38 weeks

Okay, so the doctor went from, “he will be here any day!” to “if you’re here a week from now, we can try to jump start labor.”  WAIT, WHAT.  She dashed my hopes, I’d been on pins and needles waiting to be awoken in the middle of the night with contractions and rushing to the hospital to have the baby.  Sigh.  Turns out: not so much.

That’s okay.  That just means that Craig and I can enjoy our Lion King tickets tonight!  My awesome husband bought tickets for our anniversary and we were getting worried that we might not be able to use them.  I’m super excited to go.

I’m also super excited for Thanksgiving.  When we got married, we decided that we would do no traveling – anyone is welcome to join us – but we were staying put!  Kelsey is coming over to join us for a small, low key (read: easy, crock pot-centered) meal.  I’m excited to hunker down, enjoy the snow and some time with my most favoritest little sister.

38 weeks - mwnhow far along | 38 weeks.  He can come any time now.  No, really. I don’t mean that in that it’s possible – I mean it as in “Okay, I’m more than ready, let’s do this thing.”

what’s happening with bumpster | He’s as long as a leek.  His eyes and hair have color, but they could change as he gets older.

sleep | Good!  And needing a lot – days I’m off of work I take at least one nap (if not two)!  If it wasn’t for this kid camping out on my bladder, I’m convinced I would be sleeping for hours upon hours upon hours.

best moment this week | This last week was quite uneventful.  Maybe that’s the best part of it?

miss anything | Nothing I haven’t previously mentioned.  Except this: I miss not being able to comfortably put on my own shoes.  Y’all, it’s honestly painful trying to bend over this belly.  Craig thinks I am dramatic – but any time he is home, he’s putting my shoes on for me!

movement | Ohhh, you betcha.  Some of my coworkers have even seen him moving around.  It’s weird.

food cravings | Not so much cravings – but fast (fried) food has not sounded appealing in the least.  I’ve been quite happy munching on fruit!

anything making you queasy or sick | No, but I’ve been waking up with some nausea. Boo.

pregnancy/labor symptoms | Contractions, sure.  But, nothing painful or to indicate it’s “real” labor.

wedding rings on or off | On.  And I’m actually impressed I can still get it on and off.  I thought for sure a day would come that it wouldn’t go on or it wouldn’t come back off!

looking forward to | His arrival!  When the doctor told me at my 37 week appointment that he could come any day, the anticipation has been driving me crazy!  I’m such a planner, I wish I knew when to expect him!  I keep telling people that “all we need is the baby,” when they ask if we are ready.  We are so ready.

Fun side note – I spent a couple days playing crying baby soundtracks for the dogs.  I legitimately think it stressed me out more than it did them.  They came over the noise and sniffed around and stuff – they definitely heard it – but after just a couple minutes, Rudy went back to eating and Myles laid down at my feet.  Meanwhile, I was crawling in my skin.  I haven’t thought much about the crying part of babies – I’ve spent more time thinking about the snuggles and smiles…here’s to hoping I’m prepared for the tough parts!

Also, if I’ve already talked about that, I’m sorry.  I feel like I mentioned it within the last week – but can’t find proof of that.  Baby brain is real.


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