34 weeks

This ended up being an emotional week.  Between work and life in general, this mama was a hot mess.  As I begin week 34, I don’t seen any of my feelings of anxiety dissipating any time soon, but here’s to hoping!

I’d love to say that my favorite part of the week was touring the birth center.  But, that wouldn’t be true.  Truth is, the closer we get to Bumpster’s birthday, the more terrified I’m becoming of the whole process.  I’m not afraid of having a baby to take care of, it’s the whole “getting him here” part that is freaking me out.  We have one more week of classes and hindsight tells me it’s the only week I should’ve planned to attend.  It’s going to cover the more practical application of things – diapering, swaddling, bathing, etc.

At my appointment Tuesday, doc confirmed everything continues to look great.  He appears to be measuring right on schedule.  My blood pressure is still a little elevated and feet are the size of Russia, but she isn’t concerned.  I also scheduled the remainder of my appointments.  Weird.

34 weeks - mwnhow far along | 34 weeks – 3 weeks until we are full term! 

what’s happening with bumpster | He’s about 5 lbs now and the size of a cantaloupe.  Go ahead, pick up that bag of flour in your kitchen, it’s heavier than you might expect!  He’s awake/sleep cycles have definitely shifted – I’m feeling him more mid morning and not-so-much in the evenings.  His movements are starting to feel more like he’s rolling around rather than jabbing, but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t managed to surprise me with a few swift kicks now and then.

sleep | I’m exhausted, head to bed around 9:30 only to find myself wide awake at 1 or 2 – and unable to fall back asleep.  Boo.

best moment this week | Grabbing lunch with my sister.  Work took me to Madison today, so we were able to squeeze a quick lunch in.  After the week I had, I needed it.  There’s something to be said for her ability to take me in (emotions, hormones and all!) and give me some perspective.  Today was one of those days that I was beyond thankful she’s so close!

miss anything | Bending over, not having puffy feet – you know, the small things in life.

movement | Oh yes, my stomach is moving around which is super weird to see.  He’s managed to get me with a few swift kicks to the ribs, too!

pregnancy/labor symptoms | Some cramping and tightening, but nothing consistent.

looking forward to | Spending the weekend prepping some freezer meals and getting one more visit in to my grandma before Bumpster’s arrival.


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