Baby’s Woodland

When it came time to put together a nursery for le bebe, I got a ton of “advice.”  Some people said: “Don’t bother decorating, it’s expensive and the baby doesn’t know the difference.”  I knew I couldn’t not decorate a nursery!  Sure, the baby doesn’t know the difference, but I do!  And I’m going to be spending a lot of time in there!  I knew I wanted to have a theme, but I also didn’t want it to be over-the-top or too blue.

I got a lot of flack for that last part.  I didn’t want a lot of blue for our baby boy.  People didn’t like that.  Don’t ask me why, but I got a lot of snarky comments about that.  We decided on an orange, gray, white, and dark brown color scheme.

For awhile, Craig thought my ideas and purchases weren’t “baby enough.”  I totally see where he is coming from.  But, remember – baby doesn’t know the difference.  When he’s old enough to care, he will absolutely have input on what his room looks like.  It is his domain after all!  But, for now, mama gets to choose!

Come on in!

little woodland nursery - mwn

I love the wall decals!  They weren’t the easiest things to put up, but they sure beat trying to stencil those beasts!  Outside of the decals, the decorations are pretty minimal, it’s a smaller room and I didn’t want it to seem too cluttered.

changing table - mwnwall decals // diaper pail // dresser // changing pad // tree art

Hello, sunny, snowy day!  So, the picture is a little bright – but the room is pretty bright, too!  We are still working on a solution for blackout curtains, but we are holding off until our new windows are installed.  No need to put curtains up once, to have to do it again in just a few weeks.  Bumpster will be spending his nights in our room his first month or so anyway!

The wicker chest was a wedding gift on our Target registry, I can’t find anything similar to it to link to.  The white blanket over the crib was Craig’s as a kiddo.  It’s so soft, I just love it.  The red toy basket was a gift from the shower and it’s already filled to the brim with little toys – so much fun!

crib - mwncrib // mobile

OF COURSE he already has a library started!  You might remember when I first mentioned our Ikea trip, we had opted to not spend an arm and a leg for a “real” glider.  This chair rocks plenty and I’ve found Craig nestled in there a time or two reading through the little guy’s books.

reading corner - mwnchair // humidifier // table // pillow // book shelves // wall art // sound machine

One of my most favorite parts of our home are the doors.  Isn’t that weird?  They’re beautiful and add so much character!

closet - mwnRockaroo // photo frames

These little guys are on the changing table with one my favorite quotes.  I’ve had that plaque for a few years now – I think I got it at a Hallmark store?

hedgehog - mwnhedgehog // squirrel

The last, middle frame is reserved for a photo from his newborn session.

wall photos - mwn

There you have it!  Pretty basic, but comfortable.  I’m going to enjoy it while I can, because I don’t doubt that in a couple short years it will instead be filled with football and/or super heroes.  Which, is cool, but not exactly my taste!

What are some of your baby must-haves?


  1. I love it!! And you’re exactly right- it needs to be a room that you enjoy (and feel comfortable) being in. It’s warm, inviting, and very unique (in a good way). Sending lots of “hurry up baby” thoughts your way.


    1. Thanks, Amy! When I start to feel really frustrated (aka uncomfortable) I have to remind myself that once he is here, I will be uncomfortable and incredibly sleep deprived, so I should enjoy this time for extra rest! Hope you had a great holiday!



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