29 weeks

We finally have all of the furniture put together for the nursery!  Sunday morning was spent putting together the dresser.  Yep, the same dresser I had heard horror stories about.  It ended up not being too bad.  I’m thankful my husband is good at interpreting Ikea’s picture directions – I questioned just about everything he was doing, but he ended up being right.  Every.single.time. Ha.  In the end, there were 4 drawers that we put together backwards, but it was easily fixed and now baby has some pretty sweet Ikea furniture to come home to!

dresser - mwn

I had the day off yesterday because I had a dentist appointment.  My insurance covers an extra cleaning during pregnancy, so I took advantage.  I hate the dentist, but I’m willing to frequent the office in hopes of preventing any more major work needing to be done!  I mentioned tooth/jaw pain a few weeks ago – and after my cleaning today the dentist took another look.  Turns out I have a cracked tooth.  Awesome.  But, he was able to shave down part of my tooth to help me chew.  I’ll be going back in January for a crown.  Sigh.

I also got my hurr cut.  It’s the last time I’ll be cutting it for some time.  I can’t decide the length I like my hair, but wanted to have some “shape” to it for our maternity photos in a couple weeks.

29 weeks - mwnhow far along | 29 weeks!

what’s happening with bumpster | He’s the size of a pineapple, a butternut squash, or a small cabbage.  Bumpster is about 15 inches long – he likely won’t grow any  more in length, but will double (or triple!) his weight in the next 11 weeks.  His main job is to get chubby!  I don’t feel kicks so much anymore as I feel him rolling around – suuuuuper weird sensation.

total weight gain | I’ve stopped weighing myself at home.  But, last week at the doc, she said 9 lbs.  I’ll probably stop including this part, because really, do you care?  I didn’t think so.  I’m removing a good number of things from this update- you’re welcome.

sleep | Decent – but I can’t get enough.  I’m tired all the time!

best moment this week | We officially booked our newborn photographer!  Eeeep!  My sister also surprised us Wednesday night with a quick visit.  She got to feel the baby move for the first time – let’s just say she was less than impressed.  The look on her face was priceless – total disgust.  Ha.  It really freaked her out.  Once she realized her reaction, she apologized profusely, but honestly, I thought it was hilarious.  It IS pretty weird after all!

If you asked Craig this question, he would tell you the Chick Fil A opening.  Men.

miss anything | I’ve had to really monitor my caffeine intake this week.  I miss not having to do that.  Being tired has left me wanting more caffeine than normal.

movement |  Yeah, he’s turned into a mover and a shaker.  I can see his movements (from the outside!) occasionally, which is super strange.  Reminds me of an alien movie.

food cravings | Does caffeine count as a food?

pregnancy/labor symptoms | No – for some reason, I have a feeling that the little guy will be over due.  I’m not sure why I think that, I just do.

looking forward to | The mini vacation Craig and I have planned!  We are going to head to Door County for a few days to celebrate our 2nd Anniversary (coming up on the 30th!) and enjoy our last “vacation” before baby comes.  I surprised him with a tee time one morning, he loves golfing, but has maybe been out twice this year…!?  I obviously won’t be swinging any clubs, but it’s always fun to ride along.  I think Craig likes having himself a little cheerleader.  Honestly, though? He is a really good golfer.  He’s fun to watch.

I am increasingly excited about Bumpster joining us, definitely, but there is also a level of fear setting in.  That kid I’ve been growing for the last 7 months?  He has to get out somehow.  And that scares the sh*t out of me.  I’ve read scary-ish things about epidurals – like how it’s completely normal to get the shakes after delivery.  Ahhhh….?  Nothankyou?  But, I’ve also decided that not having an epidural isn’t really an option.  It is, afterall, the singular piece to my birth plan.  The more I continue to “educate” myself on the whole delivery process, the more I wish I didn’t know.  Ignorance is bliss?



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