I’m a Working Mom

A week in, I can officially call myself a “working mom.”  And truthfully, it hasn’t been half as bad as I thought it would be.*

eddies first week school

*Eddie slept well.  We got plenty of sleep.  Our mornings were drama-free.  Talk to me after a week that he is sick.  Fussy.  Or generally angry.  I may rescind that statement.

But, in all seriousness – I think everyone adjusted as well as they could’ve.  Getting up early is a bummer.  If you know me, I am not an morning person.  Thankfully, Eddie seems to be, so seeing his smiles first thing in the morning make getting up a little more bearable.

eddies first week mom

On our way to school Monday morning, I shed a few tears while giving him a pep talk.  I assured him that I loved him and that I was going to miss him all day long.  Truthfully, I did that every morning last week and it will likely happen every single time he is away from me (for the rest of his life, poor kid).  Tuesday morning, I was able to give him his pep talk without the my tears.  Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday went well, too.

His girls at school are the sweetest.  I don’t doubt that I’m leaving him in good hands.  What they say in their daily notes lead me to believe that Eddie is adjusting well.  What they describe sounds exactly like my little boy – happy and full of smiles.

eddies first week dad

You can tell that he’s absolutely exhausted when he gets home.  He’s definitely got some adjusting to do – he isn’t used to all of the excitement.  It’s a bummer to have just a couple hours with him at night when he is overtired (read: crabby) and dozing.  Sigh.

As to be expected, Eddie is exposed to a ton of new germs at school.  I figured within the first couple weeks we would battle our first cold.  Low and behold, Thursday night we could tell something was making its way in.  And by Friday night the poor kid couldn’t breathe.

eddies first week spidermonkey

Him not feeling well, though, meant that he couldn’t get enough of his mama.  I was A-okay with that!  It broke my heart to see him so sick, but I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t love being able to hold him all night long.  Until he literally started screaming anytime I tried to put him down to do anything!  Poor babe!

Friday night was rough.  He kept waking himself up coughing and not being able to breathe well.  He was up every hour between 12 and 5am, which is a far cry from his typical 10 hours straight of sleep!  Craig and I were zombies most of the day Saturday.  I was grateful it was a Friday night and not a week night!  I can’t quite fathom having to function at work feeling like that.

eddies first week sick

All in all, I can’t imagine having a better week back.  I was definitely dreading it.  I still think I’d rather play all day with my little buddy, but we are making the absolute most out of it!  I truly think I will enjoy my new job.  I truly think that Eddie will love playing with friends all day at school.  I miss him like mad all day long, but wrapping him up in a great big hug at the end of the day makes my heart so full.

Here’s to an excellent week 2!


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