37 weeks

At my doctor’s appointment this week, we learned that I have progressed a bit more.  My doctor told me she was surprised at my progression given the fact that this is the first time through labor/delivery.  She commented again how low he was and feels pretty certain I will not “make it” to a full 40 weeks.  She said it could be any day now!  Crazy train.  She’s also estimating that he is smaller than what Craig or I thought he would be.  I had a big head and Craig was a big baby, so I was prepared for a big babe, but turns out, that might not be the case!

37 weeks - mwnhow far along | 37 weeks!  FULL TERM!  Holy bananas.

what’s happening with bumpster | The size of of a swiss chard, some websites say I’m now full term, while others say I’m not considered full term until 39 weeks.

sleep | Pretty good, regular trips to the restroom and achy hips/pelvis, but I’m dealing with it!

best moment this week | My doctor’s appointment.  My blood pressure is back where it normally is and Bumpster’s heart rate sounded as good as it always does.  Craig also went with me, so it was fun for him to hear the little guy’s heart swooshing along!

Kels also came for dinner tonight, which was a nice treat.  It might be the last time we have time together before I’m a mama and she is Aunt Kelsey!

miss anything | Being agile.  Not that I was super agile or anything, but this week I feel like my bump has literally gotten in the way of me bending over and moving around with ease.

movement | Enough to keep my peace of mind!  He has managed to surprise me a couple times with sudden movements, I’m sure anyone watching me when that happens wonders what is wrong with me!

food cravings | I’ve been enjoying pineapple (and secretly hoping the old wives tale that says it can start labor is true!)

anything making you queasy or sick | Nothing in particular – but just feeling kind of pukey all day long.  Boo.

pregnancy/labor symptoms | Contractions and cramps – but nothing consistent enough (or painful enough!) for me to believe I’m actually in labor.

belly button in or out | Can I tell you how flipping excited I am that my belly button hasn’t popped!?  I may have not totally avoided those damned stretch marks, but I haven’t had to contend with masking a popped belly button!

wedding rings on or off | On – barely. 

looking forward to | Our next appointment and working my last Saturday at work before maternity leave begins.

Craig and I are betting on a baby late next week.  Of course, we have no rhyme or reason to why we think this – and I’ve probably jinxed us and I’ll be completing a 41 week bumpdate, but here’s to hoping that he arrives soon (so long as he is a healthy little bugger)!


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