Day Care Wins

As I’ve already mentioned, I fully expected Eddie to get sick during his transition to school.  I was not expecting it to span almost 3 weeks and 2 totally unrelated illnesses.  Eddie needs to catch a break!

And so do mama and papa!

Stop reading now if you have a sensitive stomach.  Lots of poop talk are all up in here.

The Sunday after his first week in school landed us in urgent care.  What had started as congestion developed into a nasty cough that we could hear in his lungs.  Being only 12 weeks, Craig agreed that we should error on the side of caution and take him in to be seen.

Yes, he is sleeping with his eyes partially open.  Creepy.

Yes, he is sleeping with his eyes partially open. Creepy.

After 2 hours in Children’s Urgent Care, we were told it was bronchiolitis.  There wasn’t anything they could really give him to help since it was a virus.  We just had to wait it out.  It’s such a weird thing – I was SO grateful that it wasn’t anything requiring meds, but at the same time, it didn’t really give us any solution!  By Wednesday, though, he was on the upswing.  The cough lingered through the following weekend, but it started to sound better.  Through it all, he never once had a fever which also helped ease my mind.

YAY we had weathered our first illness and survived.  Despite being sick, Eddie stayed in relatively good spirits.  Sure, he was in bed around 6:30 every night because little dude was exhausted and crabby from adjusting to school and being sick, but given the circumstances – he stayed pretty darn happy!

Just as he was kicking that first bug – ALL THE POOP CAME.

So much poop.  Nasty poop.  And I’ll spare you the description that led us to another doctor’s appointment.  You’re welcome.  But, even his teacher said that in her 20 years she had never seen anything like it come from a formula fed baby.  It is disgusting.

This past week has been a blur of diaper changes and a hungry baby that won’t eat.

sick eddie gopod

It used to be that Eddie came home in a different outfit than what I sent him in because he spits up like crazy – but now it’s because he poops out of his diapers left and right.  His teacher went through 4 diapers in one change because it just kept coming. 

I had noticed he wasn’t eating well (barely 2 ounces, when he usually downs 5 like it’s nothin’!) and when I asked his teacher, she said that at school he might be taking longer to eat, but that he was finishing his bottles.  Then by Wednesday she called to tell me that his eating habits were significantly different and he wasn’t having many wet diapers – just plenty of poo.

After calling the doctor, she said that since he didn’t have a fever and still had some wet diapers, we should just keep an eye on him.  Initially, they thought it was the same virus he originally had moving through his system.  By Friday, he was having less than 6 wet diapers in 24 hours, so the doctor overbooked us to get in to have him checked out.  We were worried that he might be dehydrated and with such a wee lad, you have to be careful with that.

Welp.  It was determined it was a new virus, but alas, a virus, so there was nothing they could do.  She said he seemed hydrated to a point that she wasn’t concerned, but again to watch was he was expelling and to take him to the ER this weekend if he started showing different signs.  I love his doctor – she spent the time to tell us exactly what to watch for, explained how she determined he was hydrated enough for the time being, and what they would likely do if we had to take him to the ER.  She is so thorough and so kind.

So, here we are today.  It’s been 55 degrees, sunny, and beautiful here in Wisconsin and Eddie and I have been inside all day because I don’t dare go too far and risk explosive poop all over clothing, car seats, our car, stroller, etc.

He’s been sleeping a ton.  Until he wakes up screaming his head off, like if he doesn’t eat right this minute, he might die and then proceeds to eat an ounce.  Per his doctor’s recommendation, we’ve been offering Pedialyte as well.  Between formula and Pedialyte I think he is staying hydrated, but we are changing icky poopy diapers every half hour or so.

Outside of seeing my first baby sick, perhaps the worst part has been lack of sleep.  Gone are the nights that Eddie sleeps through the night.  He gave us a glorious 6 weeks of that – but it’s gone now.  He’s up at least once a night to eat.  And be changed.  And scream his head off.

sick eddie bumbo

I spent an hour trying to get him to eat at 2am this morning.  And he wouldn’t eat.  But, the minute I put him down he just screamed.  Took me an hour to realize that all he wanted was to be held.  He didn’t want to eat.  He didn’t need to be changed.  He wanted his mama to snuggle him.  So, I grabbed a blanket and spent the rest of the night on the couch sleeping with our sweet boy.  And you know what?  He slept like a champ.  Sometimes sick babies just want their mama.  And you know what else?  I couldn’t be happier to oblige.

Day Care: 2
Eddie: 0

PS. In the time between me drafting this and getting around to adding pictures and posting – he projectile pooped all over me and his nursery mid-diaper change.  Motherhood: Not for the faint of heart.



  1. I have a friend who recently had a baby, and she determines if a day is good or bad by whether she just gets peed on, or the pee/poop combo. Hang in there- you guys are awesome!


    1. Ha. I can relate! His teacher told me that one of her helpers got pooped on mid-bottle. I was horrified. I’m sure they deal with it a lot, but oh my gosh! I’m taking them a special treat for having to care for my perpetually sick little dude!



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