Edison – One Month Update

The nights have been long, but the days have flown by.  How many times have you heard that?  And how many of you can relate to that!?  I cannot believe that it has been an entire month since little large Eddie made his way into our arms.

I’m excited to keep you all updated on his growth and development.  I know that it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, so feel free to skip my updates on the 5th of every month!  But, for my family that lives everywhere but Wisconsin, I know that they’ll enjoy reading about all of his milestones.  I recently took all of my bumpdates and made them into a photobook.  I’ll likely do the same thing with these updates.

1 month 3 - mwn

Month 1 Stats
height: 1′ 11” (97%ile)
weight: 11lb 15.5oz (93%ile)
head circumference: 16.14″ (100%ile)

I was guessing he would be around 12 pounds.  Turns out it was a pretty good guess!  Also, 100%ile for head!?  His head has been big since my last ultrasound.  At the time, my doctor assured me that all babies have big heads.  Well, doc, I don’t know that they get much bigger than 100%ile!

The first month was one of learning and adjustment, definitely.  Eddie has been such an awesome baby.  For the first few weeks, he only cried or fussed when he was hungry or needed to be changed.  And while, that isn’t completely true anymore (little man has a ‘tude!), dare I say he’s still pretty “easy.”  Yes, there is unexplained fussing, but he’s easily consoled and often just wants to be held and loved on.  From what I’ve read, as he continues to make cognitive leaps, the desire for physical contact will increase and decrease.  And honestly?  You don’t have to ask me twice to hold and love on him.  Nothing beats the warmth, smell, and being the subject of inquisitive eyes belonging to a newborn.

We had a few really great nights where he went down around 10pm and slept until around 2 or 3am to be fed.  That was followed up by another 4ish hour stretch.  That 5 hour stretch was a drrrream.  I thought we had hit our stride.  But, 2 nights later he was up every hour and a half.  I’m chalking it up to a growth spurt or something, because I don’t know that he ever needed to be attended to every hour and a half!

Eddie will take a pacifier, but often knows it’s an imposter.  I think he knows we are tricking him.  If he’s fussing, he often doesn’t want to suck on the imposter – he wants to be fed!  That being said, he will take it occasionally and Craig and I get a serious kick out of it.  Why?  Because more often than not he “angry sucks.”  He grunts and gets such a serious look on his face.  He just looks ticked; like he’s seriously thinking, “I know this isn’t the real deal, but for god’s sake I will appease you and suck on this (angrily) for a few minutes before spitting it back out and fussing for a bottle.”  He’s a character, I tell ya.  His facial expressions kill me – he seriously has quite the little personality thus far.

1 month collage - mwn

Breastfeeding didn’t happen.  Which has been heartbreaking.  I’ll likely share more about that at some point, but it’s still a little raw.  Thankfully, Edison hasn’t seemed to mind and happily takes a bottle.  The silver lining is that Craig has been a saint and willingly helped to take on some of the overnight feedings.  Eddie certainly has a healthy appetite.  I didn’t have to worry long about if he was getting enough to eat; he has had no problem informing any of us if he is hungry!

Eddie is strong.  He doesn’t love (but doesn’t loathe) tummy time and he can easily move his head from side to side.  When he is propped up on our chests he can hold his head up with no assistance.  That’s quite the feat now knowing how large his noggin’ is.  At first, I think he held it up just because he could, but now you can tell he is really taking in his environment.

In the last week you can tell he has certainly “woken up.”  He focuses in on our faces.  He looks around, truly curious about what he sees.  We have a fake plant (hahahahaha, yes a fake tree) in our living room and I often sit in the chair next to it when feeding him.  I swear the child’s eyeballs have to hurt from straining to stare at it while he eats.  He also loves staring at the decal wall in his nursery while we change him.  Apparently fake trees are simply fascinating to this one month old boy.  Just wait until he’s itching to climb a real one.  Oh goodness.

1 month smile - mwn

I think we are getting thisclose to smiling.  At his doctor’s appointment today, Papa was tickling his tummy to keep him entertained while we waited for the doctor – look at that gummy grin!

Craig and I have gotten so much joy watching him over the last month.  It really is amazing how quickly time is going and how fast he seems to be growing up.  Yes, I use “growing up” loosely.  He’s a month old, I get it.  But, seriously…he doesn’t even need me to hold his bottle half of the time!  He’s such a little man.

It’s been a solid first month, Edison.  Let’s see what you do with the next 30 days!



  1. I’m so glad we get to have Eddie Updates. Thank you Craig!! I really hope you aren’t beating yourself up over breastfeeding. I hear more and more about how hard it is, and how many friends have had to throw in the towel. No one wants to talk about it because they don’t want to be judged. Just wave that huge head around and say “Look what I pushed out!” If anyone makes you feel bad, you send them to me.

    He is such a handsome little dude, and I couldn’t be happier for your sweet family.


    1. Thanks, Amy. I never thought “letting it go” would be so hard. But, dang, there is so much judgement that comes with one’s ability and/or choice to breastfeed or not. I’ve learned SO much over the past month about judgement and being kind. So, truly, your kind words mean a lot. And yeah- shout out to Craig for not being paranoid like me. hahahaha. He keeps my crazy in check sometimes! 🙂



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