35 weeks

Little late on this week’s update!  But, for good reason!  I got to spend some time with my kid sister last night.  The silver lining of having to travel for training over the coming weeks is that it means we some time together.  We enjoyed dinner at one of my favorite Madison restaurants, where I enjoyed fresh crab, lobster, and shrimp enchiladas.  I had to pass on the margarita, but not to worry, Kels enjoyed two on my behalf!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – having her so close makes me so, so happy.  And maybe it’s because it’s because we have spent so much time apart, but I’ve really come to treasure the time we get together.  We’ve always been close – sure we’ve had our “moments,” but my relationship with her makes me so excited to have kids of my own and to watch their own relationships develop with one another.  And yes, I recognize the pregnancy hormones that are oozing out of that last sentence.  34 days until Bumpster’s due date!

35 weeks - mwnhow far along | 35 weeks!

what’s happening with bumpster | He weighs as much as a honeydew melon.  His basic physical development is complete (there is a legit human inside of me!) and his main job now is to pack on the ounces!  Also, based on the picture to the left – here’s to hoping baby doesn’t inherit my five-finger forehead!  Yikes!

maternity clothes | Yep – and I went to pick up a nightie, robe, and some nursing tank tops today.  From what I’ve read, mama’s have enjoyed having their own soft pj’s to sleep in while spending a couple days in the hospital after birth.  I treated myself to a nice nursing nightie – it’s super soft!  And it’s an obvious upgrade from the athletic shorts and tank I typically wear!

stretch marks | No!  Not yet anyway – here’s to hoping my intensive moisturizing regiment is helping!

sleep | Pretty darn good until around 2 am, which is when I’ve routinely been getting up to use the restroom.  At that point, I can’t stand the thought of laying down again on my left side and will switch to my right.  And then I’m tossing and turning between my right side and back the rest of the night.  This is the first week that my back and hips have started to get achy.

baby classbest moment this week | We finished up baby classes!  It was a fun class – we learned how to bath, swaddle, and change a diaper.  Craig and I spent a decent amount of time giggling at one another.  Here’s to hoping the laughing continues when there is a real baby and neither of us have any effing idea what to do with it!

We also made “final” visits to grandmas!  We spent time with my Grandma Faye and Aunt Eileen before heading further west to see Craig’s Grandma Joyce.  Next time we see them all there will be a baby on board!

miss anything | Those strawberry margaritas my sister was enjoying last night looked pretty darn tasty!

movement | Yes, but it’s most definitely shifted from getting kicked to just feeling him roll around.  Little guy is running out of space!

food cravings | Grapes!  Finally got to Trader Joe’s to pick some up.  I know what I’ll be snacking on the next couple days!

anything making you queasy or sick | No, but interestingly enough, I’ve had waves of nausea hit at the most random times.  From what I’ve read, it isn’t uncommon – but man, it can really catch me off guard!  Heartburn has kicked into high gear, too.  I’m again attributing that to the fact everything is pretty jammed all up in me.  I won’t miss the heartburn after he’s born!

pregnancy/labor symptoms | I don’t know.  I’ve had some weird pains that can take my breath away at the bottom of my rib cage and weird cramping – but it doesn’t stick around.  So, I know it isn’t labor, but makes me worried for what it’s really going to feel like!

wedding rings on or off | Wedding band only.  It comes off fine, but leaves a nice little imprint on my finger. #sausagefingers

looking forward to | Weekly appointments start next Tuesday!  Whatttttt!?  And I have another dinner date with my kid sister planned for next Wednesday!  Yay!

Another “highlight” of the week was visiting another daycare.  I can’t remember if I mentioned our first visit on here, but I left in tears.  (I managed to hold it together until I got to the car at least.)  Well, I left our second visit, at another center, feeling much more comfortable.  All of the kids were happy.  Relaxed.  Content.  We even saw on little 2/3 year old getting picked up after his first day.  He was happy as a clam.  Mom and dad were happy.  Everyone was happy!

I still am not completely sold on having to put my child in daycare so young (personal preference!), but the latest visit warmed me up to it much more than I thought I ever could be.  We shall see what March brings!

And finally, one last thing to mention – baby has his “coming home” outfit.  Yep, I went and picked something out for him to wear home from the hospital.  It’s the cutest, coziest little outfit – complete with fuzzy boots!  I’m so excited to see his handsome little self bundled up in it!

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