Five on Friday [January II]

FiveonFridayIf you want in on the fun, join Darci, April, Natasha, and Christina each Friday.


I have never washed my hands as frequently as I have over the last month and a half.  If people thought I was a germ-phobe before, they should see me now!  That fact, combined with the cold, dry weather has taken a toll on my hands.  I have been using this Aveda hand cream like nobody’s business.  It smells SO good and it’s so thick and moisturizing.  Thanks, Kim, best Christmas gift everrrr.


Since starting my 2nd Advocare Challenge, I’ve discovered the blog, Inspiralized.  I immediately ordered my own spiralizer and went to town.  It’s a fun, easy way to incorporate more veggies into my diet and cut the carbs!

seriously delish
Oh. My. Goodness.  This cookbook.  Wow.  Jessica is also the talented, bubbly voice behind the blog, How Sweet Eats, my most favorite food blog.  I ordered two copies around Christmas time, one for me and one for my friend, Kim (she loves her, too)!  I finally had a moment to sit down and page through it.  Blown away.  I love what she shares on her blog, but this is even better.  I don’t even know where to start – I have a bajillion pages marked.

jane - mwnThis website is the reason why my budget goes away every single month.  It only got worse when I downloaded their app – shopping truly at my fingertips all day, every day.  They have the cutest things – clothes, baby clothes, accessories, home goods – you name it, they got it.  From what I’ve been able to tell, most of the “deals” are actually great deals.  I’ve been happy with everything I’ve ordered through them.  Also, I’m sorry for introducing this to you.  Well, tell your wallet I’m sorry.

936 pennies
This article: How 936 Pennies Will Forever Change How You Parent.  Wow.  I’m new to this whole mom gig, but seeing such a relatively “small” number representing the number of weeks I have with Eddie before he reaches adulthood really hit home.  The idea is that you have a jar of 936 pennies and each week, you are to remove a penny, as it’s been “spent.”

“And then I look at my firstborn, and my soul feels the weight of 172 pennies gone.
I ask the inevitable question–how were they spent?
A penny can be invested; it has the potential of growing in value. It also has the potential of getting lost in a couch cushion.”

Eryn goes on to talk about how she has added an additional jar to her desk.  When she removes it from the original jar, she adds it to the second.  The original jar marks just how fleeting time is, but the second is a reminder of an investment of a lifetime.


Hope you all have a great weekend.  I’m far too excited to go and get my hairs cut tomorrow.  And I certainly will not be going grocery shopping tomorrow afternoon.  Perhaps I’ll save that for an exciting late-night Saturday solo date.

What are some of your favorites from this week?



    1. I have to say – I love your blog name 😉 I don’t know if they have an app for android, but if you have an iPhone, you should probably download the Jane app. Makes shopping even easier! Just what I’m sure we both need. hehe


    1. Ohhh the penny article gave me such good perspective. It’s so crazy to think that there are only 936 weeks before a newborn is an adult. Makes those dirty diapers and loud little lungs not so bad 🙂


  1. Hello! Popping over from the link up! Whatever is on the front of that cook book made me instantly salivate and then go directly to her blog to look through some of her other recipes! Now I have to find the energy to make all the things! ☺ Love your blog – especially the story of meeting and dating your mister! So sweet! Hope you and your family have a terrific weekend!


    1. Thanks, Megan! 🙂 Jessica’s blog is ah-mazing. No joke. And she’s hilarious, so that’s a plus! From your blog it looks like you’re a MI girl!? Another midwesterner, LOVE it!



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