Serious Case of the Mondays

SO.  Today is Monday.

But, not just any Monday.  My first Monday back at work.  Enjoy reading this.  Because I’m surely in a corner somewhere in a puddle of my own tears.  Eddie didn’t get the memo that I had reserved yesterday as a full-on cuddle day, because he fell asleep around 4pm in his little monkey chair (as I was folding laundry) and didn’t wake up until it was time to eat before bed.  And you know – never wake a sleeping baby.  So, I left him at home with his papa and got some grocery shopping done, returned home, did some meal prep, and spent remainder of my evening gazing at him – silently sobbing.  Dramatic, much?

ANYway.  Before we get to the oodles of photos of our sweet boy, we have some catching up to do.  We’ve already established, that I’m back to work.  BUT.  I’m not returning to the credit union.  That’s right.  Mama got a new job.

When Edison joined our family, I knew that I couldn’t continue to work the hours I was working at the credit union and keep my sanity.  My days were too unpredictable – an 8 hour day could easily become an 11 hour day.  Craig has a job that he works 6:30am to AT LEAST 5:30 every night, so it was super important to me to have a more regular schedule.  We didn’t have a baby for him to spend all of his time at daycare.

My new role is putting me back into more of a support role, which I am A-okay with.  I can honestly say that I didn’t enjoy “being management.”  We are taking a noticeable pay cut, but the benefits of my new role greatly outweigh any amount of money.  The timing was perfect and in the end I only “lost” a week of my maternity leave.

I am closer to Eddie’s daycare.  I’m closer to home.  I may have the opportunity to work from home occasionally.  My hours are regular.  No more Saturdays (that was huuuuge).  All in all – more time with Eddie.

Our family’s decision for me to go back to work was a hard one.  Truthfully, I wish I wasn’t.  But, reality is that I am.  And I’m grateful that we were able to compromise by me finding a more flexible position. Regardless – as I said, I’m likely a basket case today.  Or perhaps speeding down the road to visit Eddie on my lunch.  Or maybe, if we are all lucky, you’ll find me coping as a rational human being should.  If we are so lucky, you can be promised that I’m still counting the seconds until I head out the door to scoop Eddie up in a great big hug tonight.

And now.  Some pictures!


Gosh, I think he looks like my dad here.


So chubby. So cute.

day12 day13 day15




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