28 weeks

So, what’s new this week?  A whole lotta nothin’.  I’m into my third trimester according to all THREE sources I check on a regular basis – so that’s pretty insane.  A huuuuge viability milestone has been passed as well – if bumpster made his debut from this point forward, he has over a 90% chance of survival.  Don’t give me wrong, I’m happy for him to stay put for another 12 weeks, but it’s a huge relief to have the milestone behind us.

At this week’s doctor appointment we had initial conversations about epidural, breastfeeding, and circumcision.  It’s time to start making some real big decisions!

The doc asking about the epidural was the perfect opportunity to clue her in on my birth plan:

Epidural.  And get him out.

Yep, that’s the extent of it.  I know far too well that life almost never ever goes to plan, so why stress about something that will likely be completely out of my control.  I can understand why women make detailed birth plans and I can understand their disappointment, frustration, and/or trauma when it doesn’t happen as they wish.  I’m just not one of them.  Which is shocking.  Because I’m pretty type-A.  But, in this case – let’s just do whatever is safest for our little boy.  And minimize the discomfort for me.  Please.

28 weeks - mwnhow far along | 28 weeks!  According to all sources, I’m into the 3rd trimester!

what’s happening with bumpster | He is the size of a large eggplant, a tropical coconut, or the head of cauliflower.  He can blink his eyes and can likely see light that filters in through my belly.  At this point, REM sleep can be detected, though who knows what he could possibly be dreaming of!  Also, in this picture, doesn’t it look like I’m carrying him super low?  My body looks so foreign to me!

total weight gain | 9 lbs.  Doc says I’m right on track!

maternity clothes | Nothing new – but the shower is just a couple weeks away now, as are our maternity photos – mama needs a new outfit! #itsforthebaby

stretch marks | None – fingers crossed!

sleep | So hit or miss.  I’m so tired of sleeping on my left side!

best moment this week | Doctor’s appointment yesterday.  It’s been a pretty low-key week and I am A-okay with that!

miss anything | I want a good slumber on my stomach.  Or my back.  Or my right side. 

movement | More frequently – and mostly after dinner time when I have a chance to sit down and relax!  He’s definitely given me a few swift kicks that legit push my hand away from my stomach.  Strong little bugger.

food cravings | JJ’s and sushi.  It isn’t even funny anymore.

anything making you queasy or sick | Eggs.  My MIL offered more than once to make them when we visited and both times they sounded as appealing as licking the bottom of my shoe.

pregnancy/labor symptoms | Nothin’.  I want him to stay cozy for the next 12 weeks, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t getting impatient!  I think I might have had some Braxton Hick contractions on Sunday, but the doc isn’t totally convinced that’s what it was.  But WebMD says it could’ve been.  And WebMD is obviously more reliable than my doctor.  Obviously.

looking forward to | I have a consultation tomorrow with the gal taking the little man’s newborn photos.  I have no idea what one talks about at a consultation for a child that isn’t here yet.  And next Tuesday I have the day off – spending it at the dentist (yuck) and getting my hurr cut (yay!).  Any day that isn’t spent working is pretty exciting to me!





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