Can I call it weekending?  When basically every day of my life for the past five weeks has been like a weekend?  Meh.  Go with it.

My weekend started fabulously on Friday when I got to see my oldest and dearest friend, Allie.  She was in town from Colorado and made a special trip to meet her little nephew.  (Okay, obvs not her nephew, but she’s totes Auntie Allie, so ya know, go with it.)  She had a jam-packed weekend filled with flights and driving, so it meant oodles that she drove an extra 2 1/2 hours round-trip to see me and the little nugget.  Also got to say “hey” to her boyfriend, Thomas.  They’re dating because of me.  You should know that.  He was my neighbor when I lived in Denver.  Allie and Thomas met my last night in Denver before I moved to Tennessee.  Sparks flew.  And they’re still together today!

allie, circa march 2011

allie, circa march 2011

Friday afternoon, I headed to a local bakery to meet a friend I hadn’t seen in 3 1/2 years!  I worked with Mel while I was in grad school.  She was an undergraduate student worker in the Admissions office and we always got along famously.  She finished her bachelor’s as I finished my master’s.  Life took me to Colorado.  Life took her to North Carolina.  And now we are both back in Wisconsin!  It was super fab to see her.

mel, circa may 2011

mel, circa may 2011

Saturday I made a rookie mistake.  UGH.  Craig was up early to take our car in for an oil change.  Eddie and I hung out while I recovered from the day before.  (Seriously, you try being a hermit for 5 weeks and then having so much excitement in one day!)  After Craig got home, I headed out around 1pm to go grocery shopping.  I’m an idiot.  Saturday afternoon has to be the absolute worst time to grocery shop.  Seriously.  I bet if they studied it, the conclusion would be “only stupid people grocery shop on Saturday afternoons because that is when everybody and their flippin’ mother is at the grocery store.”

I thought I was going to have to park across the street in order to get into Trader Joe’s.  And by the time I got to Woodman’s I had my heels run over by a cart the jerk behind me was driving.  Dude, I literally cannot walk over the person in front of me, so I’d appreciate if you didn’t try to walk over me.  K, thanks.

I made it home about 2 hours later, with about 14 more gray hairs.  Seriously.  Craig and I had usually done our shopping late Friday or Saturday nights or early Sunday mornings when all the good folk are in church.  Why did I change up our routine?  #idiocracy

That brings me to Sunday.  The day the world didn’t end.  The Packer’s won their playoff game against the Cowboys.  WHEW.  My husband spent the rest of the day in a happy mood, so that’s always good news.  Like I said, the world didn’t end. 😉  I half-watch the games (today I was working on my Project Life album while “watching”).  I think it drives Craig nutso because I’ll half hear something and then ask him what happened.  So, he’s trying to explain what just happened while missing what is currently happening.  Bless him.  He’s so patient with me.

I should also mention that I got to sleep in.  I mean, I had to ask ahead of time, to make sure he’d get up to feed and love on Eddie, but whatev.  Life of a mom.  When I rolled out of bed at 9 (I was starting to feel guilty, I don’t doubt I could’ve legit slept until at least noon), I found my sweet little boy dressed and happy as a clam:

eddie packer - mwn

I die.  Is he not the cutest little Packer fan in all of the universe!?

I got some meal prep in for week numero dos of my Advocare Challenge.  More quinoa, chicken, and homemade avocado dressing.  Those are pretty much my staples.  I have a post started with some stuff to share, but when there is only 3 minutes of daylight during the winter, it’s hard to get photos that aren’t totally embarrassing.  Wait, I usually don’t care about the quality.  So really, it’s just an excuse.  I’ll get to it.  Maybe.  You know…baby and all.

So, there you have it.  Weekending.  If you can call grocery shopping weekending.

Until next time!



  1. Sounds like a nice but busy weekend, and how awesome that you were able to see two old friends!

    I hear ya on the grocery shopping. I get SO mad and frustrated when we go and it’s a total madhouse in there! It’s one of my pet peeves – haha!

    Aww, look at that little cutie in his jersey. ADORABLE!


    1. Grocery shopping is my least favorite chore, for sure! I honestly looked into one of those delivery services, but ultimately decided that losing a tiny bit of my sanity each week was worth the dollars I was saving!



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