36 weeks

The bump has gotten a lot of attention this week!  I can’t remember if I shared here or not, but there is a regular where I work that has taken to calling me “Tummy” or “mama-to-be” and other things along those lines.  He’s a super nice guy, so I tried to not let the “Tummy” nickname offend me in any way.  Ha.

Craig and I went to an Open House at the salon we go to and got yet another “You’re so little though!” when I answered her question about how far along I am.  If the doctor didn’t regularly assure me that my baby is growing just as he should, I may be concerned at this point – as that is by far the most common comment I’ve gotten throughout my pregnancy.  And let me assure you – I feel anything but “little” or “small.”  I feel quite large.  And in charge.

Yesterday, a stranger at Walgreens just randomly said something like, “Oh, my – well aren’t you just all belly!?”  Um. Thank you?  I think?  How does one respond to that other than with an awkward smile along with a “Yeah…?”

Yesterday also brought the sweetest comment I’ve received over the past 36 weeks.  Another woman at work told me that I was a “very beautiful pregnant woman.” She told me that she has some children of her own and “definitely never felt beautiful.”  It made me sad that she thought that about herself (she was, truthfully, an attractive woman!), but her compliment made me want to cry.  Most likely because I’m hormonal, but also because of the nature of her comment.  It wasn’t about how “big” or “small” I was, but rather a “I’ve been where you are – and I haven’t felt beautiful – but I’m going to remind you that you are beautiful.”  And honestly – yesterday was a horrible hair day and I was beyond uncomfortable – but she told me that anyway.  And I carried with me the rest of the day.

In other news, I had my first weekly appointment yesterday.  Doctor says Bumpster is “really low.”  I’m already 1cm dilated and 50% effaced.  I knew women could walk around being dilated for weeks, but the 50% effaced got me really excited.  Until I searched the interwebs and found that women can walk about pretty significantly effaced for weeks, too.  Darn.  BUT, progress is happening and I left my appointment with the direct line to labor and delivery.

36 weeks - mwnhow far along | 36 weeks!  Eeeep!

what’s happening with bumpster | He’s about as long as a romaine lettuce and he’s packing it on – at the rate of about an ounce a day!  All of his systems have developed, with the exception of his digestive system, which won’t fully function until he breastfeeds.

stretch marks | Sad news, friends.  I officially have a couple little buggers making an appearance.  I’ll just be thankful they took this long to show up and hope they don’t have a chance to get too crazy!

sleep | As good as expected, I suppose.  My middle-of-the night bathroom breaks make me super uncomfortable.  I gimp to the bathroom because my hips/pelvis are starting to hurt pretty darn bad!

best moment this week | Knowing that my body is truly preparing itself for his big arrival.  And hearing Craig’s excitement when I called after my appointment to share with him my progression.  And hearing him ask, “So, do I get on the plane to Atlanta!?”  Of course, he did, but not until he assured me that, “If it was next week (when I’m officially full term), I would not be going!”  I think he’s ready to be a papa!

miss anything | We passed a sushi restaurant Monday night – and I made it clear to Craig that while I may be requesting a Jimmy John’s sub while I’m in the hospital – a sushi request will shortly follow.  Perhaps for our first meal home?  He informed me that we can’t take a baby to sushi, I reminded him we can order take out! 🙂

movement | He’s rolling around plenty!

food cravings | All the Peppermint Oreos!

anything making you queasy or sick | No, but I’m still getting hit with random bouts of nausea.  Won’t be sad for that to go away after baby is here!  And Sunday night I had heartburn the worst I’ve ever had.  It even woke me up a couple times.

pregnancy/labor symptoms |  I’m feeling all sorts of weird sensations these days. 

looking forward to |  Next Tuesday!  Craig is going to my appointment with me – I’m anxious to see what my body does over the next week!  Or if it’s going to slow it’s roll and truly make me wait until 40/41 weeks to get the show on the road!





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