Advocare, Round 2

For the first couple weeks after Eddie’s arrival, I hardly ate.  Not intentionally, honest.  All of a sudden it’d be 4pm and I’d realize I hadn’t eaten.  Not healthy, not healthy at all.  From what I’ve read on forums, it isn’t an uncommon “side effect” of delivery.

Slowly but surely, my appetite has returned.  And what I was choosing to eat did not sit well with my stomach.  You’d think a girl would learn.  But, no.  I didn’t really want to think about what I was putting into my body.  I had more important things to be focused on – like a baby.  And my body has hated me for it.

Physically, I just don’t feel good.  And I know without a doubt it’s a direct result of what I’ve been ingesting (or not ingesting) over the past month.  Time to get it together!


My friend, Kim, is an Advocare distributor.  Early December she had told me about the “All In Challenge” they were sponsoring.  Early December I was having a baby, so I didn’t take much interest.  But, as time went on I started thinking more and more about how much better I felt when I had done my first 24 Day Challenge in February 2014.

This time around I’m not doing a full-blown challenge.  Mostly because I don’t want to worry about managing the supplements for the challenge with some of the prescription supplements I’ve been on since delivery.  So, instead I snatched up the Herbal Cleanse, some Meal Replacement Shakes, and the almighty Spark.

I plan to eat clean and get active.  Now, by “get active,” I don’t mean go run for miles.  I still haven’t gotten the “okay” from my doctor.  But, there is no reason I can’t do some low impact exercising.  If it ever warms up, Eddie and I will get out and enjoy the sunshine that has recently emerged from the dreariness of winter. (Fun (??) fact: Eddie was 20 days old before he ever saw the sunshine.  Seriously.)

I also want to check out the Orange Theory studio by our house.  I have read good things about it, but have no idea what to expect from an investment standpoint.  Also, it needs to get above zero degrees before I care to venture out to do some research.  I have time – my postpartum appointment isn’t for another couple weeks.

I’d love to lose some of the pounds that haven’t come off.  But, truthfully that isn’t my main goal.  The biggest fitness/health goal for January 2015 is to simply feel better.  To get my digestive system right.  To fuel my body with fuel; not the sugar-packed, processed junk I’ve been shoving down my throat.

Cheers to starting 2015 on the right foot!

What is your goal for the first month of 2015?

Any mamas out there have any tips for easing my way back into a workout regimen?


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