Edison – 4 Month Update

Friday morning, Eddie and I started our day as we normally would.  I got him up singing “good morning” to him and he gave me the biggest of grins and immediately started telling me about his dreams.  I changed him, kissed him, made him giggle, and we settled into the nursery chair for breakfast.


And then my baby proceeded to grab his bottle and feed himself.  The entire 6 ounces.

My baby doesn’t need me anymore.  Cue the waterworks.

He might as well be going to college tomorrow.

eddie 4 mos

UGH.  Honestly.  I shed tears.  I’m going to be THAT mom.  You know the one – the one that falls to pieces for everything.  Significant or not – there will be tears.  I thank my own mother for that.  Commercials can make that woman cry.

So.  Four months.  Four whole months of this little nugget.  Four best months of my life.  Without further ado, may I introduce you to: Four Month Old Eddie.

2’3.5″ (100%ile)

20lb 5oz (99%ile)

17.5″ (99%ile)

Side note: while he is certainly a big boy, he is very proportionate.  Like in the 50%ile, proportionate!  He’s as tall as he is heavy!  Which is so strange to me because we don’t really have any unusual height or size in our family.  Maybe he will slow down at some point?

Another side note?  We met a 2 1/2 year old yesterday that weights just 22 pounds.  #what

eddie 4 mos bumbo

The kid doesn’t nap.  His daily daycare report indicates cat naps no longer than a half hour and that’s how he is on the weekends, too.  Which is mostly okay.  Until he has a day like he did last Sunday – he was a beast.  We couldn’t wait until bedtime.  We thought it was a growth spurt – which was confirmed at his doctor’s appointment.  SO BIG.

eddie 4 mo bunny

He’s moving into 9 month clothing.  Thanks to Grandma Jo and one of his aunts, he has a whole new 9-month wardrobe.  I never thought our kid would get so spoiled on Easter.  It was like Christmas all over again.  We weren’t complaining, though!

We moved up bedtime out of necessity.  Daycare wears him out and he started becoming really special (that’s the kind way of saying: BEASTLY) around 6:30.  His mood dictates his bedtime between 6:30 and 7.

All of his sicknesses have seriously impacted his sleep.  His new routine includes a feeding between 2 and 3am.  We don’t love it.   Hopefully the change in his formula (see below!) will help us drop this extra feeding.

After his 4 month vaccinations he passed out at 6pm.  He passed out hard.  Takes a lot out of a kid.

eddie 4 mo

SO MUCH.  One of the things we addressed with his doctor was our thought he was developing some acid reflux.  However, his doctor thinks that it could also be because he is just eating so much.  He’s eating 6 ounces at a time, 6-7 times a day.  That’s a lot of formula for his little belly.  And he definitely needs it with how he is growing!

His doctor suggested that we start mixing rice cereal in with his formula.  The thought is that its thicker consistency will mean he will need to take less formula and it will better settle in his stomach.  So far, he’s been handling it really well.  She started talking introducing solids to him (because of the amount of formula he is taking!), but acknowledged that he needs to be sitting up first.  Note: Never add rice cereal to formula unless directed to do so by your physician!

He loves talking and cooing.  His giggles come more regularly.  His head control is solid – and he loves spending time in a saucer when he is at school.  Eddie (aka Craig) won the basketball pool at Craig’s work, so I suggested we get a bouncer for him at home.  Hopefully this weekend!

He’s started interacting with toys more and more.  By interact, I mostly mean: grabbing it and trying to shove it in his mouth. Ha.  He also loves the singing dog that he got for Christmas.  He consistently follows things with his eyes and there is zero doubt that he recognizes people he sees on a regular basis.  I love how his face lights up when I show up at school (I get the biggest smile).  Though, I have to say I’m quite envious of the reaction that Craig gets – little boy loves his papa.  The happy reaction he gives when he sees his teacher, Miss Shannon, warms my heart too.  Leaves room for zero doubt that my baby is well loved and taken care of during the week.

In the spirit of shoving things into his mouth – he often does this with his left fist.  Not his right, just his left.  But seriously – he tries so hard to fit it in there.  It’s almost concerning how hard he is shoving.  But, it’s mostly cute.  He hasn’t tried to suck his thumb (thank goodness), but is still quite attached to his bink – and that’s okay with me for now.  You can take the bink away – you can’t take a thumb!

Loves talking to mama and papa and telling us about his dreams.  He loves sitting, facing us and look at our faces.  He is really starting to love interacting with people.  He still really loves his vibrating monkey chair.  And his soft teddy bear.  And ceiling fans.  And lights.  And his papa’s silly faces.  Loves those silly faces.

He hates when people sing to him.  Oh my goodness.  It’s hilarious.  At first I thought it was just me, because truly, my voice is terrible.  But, Craig actually has a decent voice and he was met with the same reaction.  He just does not like it!  But he loves his singing dog toy – riddle me that.

eddie 4 mos brewers

On this day (wearing his Brewer’s gear), he told me that he really hated the Brewer’s starting their season 0-4.  That face says it all.  Thank goodness they pulled off a win last night!  Nobody wants an unhappy Edison.

other notes
We have an appointment to take Eddie to the Craniofacial Clinic next week.  His head is uber flat.  His doctor isn’t super concerned.  She said that while his head is flatter than most kids, it isn’t the absolute worst that she has seen.  (He doesn’t just have a flat spot, his head is legitimately flat on the back.)  She did think it was worth seeing a specialist to have measurements done, so that if for some reason, it doesn’t remedy itself as he begins to sit up and roll over, we at least have a baseline to work off of.  She isn’t a huge fan of helmets, but again, acknowledged that she isn’t a specialist.

Have I ever mentioned how much I love his doctor?  She’s so realistic and I’ve never, ever felt like she “guesses.”  She will openly tell me when she isn’t sure about something and will find resources to give me up-to-date information.  She doesn’t over-prescribe meds and isn’t quick to diagnose.  I appreciate it so much.  She is also super patient.  She spent 45 minutes with me at our last appointment to address my laundry list of concerns.

Another concern is Eddie’s skin.  It’s so sensitive.  There is a spot on his right temple that hasn’t healed since before he was 2 months old.  It’s just dry and agitated.  During this visit, she felt it looked a little infected (I agreed!) and so she provided an antibiotic cream.  We also discovered a touch of a yeast infection in his neck rolls.  So we have something to treat that as well.  My kid is a hot mess.  Good news is that what she prescribed is already working in making improvements!

She talked me through what I can do to help his sensitive skin.  I had already cut back on his baths (as they wash away all of the natural oils), but she made some suggestions for alternate moisturizers and such since the Aquaphor didn’t seem to be working.  I’d already been using unscented EVERYTHING for him, but she made some additional suggestions – like just paying attention to clothes that seem to irritate his skin more than others.  Y’all, I have learned so much about baby skin care in the last 4 months!  Here’s to hoping the little dude’s rashes and dry spots heal with our new plan.

Also super strange – Eddie has never had a diaper rash.  Ever.  The rest of his body is constantly reacting to something, but never his bottom.  Imagine that.

We finally figured out how to FaceTime with GiGi – but it took some time for GiGi to figure out her phone.  These were the sad faces we sent her as we impatiently waited for her to figure it out.  Eddie: already nailing the selfie.

eddie 4 mos sad

Lastly, Big E got his first “hair cut.”  Meaning – mama took a scissors to his hair.  He has lost majority of the hair he was born with and what is left has seriously lightened up.  It was long and weird.  So I trimmed it up so he didn’t look like a mad scientist anymore.  Plus, tomorrow is picture day and I want my little man’s hair to be on point!  (You can also see that spot on his right temple that we are trying to get to heal up!)

before after

mama/papa updates
We are still doing good!  I’m still proud of the team we make.  I know days pass when I feel like I’ve taken more on than Craig and I know that days pass when Craig feels like he’s carried majority of the load.  I really feel like it evens out – and if we ever feel like it hasn’t, we’ve talked about it.  There has been minimal tension surrounding balancing and/or sharing our responsibilities.

I’m still loving my new job.  I couldn’t be happier with my decision to leave the credit union.  I worked with great people there, but the job and culture were just not a good fit.  I’ve noticed how much that job impacted other areas of my life, just in terms of my attitude and stuff.  The enjoyment I find in my job has noticeably carried over every aspect of my life.  I’m a better mother, wife, sister, daughter, friend.  The longer I’m back working, the harder it is for me to imagine being a stay at home mom.  Don’t give me wrong, I’m sure I’d adjust and love being at home full time – but for now, this seems to just really “fit.”  And truthfully, I’m 100 times happier right now that what I ever thought I could be as a working mom.  That in itself is testament to how much I’m enjoying my new job!

Fun part of having a kid?  Being able to pick on him sometimes – BUNNY EARS!  Such an unsuspecting victim!

eddie 4 mo ears

I’m already asking Craig when we can start trying for babe number 2.  I usually just get an “are you flipping kidding me” face in response.

With a kid like Eddie, you can’t blame me for asking, though! 😉



  1. Aww, he is so cute. I see a lot of similarities between our two babies. I think it’s the “big boy” thing since Caleb is high up in the percentiles too lol.

    Caleb tries to hold his bottle but can’t really do it yet. He just rests his hands on it basically. It’s so funny. Caleb doesn’t really nap well either. He takes a few tiny cat naps and that’s about it!

    Oh man, baby number two! Good for you that you feel ready! I definitely don’t yet. It’ll be at least a year for me. 🙂

    Glad to hear he is getting his head looked at. I’m sure it’ll all be fine but it will definitely help you feel reassured! Good luck and update us on how it goes!


    1. I know! I love our big boys! 🙂

      I thought with being bigger babies, they’d want to sleep more. And I suppose Eddie did quite a bit when he was really small, but definitely not any more!!



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