Edison – 2 Month Update

Month two of parenthood has been fun stuff.  Edison is such a fun little kid and I’ve love being able to spend my days with him.  I can’t believe how quickly my leave is passing.  I’m just soaking it up while I can.

2 month - mwn

We headed to the doc today for a well visit.  Little man got 3 shots.  For about 10 seconds he screamed his head off.  And then – he was totally fine.  He just went back to sucking on his paci and looking around with his bright eyes.  The nurses were impressed!  We snuggled when we got home, he got a bottle, and now he’s sleeping the day away.  He was a champ.  Mama’s so proud of her tough little boy!

25in – 99%ile
15lb 1oz – 95%ile
16.93in – 100%ile

Still a big baby!  We could tell that he had a growth spurt – he’s gotten so heavy!  And when Craig holds him I can see just how long he is.  Combine that with some fussiness and you have yourself a tell-tale growth spurt.  He still has a big head like his mama, poor kid.  Good news is that he is in the 50%ile for his proportions.  So, while he may be huge, everything is equally is huge.  We love our chunky monkey!

2 month 2 - mwn


hahaha.  We don’t know what real napping is.  He gets so overtired so often and we can’t quite figure out how nice napping is.  And by “we,” I mean “Eddie.”  He gets so crabby, rubs his eyes, fusses, suddenly dozes for 20 seconds and then his eyes get real big and he’s back awake.  I don’t dare put him in his crib unless it’s bedtime or he gets pissed.  He does tend to fall asleep whenever I put him in the car, but for no more than an hour.  I’ve made some trips to see family members and he sleeps for about an hour of the trip and then is awake and unhappy to be staring at the back of a car seat.  When he does doze off during the day, I’m lucky if he’s out for more than 20 minutes.  But, for the kind of kid he is overall, I’ll take the no-napping feature.


He eats like the big boy he is.  During the daytime hours he eats every 3 hours, pretty consistently.  Sometimes, I can squeak an extra half hour in-between, but usually, after 2 1/2 hours I’m holding him off.  And yes, I hold him off sometimes, because child had the tendency to spit up a good portion of his meal if he’s fed more than every 3 hours.  He takes 5 ounces during the day and we typically give him 6 ounces right before bedtime and during his night feeding.


My 6 week old baby was already in 6 month clothes.  I know that baby clothing isn’t always accurate – I was told that babies usually are in “bigger” sizes than their age would indicate.  But…seriously?  Six MONTH clothing at 6 WEEKS!?  I know we have a big boy, but it was pretty surprising when his sleepers started getting short on him so early.


I’m very much a routine person, so we may have started Eddie on a “routine” before he was really capable of following one.  I think his bedtime routine is just as important to Craig and me as it is to Eddie.  We start bedtime at 7:30; he gets changed, mittened, swaddled, fed, burped, and rocked.  The sound machine goes on, as does the humidifier.  Depending on his mood – he will take a pacifier.  Routine, routine, routine.  It has paid off.


We transitioned Eddie to his crib from our bedroom around 5 weeks.  I really think it helped me practice “the pause,” which is something that deserves it’s own post.  He wasn’t readily available to me whenever he made a noise, so naturally it has resulted in much better sleep for mama and papa!  The first few nights were a little nerve wracking for me, but once I learned that I had no problem monitoring him from our bedroom it got better.

We’ve already established that the kid doesn’t nap – but he sleeps like a champ.  Majority of nights he is up around 5am to eat.  But, he has surprised us with a few nights sleeping through until 6 or 6:30.  Just last weekend I woke up at 7:15am and panicked.  I turned the video on the monitor and I found him wide awake, but just looking around.  He didn’t cry at all.  I got up and fed him right away, but I was shocked!  So yes, some nights are better than others – but I can’t remember the last time we had a “bad” night. (knock on wood.)  I really think our established routine has very much attributed to our nighttime success.


He started smiling in response to us shortly after he was one month old.  We got a few smiles before that, but I’m certain there were attributed to bowel movements and REM sleep.  And now he is a smiling machine.  He has the most adorable sideways smirk that he will give before breaking out into his full, gummy grin.  I really think we have a handsome boy on our hands.

He is thisclose to laughing.  So, so close.  He makes strange huffing noises noises when he smiles super big.  His eyes just sparkle that remind me so much of my Grandpa Wally.  Earlier this week he made a “mooing” noise.  Craig and I looked at each other so confused – it was the weirdest noise ever.  And then he literally sat there grinning looking like he was proud.  It was so sweet.  Gah.

He’s always had pretty good head control, since we brought him home from the hospital!  No joke.  We’ve had him in his Bumbo on a couple occasions, but only when he is closely supervised and it lasts for no more than a couple minutes.

2 month smile - mwnNo smiles for mama until he gets back into his favorite, vibrating monkey chair!


He loves mornings.  He is the happiest baby right after he gets up.  (Let it be known this is completely opposite of his mama.)  He especially loves when you play with his little toes and talk to him after he gets up.  He will give you smiles for days.  He loves funny noises and when you “boop” his nose.  He thinks it’s the best thing ever.

He loves Myles.  These two are forging such a neat relationship.  Earlier this week he spent a good amount of time staring and grinning like a fool at Myles.  I have some fun photos that I’ve posted of the two of them on Instagram.

Eddie hates tummy time.  He’s good for about 30 seconds and then just gets mad.  He hates napping and just won’t do it.  He hates loud noises and doggie sneezes – both of them startle him like crazy.

Mama/Papa Updates

Doing great!  I feel rested: Eddie has been kind enough to let me get a decent amount of sleep.  I’m still operating on less than what I’m used to, but I don’t dare complain.  I know that I’m getting more sleep than many mamas at this point.  I feed a little sad: I’m dreading going back to work and leaving Eddie at daycare, that will be a sad, sad day.  I feel so happy: this little boy brings me so much joy.  They tell you how wonderful it will be, but sometimes that can be hard to realize when you’re in a sleep deprived fog.  This month I’ve seen that with clarity.  Eddie brings me to the verge happy tears at least once a day.

I think papa is doing good, too.  He has been blessed with the ability to sleep through any of Eddie’s noises, so that means that he’s well rested for work.  It’s fun to see the joy on his face when he interacts with Eddie. I know that he is really looking forward to the day that he can actually play with Eddie.  Craig has also been having to put a good amount of effort into keeping my baby fever at bay.  Ha.

A couple outtakes – sneezes and his bff Myles photobombing:

2 month sneeze - mwn 2 month myles - mwn




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