Baby Shower: Little Ducky

Another busy weekend in the books! I had to work Saturday morning, but Saturday afternoon Craig and I headed to the Elegant Farmer.  Now, I was expecting a lot of people – but it was a flipping zoo!  We were there just long enough to get a peck of apples, some cider donuts, and a caramel apple pie.  The trip wasn’t wasted though, we stopped off for drinks (for Craig, of course!) and dinner at our favorite restaurant, Fork in the Road.  Yesterday, we watched an epic Packer win and had some maternity photos taken by Craig’s cousin.  I’m anxious to see what she was able to capture!

My freshman year of high school, I earned myself the nickname, “Ducky.”  I was a pom pom girl and my dad would pick on me for my “ducky strut” every time we took the football field at half time.  Craig now recognizes “the strut” and says it comes out when I’m in a hurry or feeling agitated.  If they weren’t so nice about it, it would probably upset me, but instead, it’s pretty endearing.

Well, of course, people associate babies with duckies – so it was only natural that duckies were incorporated into Bumpster’s baby shower.  I’m pretty amazed my mom was able to get it all pulled together, considering she arrived less than 24 hours before the shower started!

Pretty much our entire extended family was able to join us and it was really special to see and hear everyone’s excitement.  On Craig’s paternal side of the family, this will be the first great-grand baby – we are starting the newest generation!  Most of our family had not seen the house and we received a lot of compliments on our little home, too.  It was just a fun, fun afternoon.

The decorations were a mixture of ducky-themed blues/yellows and incorporating some of the oranges/grays/woodland creatures.  I was hoping I might have been able to snag some photos from my mom or sister before I posted about the shower, but I haven’t seen any and I’ve been too tired to call and ask for any!  So, iPhone photos it is!

Here are some of the highlights:

mantel - mwnglasses - mwnclose up glass - mwng girls - mwn

Every guest left with a loofa and a cookie.  How cute are the tags my mom made for the loofas (and glasses)?  After mi madre saw Amy‘s Sweet Elise creation from a few weeks ago, she fell in love!  So, she reached out to Amy to see if she would be interested in making some for the shower.  Amy graciously agreed – the woman is in the process of renovating a good portion of her house!  How she found the time to work, renovate, and bake – I’m not sure.  My mom was thrilled to pieces with how they turned out and the guests absolutely loved them.

loofaducky cookie

And, of course, my MIL blew us all away with the motorcycle she created.  My mom and I were pretty proud of the diaper cake we made to be the center piece of the table, but we were quickly knocked down a peg when I opened this bad boy:

diaper motorcycle - mwn

The blankets and bibs that my MIL included were all homemade by her; as is the hat sitting on top of Teddy’s head.  That woman is so crafty!

And, of course, Bumpster is already spoiled to the max!  So many new cute outfits, toys, and books.  I also received some books and supplies to do a scrapbook for the little man, which I thought was a super clever shower gift, especially since I enjoy doing those types of things.  And true to sister fashion (she is known for thinking outside the box!), Kels surprised me with a super thoughtful gift aimed to remind me to continue to take care of myself.  She gifted me a big box of chocolates, a Starbucks gift card and a book that I’m enthralled with.  I haven’t finished the book yet, but so far, Bringing Up Bébé has given me some really interesting and useful things to consider!

If I wasn’t excited before (I totally was), I’m really excited for his arrival now.  The first 30 weeks of my pregnancy absolutely flew by – but the last two have gone at a snail’s pace.  I’ve heard that happens…I still have 8 weeks to (im)patiently wait!



    1. I knew my MIL was crafty – but I wasn’t expecting that! Honestly, I was way impressed that she found a tutorial on how to do it and everything, because as far as I know she doesn’t peruse Pinterest on the reg!



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