32 weeks

Another interesting week.  I’ve gone from having zero complaints (outside of being just a bit sleepy) to feeling awful about how I feel and look.  I’ve been more exhausted than I thought was humanly possible.  What’s it going to be like when this kid is on the outside?  And my ankles and feet deserve their own area code.

At my appointment on Tuesday, I learned that I gained NINE pounds in two weeks.  Yes, nine.  I’ve definitely felt “puffy” and the doctor assured me that it was likely fluid.  Awesome.  Take a look at my feet and it isn’t hard to believe.  Additionally, my blood pressure was slightly elevated and they found a trace of protein in the urine sample I left.  Those are all symptoms of preeclampsia.  However, I haven’t been having any lingering headaches, so my doctor assumed me that I wasn’t preeclamptic.

Since Tuesday, the swelling has only gotten worse.  At times today I could literally feel a “pulsing” in parts of my body, which tells me my blood pressure hasn’t improved.  It warranted a call to the nurse and I’m currently waiting for a call back.  Awesomesauce.

32 weekshow far along | 32 weeks!  If that doesn’t look like a genuine smile, it’s because it isn’t.  I’ll be honest!  I’m tired and stressed!

what’s happening with bumpster | He’s the size of a jicama (a what?), Florida Pomelo (huh?), or a head of lettuce (ohhhhh!).  Weighing in at about 4 pounds, he’s starting to get a little cramped!

sleep | Last Thursday I fell asleep at 8pm and slept until 7am with only one trip to the bathroom.  Exhaustion has come back full force.

best moment this week | Craig and I had our first parenting class last night.  Poor guy left overwhelmed.  But, if I’m honest, so did I.  I’m now terrified of birth after watching a video of a woman give birth without an epidural.  We were also informed that most first-time moms are in labor for 12-18 hours.  Holy crap.  That’s a long time.  Let’s not even talk about all the different ways he could be positioned “wrong.”  Sigh.  Ignorance is bliss, people.

movement | Directly beneath my diaphragm/ribs on the left side. I swear a foot or arm might be stuck up in there!

food cravings | Nothing in particular.

anything making you queasy or sick | I feel like my sniffer is getting pretty sensitive again – I’ve been picking up some weird scents!

pregnancy/labor symptoms | I’ve had Braxton Hicks Contractions.  Not consistently.  But, it’s pretty strange.  They don’t hurt at all, so that’s good.

belly button in or out | It’s getting so shallow, guys.  And it really freaks me out.

looking forward to | A low key weekend!  I have tentative plans to hit up a farmer’s market with a girl from high school, but otherwise, I plan to be lazy as can be!

Last thing to mention is just how grateful I am for my husband.  He’s been putting up with my crazy and my crankiness over the past week.  Tonight, upon seeing my Flinstone feet, he insist that I sit down and proceeded to make dinner.  I’m so darn thankful!




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