Show & Tell Tuesday: 2015

Pretty pumped about a new year-long link up I’ve found with Momfessionals.  Come play along a couple Tuesdays each month!

Show and Tell - Big ListSo, let’s do this thing.

Twenty-fifteen.  What resolutions or goals do I have for myself?

eddie packer paci - mwn

First and foremost I’m hoping that over the next twelve months I figure out this parenting thing as much humanly possible.  I know that no 2 days will be the same and as soon as I think I have it figured out, it will all come tumbling down.  BUT.  But, I do hope (or expect?) I am able to at least get a good handle on things.

I want to feel better.  The past 2 months or so have taken it’s toll in more ways than one.  Sure, I’d love to shed some baby weight, but truthfully I know it’s more important for me to get my head right.  Part of that includes feeling good about how I’m fueling myself and part of it includes addressing a bunch of other emotional baggage I won’t got y’all down with.  For now.  Remember, I don’t have much of a filter.

I want to run another half marathon.  Ack.  Did I just make that public!?  I have zero plans to begin tackling that goal until spring time, when there is daylight for more than handful of hours.  And I can secure a safe running stroller to haul my mini mister around in.  There is only one circumstance that I’ll allow myself to bow out on that one…

I’d love to be pregnant by the end of 2015. (hahahahhahahaa)  No, for real.  Craig, pick your jaw up off of the floor.  Even though I’ve been up since 3am this morning with an angry baby, I meant it when I said that I’d do it all again tomorrow.  Turns out baby fever doesn’t always go away when you have a baby.  And while I’m certainly not actually looking to get pregnant tomorrow, I’d be thrilled if it happened October, November, December.  …because you can clearly plan these things exactly how you’d like them (insert sarcasm font).  Especially with my track record.  Right.

be the change - mwnFinally, I want to continue to practice setting boundaries, showing respect, withholding judgement and giving unconditional love.  This one is a little deep.  I’ve learned a lot about myself in the last twelve months.  I’ve recognized that I most certainly have room to grow in these respects.  I have no intention to set out and change anyone else.  But, what is it that Gandhi said?  “Be the change you wish to see in the world”?  I’m doin’ it.

What goals or resolutions do you have for 2015?



  1. Just found your blog from the Five on Friday link up and wanted to say congrats on your precious baby! My son is due in 9 days! Yay for winter babies!

    I recently posted my goals for the year and one of mine was also to run another half marathon! I ran my first and only in 2013, and want to train for my second one after the baby is born and I’m feeling good again.

    Good luck to you with your goals!


    1. CONGRATULATIONS! Becoming a mom is seriously the most wonderful thing in the world. (But, don’t let anyone fool you, it’s also the most challenging!!!) Best wishes for a smooth delivery and happy baby boy.

      I’m headed now to check out your goals, too. Happy Monday!



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