Edison – 6 Month Update

Each month is truly proving to be better than the last.  This month brought a lot of development and firsts.  But, even more than that – the more time that goes by, the more we realize that we have a cool kid.  Like, he’s really neat.  His personality is awesome – he’s such a character.  He is just so much fun.


2′ 6″

24lb 4oz


Since we’ve brought Eddie home, I’ve been a crazy person about bedtime routine, naps…notsomuch.  He still doesn’t have a schedule – we simply allow him to sleep when he is tired.  Lucky for us, he can sleep anywhere…including bowling alleys and Brewer games.

6 month2

Well, he is solidly into 12 month clothing.  Depending on the brand, some of it is a bit snug, but the next size up is all too big.

He still dictates his bedtime between 6:30 and 7:30.  He sleeps through the night without eating, but we may be up just once to give him back his bink.  I’m incredibly grateful for his sleep!

6 month

BIG MONTH!!  We started solids!  I thought that I’d try baby-led weaning.  Yeah, that lasted all of 2 days.  I hated the mess and Eddie was just happier if we helped him get the food into his belly.  So, I bought a Baby Brezza and I LOVE IT.  All I have to do is chop up the veggies/fruit – turn it on, walk away and in as little as 15 minutes later, I have baby food!  It’s awesome.

I’m certainly not opposed to store-bought food – and purchased some organic pouches to take with us if we are out and about.  And if it came down to it, I’d feed Eddie just about anything if he was hungry (child gets hangry real fast), but my preference is to know exactly what his little belly is ingesting.  Please remember this is coming from the mother who will give him tummy time on our floors – and having two dogs means that he often gets a mouthful of fur.  So, take it all with a grain of salt.

I also haven’t been following the rule suggesting that you introduce a new food no more than once every 3 days.  I guess it’s easier to identify allergies that way.  And I know that’s important, but we haven’t had any issues thus far with me throwing caution to the wind and throwing all sorts of variety at him.


Blowing raspberries like it’s his job.  So much, that there was even one night that Craig asked what we could do to make him stop.  hahahahahahah.  I never got tired of it – and still think it’s hilarious.

He can also sit up solo, but if he turns his head too quick, he will topple over.  His core strength is SO good, but he still isn’t rolling.  He’s only done it twice (tummy to back) unassisted.  I asked his doctor about it and her response was simply “maybe he just doesn’t like to roll.”  Alrighty then.  But, in all seriousness, she did say that he is more stable when he is sitting up than most kids his age, so it’s all give and take.  And truthfully, with his noggin, I can’t say I’m super surprised that he doesn’t dig the rolling tricks.

He loves food.  He smiles and coos all through dinner time.  But gets real mad if I don’t scoop it up fast enough!  He hasn’t come across a puree that he doesn’t love!

He loves getting kisses from Myles and has started reaching for him to get the kisses.  So, while I want to be conscious of what I’m feeding my kid, if I turn my back, my dog is licking his face.  So what?

He still hates tummy time.  And being hot.  This summer should be super fun.


other notes
He still has eczema pretty bad on the back of his legs.  Itchy kid.  His doctor indicated that some studies have shown that it could be an indication that he is more susceptible to allergies.  She then advised us to give him peanut butter sooner rather than later because other studies have shown that early introduciton can help deter a peanut allergy.  OMG I would want to DIE if my kid had a peanut allergy.  I LOVE PEANUT BUTTER.  So within 24 hours, you better believe I was offering peanut butter.  I’m happy to report that there has been no reaction.  #hallelujah

We have our follow up appointment with the Craniofacial specialist in couple weeks.  Truthfully, I’ve seen significant improvement in his head shape just within the last week or so – I’m still hopeful we can avoid the helmet.  But, if not, I’ve already tracked down a baller tshirt Eddie will wear that says “Helmet hair, don’t care.”  He will OWN that shiz if he has to.

mama/papa updates
We are good, good, good!  No complaints!  I know more than anyone that life is full of peaks and valleys and we’ve been living through a pretty awesome peak lately.  Craig and I get along pretty dreamily 99.9% of the time and Eddie is a saint.  The dogs can drive me batty sometimes, but we still love ’em.  All happy news.

Big E's first Brewers game!

Big E’s first Brewers game!



  1. Oh Eddie, you are perfection! So, so cute!

    Caleb gets really hot too. I wonder if it’s because they are big little guys? He was shrieking and going crazy today, so I stripped him down to his diaper and he was happy as a clam.

    I’ve been meaning to ask about his head and I’m glad to hear it’s getting better!

    Caleb is all about those raspberries too. It cracks me up!


    1. I wonder if it is because they are so big! I never thought of that. But, man, he is a little space heater! We go on Tuesday for his head – I’m a little nervous. But, whatever will be, will be, right?
      Love our guys!



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