Friends & Family Gifts Under $100

Holy cats, it’s December.  And it’s the last week to link up with April, EliseKatie, and Zelle and their A Few of My Favorite Things linkup.  Today’s about gifts under $100.  So many things I’d love to give.  One of my favorite ideas are subscriptions – the gift that keeps on giving!

favorite things

gifts under for her - mwnone / two / three / four / five

..1.. Uncommon Goods: Elwood The Rainbown Unicorn Mug
I told you this was going to show up again.  It’s so silly, but so amazing.  I’d love to be able to show this off on my desk – so obviously, I’d love to give a girlfriend the same opportunity!

..2.. Subscription: Magazine
Again, one of my favorite gifts I’ve received was a Women’s Health subscription.  It’s magically continued to renew for over 2 years now (and my friend isn’t being charged…?!).  But, even so, I thought it was such a clever idea.  Up to that point, I hadn’t subscribed to any magazine.  Earlier this year, Taste of Home was on mega-sale, so I treated myself to a 2-year subscription to that.  It’s awesome.  What I especially love about this gift is that it’s so versatile – there is a magazine out there for just about any interest!

..3.. Spa: Manicure and/or Pedicure
How much would you love your girlfriend/sister/mom if they treated you to a spa treatment?  …That’s what I thought.

..4.. lululemon: Think Fast Pullover
Oh, lululemon.  The brand I hate spending the money for, but get giddy over receiving.  I know every single one of my girlfriends would love to receive something like this!

..5..Subscription: Blue Apron
Another thing that I would love to try.  I’ve read some pretty awesome reviews about them on various blogs, but just haven’t taken the plunge.  If you have a foodie or someone that loves to cook on your Christmas list, I think this would be a super unique, much appreciated gift!

gifts under for him - mwnone / two / three / four / five

..1.. NFL Shop: On Field Apparel
If you are my husband, you love Packereverything.  EVERYTHING.  Whenever I get “stuck” on what to get him, I head to the NFL shop for something.  He’s a big lover of polos and pullovers like this.  They’re a little bit dressier than a regular sweatshirt.

..2.. Spa: Massage
Another thing my husband loves – massages.  I introduced him to the wonderment of them (pedicures, too!) and he’s always a happy camper when I have share news of a scheduled appointment for him.  I especially love this because it forces him to take a step back and simply relax for a period of time.

..3.. Target: JBL Flip Wireless Bluetooth Speaker
As of November 16th, this bad boy was on sale for $80.  Craig has one and loves it.  It’s portable and easy to use.  He’s had it on the deck, in his bathroom, while tailgating.  It’s small, so it’s easy to transport and it’s held up great!

..4.. Subscription: Beer of the Month
Any big beer men in your life?  I don’t have any in mine, but again, I love the ideas of a subscription gift.  I haven’t heard anything specific about the company I’ve linked to, so I can’t vouch for them.  However, with a simple Google search, I found a number of different companies to choose from.

..5.. Ticketmaster: Concert Tickets
Another of my favorite gifts to give are experiences.  I’ve surprised Craig with hockey tickets, Packer tickets, concert tickets, etc.  Granted, it’s usually with the caveat that I am his “plus-one,” but I love that it gives us the chance to do something a little out of the ordinary.  He’s returned the favor by buying me gifts to theatre.  I don’t particularly LOVE many concert venues and he doesn’t love many theatre productions, but that’s what’s fun about it – we’re doing something the other individual thoroughly enjoys and expanding our own horizons.  This would also be a great gift for a dad or grandpa – let him treat his partner to a night out!

What are some of your favorite gifts to give or receive?

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    1. I always have the hardest time shopping for men – I don’t know if I could’ve come up with too many other ideas 🙂 At least for the mean in my life – they’re tough to surprise!


    1. I never would’ve considered a subscription before I received one from a girlfriend. I thought it was super thoughtful – because she knew what I was interested in and I thought of her every month that I received it!


    1. Yeah! Who would be disappointed with someone telling them to take a step back and just relax for an hour or so!? Life gets so hectic, sometimes you need someone to help remind you to treat yourself!



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