Registering for Baby: How I Finally Did It!

Yes.  It was a process.  It took weeks.  Maybe months?  At least two months.  But, I did it – I got the flippin’ registry done.  Or as done as it was ever going to be.  Just in time, too – Bumpter’s baby shower is tomorrow!

So how’d I do it?

Mini M registry - mwn

Well, I already talked about, which was honestly the most helpful thing I’ve ever found.  But, I also utilized a number of other bloggers’ input.  And without the advice shared from others, there is no way I could’ve felt confident about what I ended up with.

That being said, I can’t say for sure if I agree with all of the “must-haves” or “can waits,” simply because I don’t have a baby yet to make that judgement call for myself.  However, like I said, I feel much better knowing that I’ve gotten input from a variety of different places.

My go-to bloggers since learning I was pregnant was Laura and Oakland Avenue and Kaitlyn at Wifessionals.  Sadly, Kaitlyn isn’t blogging anymore, but you can still view a number of her posts relating to baby.  If you have young children, are pregnant, or even thinking about starting a family, I highly recommend Laura’s blog.  She isn’t afraid to tackle tough topics and shares so many of her personal experiences that have definitely shed some light on having a baby.

Here are some of the sources that I referenced while creating my registry:

Preparing for Baby: Six Great Online Sources to Build your Registry |Oakland Avenue|
Preparing for Baby: What to Register For and Buy |Oakland Avenue|
Preparing for Baby: Best Maternity and Baby Deal Sites |Oakland Avenue|
Baby Must Haves: Essentials |Wifessionals|
Preparing for a Little One: Registering |Wifessionals|
Baby Must Haves: Feeding |Wifessionals|
Baby Must Haves: Gear |Wifessionals|
Baby Must Haves: Nursery |Wifessionals|
Motherhood Mondays: What to register for your new baby |A Cup of Jo|
Good Question: Baby Must-Haves, Etc (0-3 Months) |(never home)maker
Registering for Baby |A. Liz Adventures|
Mama & Baby “Must-Haves” |Never the Same Spice Twice|
Registering for Baby! |Carolina Charm|

How’s that for a list of resources!?  I built my registry based of these women’s suggestions.  I added things and later removed them based on their feedback.  I switched out brands based on their reviews.

I know that women often spend hours pouring over websites, researching what is the best.  The safest.  The most cost effective.  And honestly?  I didn’t.  I made lists as I went through the posts listed above.  I found themes.  I found items that were mentioned time and time again.  I found a couple websites with additional reviews and if I found it matched up with what these women said, it was added to the registry.

I feel pretty good about the list I ended up with.  I didn’t register for any baby clothes – I figured people tend to buy those things anyway.  I didn’t register for diapers for that reason, either.  I figure people will come with some – and honestly, I haven’t decided if I want to tackle cloth diapering yet – but that’s a whole ‘nother topic!

How did you decide what to register for – whether it was for a wedding or baby?



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