 100%ile.  At his last visit he was 2’7″ tall and 29 lbs.  He’s still very proportionate, just a big dude.  He wears 24 month and 2T clothing; size 4 shoes.  He hates hats of all kinds.  He loves Gerber puffs and though he can hold his bottle, refuses to 80% of the time.  He prefers to be served. 😉  High maintenance babe.  He isn’t a picky eater, though, and has eaten everything from fish to broccoli, carrots, pb&j, oranges, pears…kid hasn’t met a food group he doesn’t love.  But, he really loves his carbs.  #gotitfromhismama

What do I think is on the horizon?  He’s started self-weaning himself off of his bink.  We have it on stand-by if he becomes inconsolable, but otherwise has gone about a week without it on a consistent basis.  This is totally his own doing – we noticed that he started leaving it laying around, so we just picked it up and didn’t give it back unless he “asked” for it.  We still willingly give it at nap and bedtime, but mostly for selfish reasons – we want to sleep, too. 🙂  I had been a little worried about that transition, but turns out – he’s doing it for us.

I really think he will be walking by the time he hits 12 months.  He can’t stand himself up without pulling up on something, but if I stand him up and let go he has pretty good balance!  He also LOVES to be on the go and once he figures out how much more efficient it is to do it on 2 limbs rather than 4, I don’t think there will be any stopping him.

I can’t believe we have a 10 month old!  We love you, Big E!



  1. He is so dang cute! Such a little heartbreaker. Wow, good to know that he rolled and crawled later because Caleb doesn’t do much of either. He rolls from back to side all the time, but has only done a back to stomach once. He just hates being on his stomach and he’s big so I never thought he’d crawl. I have always assumed he’d just walk first… But maybe he will crawl!


    1. Yeah. I was so worried about it – but our doctor is SO laid back and would just respond with “maybe he just doesn’t like rolling.” And I honestly don’t think he DID like it for a long time. It also helped that I personally know people that have had kids that walked at 9 months and ones that didn’t walk until 15 months (not friends of friends…those stories always make doubtful). It helped me remember that these little humans do things at their own pace. I’m also not convinced that Eddie didn’t start crawling just so he could prove me wrong. 😉



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