27 weeks

No gestational diabetes!  YES.

And seriously, like I mentioned on Instagram last week – I do not understand the spazzing that goes on about the glucose drink?  I was expecting to have to gag it down.  For some reason, I was under the impression it was super syrupy and thick.  Well, it wasn’t.  And while it wasn’t appealing to drink at 8:15 in the morning, I had it gone in less than 2 minutes.  So, really, future mamas, don’t fret.  I wouldn’t say it was good, but it certainly wasn’t as dramatic as I thought it would be!

We also selected a photographer for newborn photos.  Originally, the plan was for me to just take some.  I have a nice camera and some nice editing software, but I’m not very good at using either of them (yet).  Professional photography is expensive.  Strangely enough, when Craig and I were closing at the car dealership over Labor Day weekend, the man we were working with offered to show us pictures of his daughter.  They were amazing.  Totally my “style.”  She’s a bit of a drive (30-ish minutes?), but I think it will be worth it!  Yay, cute baby pictures!  My sister still finds newborns completely unattractive.  And until I learned I was expecting my own, I totally agreed – I would say they all looked like aliens.  Now, I ooooh and ahhhh over the precious little beings.

27 weeks - mwnhow far along | 27 weeks

what’s happening with bumpster | The size of a head of cauliflower or a bunch of bananas, about 15 inches long (head to heel) and over 2 pounds.  His brain continues to rapidly develop – he can control his lungs and regulate his body temperature.  He’s about quadruple the size he was at 12 weeks!

total weight gain | Oh gosh, I’ve stopped weighing myself since I saw that number start to go up.  It’s sad.

stretch marks | Not yet!

sleep | As good as it can be, I suppose.  I need at least one potty break, but the leg cramps have subsided for now.

best moment this week | Learning I don’t have gestational diabetes!  I had a great appointment with my doctor – she helped clarify things the meanie ultrasound doc didn’t.  We also registered for some parenting/breastfeeding classes!

Un-baby related, I had a movie/lunch date with some girlfriends, went to see my grandma, and had a dinner date with another group of friends I hadn’t seen in months.  This mama is exhausted – I’m typically not an overly social person, so that was a lot to cover in 7 days!

miss anything | At dinner last night a glass of wine sure sounded pretty darn tasty, but I didn’t.  And Jimmy John’s.

movement | I’m starting to feel him more and more again.  I can feel him respond to the pressure.  No worries, I’m not smooshing him, just poking him around a little.  I’m sure if I annoy him too much, I’ll pay for it 3 months from now with  an irritable baby.

food cravings | Nothing – but I think little man had a growth spurt this last week.  I was overtired.  I was starving.  I’d polish off a hefty size lunch and 20 minutes later it felt like my stomach was eating itself.  It was awful.  Hungry and tired.  Hangry. 

anything making you queasy or sick | No, thankfully!

gender | Boy with a big head.  I can’t help but picture a bobble head.

pregnancy/labor symptoms | No, but dang, I’ve had some pretty annoying round ligament pain on my right side for a couple days.  And my ankles and feet have started to retain fluid.  It’s disturbing.

looking forward to | Nothing overly exciting over the next week.  I’ve moved into needing an appointment every two weeks, which is only exciting because I can hear his litter pitter-pattering heart more often now. 


At my next appointment, I’ll be receiving a Rhogam shot.  Turns out that when you have O- blood and your husband is something,idontknow+, it can cause issues.  I received the same shot after our loss earlier this year, but apparently they do it for every pregnancy?  I’ll receive another if there is anything traumatic about his birth and depending on this little guys blood type, I may receive another shortly after delivery.

And, finally, since I didn’t have a bump picture for 26 weeks, I’ll share the one we snapped at 26 weeks, 1 day.  The Pack opened up the season at Seattle.  It wasn’t pretty.  But, I did squeeze myself into my Packer jersey just long enough to snag a picture.

baby packer


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