Maternity/Family Photos

Next month I will have a baby.  Next month I will have a baby.

That realization hit me hard this morning.  This is the last month of my life that Craig, the pups, and I will enjoy as a family of four.  Because in approximately 40 days a tiny human will turn our world upside-down!  I’ve never been so excited for something so unpredictable and foreign.

Last month, Craig and I connected with his cousin (his second? or third?) who has a photography business, Carla Woepse Photography.  The day ended up being a little big cloudy, but we didn’t let it rain on our parade.  She still got some fabulous shots.  Here’s a handful of ’em –


Remember me mentioning that adorable Matthews Packers jersey we received at our baby shower last month?  Well, we figured that since we got photos of us in jerseys at our wedding, it was only right that we carry on the tradition to this milestone, too!  My jersey is fitting a little bit different these days, but we made it work!

matthews jersey

mini matthews - mwn




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