Edison – 3 Month Update

How is my baby already 3 months!?  The days have been long and short all at the same time.  I know that this is a little bit late – but better late than never?  This has been written since March 5th, but the thought of uploading pictures proved to be too much for me until now.  Also, I don’t really have his measurements.  I just have his weight from when we were in urgent care.  Just trust me when I say that he is a big boy.  A big, cuddly boy! 

3month - mwn

17lbs 8oz


Still no regular nap schedule, but based on his teacher’s notes, I can tell she is trying to get him on one!  Mom-fail.  Before I went back to work, we did just fine without one.  I just stayed flexible and ran errands right after he had a bottle.  As long as he wasn’t hungry, I could get out and about with him with no problems.  But, going to school (with all the extra stimulation) wears him out quickly and he isn’t super stoked about napping.


So, we’ve established we have a big dude.  BUT.  This is nuts.  He is thisclose to being in 9 month clothing.  He is 3 months old, people.  In 9 month clothing.  Good thing I never went nuts buying him clothes.  He’s gotten good wear out of every single outfit we’ve ever owned!

3month2 - mwn


Bedtime had been at 7:30 until school started.  Now, when he gets home from school he is exhausted.  We aim for at least 7:00, but if he makes it to 7:30, we are flexible.

My first week back at work, he slept until I went in to get him at 6:45am  I never had to wake him out of a deep sleep, but he wasn’t truly awake.  Week two was a different story!  Being sick has really messed with him.  Overall, though, he is a great sleeper.  I attribute the ease of our transition into parenthood and working to that.  Having a baby that likes to sleep can be a crap shoot, so I’m definitely counting my blessings!


He eats 5 ounces every 3 hours.  It’s so tricky though – no matter how much he eats, he always spits up.  Always.  And sometimes it’s a lot!  He’s gaining weight, so I’m not concerned, it just means I do a lot of laundry.  He never comes home from school in the clothes he went in!



His neck is getting so strong.  He doesn’t mind tummy time and it’s fun to watch him start swinging his head around.  He moves around like a little fish.  I think he’s anxious to get moving!

He’s also gotten really vocal.  My favorite part of the day is first thing in the morning.  He’s so chatty.  I like to think he is telling me about his dreams.  He’s definitely a morning person.  Something he did not get from his mama.


He loves school.  Seriously.  I have seen zero negative change in his demeanor since he started going – if anything, he’s even happier.  He’s a social butterfly!

The teachers have told me multiple times that Eddie gets a kick out of his friends dancing for him at school.  They set him up in a bouncy chair and his friends dance for him.  He’s already making friends!

That being said, he definitely has a personal bubble!  He doesn’t enjoy being held all the time.  I get snuggles every day, but he doesn’t like being held for long periods of time.  He loves his vibrating monkey chair.  Sometimes I have guilt that he spends so much time in it, but then again, he really does love it.  He will sit there and chat your ear off.

He also doesn’t like having a lot of people in his face.  We’ve had some gatherings and of course, everyone is super excited about him.  He’s easily overstimulated and gets mad when he is passed around (remember, he doesn’t like being held all the time) and even angrier when multiple people are in his face.  It’s hard explaining that to people without them taking offense, but they usually realize I’m right when he calms down when taken into a quiet room for a bit.


new this month

GIGGLES!  Oh my goodness I about cried when I heart that sweet, sweet noise.  He loves when papa makes funny noises and thought it was so silly, he actually laughed!  WHAT.  My baby laughs!  He doesn’t do it consistently, but I’m so excited to hear those little sounds more often.

other notes

I knew Eddie going to school meant we would battle illness.  I think it happens to just about every kid.  I thought within the first month it would happen – not the first 3 days!  A stuffy nose progressed to a pretty icky cough, so we went to Urgent Care on Sunday after his week at school.  He had bronchiolitis, a virus.  He never had the fever (thank goodness), so there was nothing to do but wait it out.  He’s still a little congested and coughs when he gets worked up, but overall he is definitely on the upswing.  He did more sleeping and wanted more cuddles (yay!).  He certainly had his moments, but even as a sick kid, he’s generally a really happy kid.

eddies first week school

mama/papa updates

Craig has been great.  It took just a couple days for him to adjust to a new morning schedule.  With me working, he had more to do in the morning.  He makes up Eddie’s bottles and gets the dogs’ peanut butter bones prepped for me.  (Yes, the dogs get peanut butter-stuffed kongs when I leave for work.)  He’s works a lot of hours, but happily agreed to pick up 2x/week and drop off 1x/week.  That gives me some flexibility at work if I have hours to make up.

My first couple weeks back to work have been great.  I think I’m truly going to like my job.  I’m so busy during the day, I don’t have a lot of time to think about how much I miss Eddie.  I love being the one to shuttle Eddie to and from school.  At first, I thought it would be a burden (it’s an extra half hour), but I love having that quiet time with Eddie every day.  The one morning Craig has taken him, it made me so sad.  It’s nice to know I can count on Craig to do it – but I think for now, I’ll be happy doing it myself.

We both continue to be well rested.  I think overall we do really well working as a team – the minute one of us starts to feel like we are “giving” more, we talk about it.  Having a baby can be super stressful at times, but truthfully, I think we are getting along better now than what we did when I was pregnant.  We fought so much when I was pregnant and I think it’s because we were so uncertain about how Eddie would change things.  Yes, life has changed.  Yes, it can be hard.  Yes, tensions can run high.  But, looking at the big picture, these transitions (most recently, my transition back to work) have gone smoothly.  I’ll happily give Craig most of that credit!


  1. Aw, I love big babies. Caleb is already in the 3-6 month clothes and he’s only 7 weeks tomorrow so I love that Mr. Eddie is almost in 9 months — too darn cute!

    Baby giggles! Aww! I can’t wait until Caleb starts doing that.

    How awesome that you and Craig are working so well as a team. That’s what it’s all about!


    1. I think having a big baby has helped ease me into motherhood – I never felt like he was super fragile. Obviously, he was! But, it definitely helped with my confidence for some weird reason. I can’t believe Caleb is already 7 weeks…I don’t feel like it was last week we were emailing about his impending arrival!



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