Edison – 5 Month Update

You guys.  Seriously.  Being a mom is the most favorite thing I have ever done in my entire life.  Eddie is, like, the coolest person I’ve ever met.  I want him to grow up and talk and play – but at the same time I’m devastated that he is already big enough to laugh and interact.  I want time to hurry up and slow down.  I feel all the feelings, all the time.  Ugh.

5 month sitting 2

still huge
still huge
still flat.  and huge.

I should just take this part out.  The kid doesn’t know what a nap is.  He cat naps if we/school are lucky.  Otherwise he just goes all day long.

Some 9 month and some 12 month.  hahahahaha.  He’s huge.  Still proportional, though!  He’s in size 4 diapers, too.  No one can believe he is “only” as old as he is.  I had a “moment” in Target this week when I was looking for more sleepers for him.  …I had to go to the toddler section and buy legitimate pajamas.  Like pants and a top.  They didn’t have any sleepers big enough for him.  I got emotional.  No, I’m not kidding.  Dramatic, maybe.  But kidding, that I am not.

5 month sunshine

Between 6:30 and 7:30 depending on his mood.  Some nights he’s probably “ready” by 6pm, but we hold out in hopes he will sleep later the next morning.  And other nights, he’s pretty wide awake at 7:30, but we put him down anyway.  Our bedtime routine really helps him wind down and once he is in his crib, very rarely do we have to go back in for him.  There have been a couple exceptions, but I’m fairly certain those instances included growth spurts and/or just not feeling well.  He definitely hasn’t gotten to a point where he messes with us and tries to prolong bedtime.

We started added rice cereal last month, as recommended by his pediatrician.  We had backed off the amount of formula we were giving him because we thought he was developing acid reflux.  Well, since adding the rice cereal, he very rarely spits up anymore.  And he’s back to eating the same amount he previously was at each sitting.  I’m happy we were able to easily resolve that!  Little boy loves to eat and it could’ve been a real headache trying to get any stomach issues resolved!

5 month sitting up

His core is so much stronger.  Since seeing the craniofacial specialist last month, we’ve been super OCD about him being on his back.  We’ve asked his teachers to literally record the amount of time he spends in the saucer, the bumbo, tummy time, etc.  When he is home with us (and awake), he is either in his go-pod or being held 80% of the time.  He will spend a little time in his monkey chair now and then simply because he does tire out and we have things we need to get done.

Truthfully, I think I see improvement in his head shape.  Yes, it’s still flat, however it’s gaining a little bit of shape.  Whether or not it’s enough to avoid a helmet next month, I have no idea, but I feel like we are moving in the right direction.  Fingers crossed!

He can also “stand” now.  Obviously we are holding his hands, but he can lock out his legs and stand for a decent stretch of time.  He looks like such a big kid!

5 month standing

He loves this orange ball thing I bought at Target awhile back.  It’s easy for him to hold.  It rattles and it’s brightly colored.  He also enjoys trying to shove it into his mouth, however it’s about 15x bigger than his mouth, so that’s never going to happen.

He loves eating his hands, too.  Whether they are mittened or not, they’re frequently in his mouth.  He hasn’t tried sucking on any fingers, so I figure it’s harmless.

He also loves mornings.  He never ever cries in the morning.  Even if he wakes up, I can take my time getting to him because he will just talk to himself until we arrive with a bottle.  The smile I get every single morning, first thing, is my absolute favorite thing about my day.  It’s so big and genuine.  It’s like he’s truly happy to see me.  It melts my heart.  And while he is so happy and content in the morning, if he wakes up in the middle of the night he YELLS until we go in to give him back his bink.  I have no idea how he differentiates between night time waking and morning waking, but I’m not complaining!

He still hates being surprised with loud noises or sudden movements.  Does any kid enjoy that, though?  He also doesn’t enjoy tummy time, but he isn’t rolling over yet, so it’s a necessary evil.

5 month fly

other notes
I’ve had a couple people ask about his mittens and/or if there is anything wrong with his hands.  No, there is nothing wrong with his hands, but I appreciate your concern!  We have to mitten him in an effort to get his face to heal.  He still has that spot on the side of his face that hasn’t healed.  He keeps after it something fierce.  We do give him supervised “breaks,” from them, but we have to watch him like a hawk because he starts scratching like crazy.  We are still working through other skin irritation issues, but we may have a resolution.  Time will tell!

5 month overall

mama/papa updates
We are darn good.  I can’t remember the last time I had a truly bad day.  (Don’t hate me for saying that.)  That doesn’t mean that Craig and I don’t ever argue or that my child doesn’t have the occasional epic meltdown.  Those things definitely happen.  But, gosh, when they do, they’re such a small part of my otherwise wonderful day.  Motherhood has calmed me down a little bit (I thought it would do the opposite to this type-A girl) and I’m so much better at rolling with the punches.  Not perfect – but better.

I love, love, love watching Craig with Eddie.  He’s such a good dad.  He’s really proactive and really involved.  I’ve known for some time that I married a great husband, but every day I see more and more that I married a great dad, too. (awwwww)

In Eddie’s 5th month – it was Week of the Child at school.  We didn’t have stuff for all of the themes, but we did for a couple!  Hat day, track suit day, and sunglasses day are below.  We didn’t have a track suit, but we figured he could be a ref instead!  And he didn’t have sunglasses at the time (he’s been hooked up now), but he had that cute onesie in his closet to wear.  I loved getting him dressed up.  Just imagine if I have a little girl someday.  Oh boy!

week of the child - mwn


I’m super pumped for the next couple of months.  Craig’s birthday is coming super quickly and June means a visit from mama and papa G!  And a couple of my aunts!  I so rarely get time with “my side” of the family, I’m just tickled that I will have so much of it jam-packed into June!



  1. Oh man, Caleb does NOT nap either except for a few occasional cat naps. I thought he was the only one so I’m glad he’s not. Phew!

    We’ve done rice cereal a couple of times starting last weekend. Do you add it to his bottle or spoon feed? We did the spoon but he’s struggling.

    Eddie is so cute! Him and Caleb remind me of each other because they are big little guys. 🙂


    1. We add the rice cereal to his bottle and he takes it down pretty easily. Just thickens it up a little big. We haven’t done any spoon feeding yet, but it’s coming. Eddie has tried avocados, bananas, and potatoes. I wanted to try baby-led weaning, but he doesn’t “get” it at all. And I’m getting impatient! Purees will be coming soon!!

      And yes, they are similar! Pictures of your little guy crack me up. He is so expressive!


  2. omg the fedora!! my heart is melting! actually all of his different outfits are pretty freaking adorable. i think i’m going to be one of those mom’s who buys her baby like a million different outfits just cause i’m obsessed with tiny clothes and how cute they are. hahaha.


    1. Tiny clothes and TINY SHOES. Oh my gosh, the shoes. And the hats. Everything is adorable when it’s mini!

      I’m anxious to see some catch up on what’s happening with you! I’ve seen all these fab pictures and I’m left to piece together my own story. 😉



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