33 weeks

Adventure for the week included a trip to get fitted for compression stockings.  It took 15 minutes, the help of the woman fitting me, rubber gloves, and “rug burn” on a couple fingers to get them on.  I told the woman there was no way I would wear them if that is what I would have to do every morning.  How on earth do they expect elderly people to get those things on!?  I was sweating, agitated, and (even more) exhausted by the time they were on.  She called the doctor and she okay-ed some with lesser compression.  Those only took about 7 minutes to put on.  I left wearing them, but after my first trip to the bathroom when I got to work, they came off.  They might help keep my ankles and feet a normal size, but my mental state is called into question when I have to deal with them.  Thankfully, insurance covered a good portion of the $148 price-tag, otherwise I’d feel a lot worse for giving up on them the same day I purchased them.  Ridiculous.

Also – as an update – I mentioned last week that I ended up calling the triage nurse because of the ridiculous swelling.  Well, based on my responses to her questions, she determined that I (or baby) wasn’t in any danger.  I woke up that night with a headache and freaked myself out.  But, it was gone by morning and life went on.  My feet and ankles are still massive and I still get the pulsing sensation time-to-time, but they don’t seem to think it’s cause for concern.  So, I’m trying to stop being a hypochondriac.

Finally, exhaustion from work meant that I changed into pjs before Craig had a chance to get a bump picture this week.  I wasn’t about to change back into decent clothes for you all (sorry).  So, another maternity photo it is!

33 weeks - mwnhow far along | 33 weeks

what’s happening with bumpster | More than 17 inches, he weighs about the same as a pineapple.  When he’s awake, he keeps his eyes open.  Not sure what he think of the view, but he’s looking around!

sleep | I want to sleep all the time.  But, when I do actually sleep, it hasn’t been the best of quality.  Little man has shifted and so laying on my left side makes me feel like I’m smashing his head.  That obviously concerns me!  I’ve been waking up on my back a lot, which isn’t ideal either.  I JUST WANT TO SLEEP ON MY STOMACH AGAIN!

best moment this week | On Saturday, Craig and I were catching up on American Horror Story.  Throughout the entire episode I could feel Bumpster moving around like crazy.  Like, more than I ever have before.  Up to this point, I’ve had reassuring jabs and such, but nothing so consistent.  It was really fun 🙂

miss anything | Stomach sleeping.  Sleeping through the night.

movement | Frequently – and sometimes it legitimately hurts!

food cravings | I had a breakfast date on Saturday morning and I wanted Eggs Benedict like nob0dy’s business.

pregnancy/labor symptoms | Braxton Hicks that I can feel occasionally.

belly button in or out | So shallow – it has been for a few weeks now.  The belly is definitely growing, but the belly button situation hasn’t changed, thankfully.  I’m still hoping to get through without it “popping.”

wedding rings on or off | I’m only wearing my wedding band these days.  The engagement ring just makes things a little bit too uncomfortable for me.  Which makes me (and Craig) a little sad!

looking forward to |The end of this week.  Because of my hectic work schedule this week, I was taken off of the Saturday shift I was supposed to be working.  Wahoo!  Being taken off last minute means that we didn’t have time to make plans to fill the day – which means I plan on doing NOTHING.  Maybe finding a few freezer meal recipes to start working on, but otherwise, this mama is resting!


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