26 Weeks

Last Thursday, I had my last ultrasound.  It’d be great news if it really was was my last ultrasound, anyway!  I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow to confirm that.  Everything is looking good with the bumpster.  I’m thrilled that he’s healthy and that my body is acting as it should, but I’m a little sad I won’t see him now until December.

At our apointment we learned that he is measuring a week ahead (he was measuring 26 weeks, 2 days when they say he “should” be at 25 weeks, 1 day).  That puts him in the 80th percentile.  The doctor assured me that he was still quite “normal” and there was no need for concern.  I asked about gestational diabetes (I have that test tomorrow) because mamas that have that tend to have bigger babies.  But, the ultrasound tech and doctor didn’t seem concerned because the amniotic sac looked perfectly normal (apparently, a deviation from normal would lead them to believe it could possibly be gestational diabetes).  But, we will know about that for sure tomorrow with the dreaded sugar drink and blood draw.

One last thing – the tech was measuring his growth and commented that he has “quite the noggin.”  This does not surprise me.  I had a large head when I was born, too.  So large that my mom ended up with an emergency c-section because I got stuck.  Craig’s mom was induced because Craig was a big baby.  After watching a couple videos of live births and c-sections I had decided that c-sections absolutely terrify me.  However, knowing that my kiddo has a large head and has a papa that was a big baby, makes me pretty darn nervous to attempt a regular delivery.  Up to learning about bumpster’s melon, I was feeling very calm and actually quite excited for labor/delivery.  Now, I’m prepared to have a meltdown in my doctor’s office when delivery gets talked about.

One last (last) thing – Despite having the day off, I never got a picture taken today.  I was so busy!  And then Craig got home and started doing work around the house and the next thing we knew it was dark out.  So, no 26 week picture.  Instead you get a 25.5 week picture with our new car!  You can kind of see the bump?  Kind of?  And there’s a huge shadow because the sun was glaring and it was reflecting off of water, so I stood in the shade.  Dang sunshine.

26 weekshow far along | 26 weeks

what’s happening with bumpster | About the length of a green onion, the size of a butternut squash.  Is it worth comparing him to anything now knowing that he’s basically a giant? Ha.  This week, his eyes will start opening and blinking as practice.  He might also start responding when I poke my belly.

total weight gain |  Last I checked it was about 4 pounds total?  At the ultrasound, they estimated a weight of 1 lb 15 oz for bumpster.

maternity clothes | You can go ahead and assume I will say yes to this every week.  I do have a couple shirts that I still wear that are non-maternity, but otherwise, it’s all maternity!

stretch marks | None – I’m moisturizing like a mo-fo.

sleep | This has been pretty touch and go.  I wake up at least twice – once to use the restroom and once because I get a killer cramp in my calf.  I’ve been sucking water down like it’s my business.  I bought bananas, but I haven’t been able to bring myself to eat them (they’ve never been my favorite).  And now, they’re turning brown, which likely means I’ll be making some banana bread this weekend!

best moment this week | Having my ultrasound.  Every single time we have had one, he is hiding his face with both of his arms.  We haven’t gotten a clear shot of his face and now I don’t think we will until he decides to make his debut.  I guess it’s okay, he’s leaving a little bit to our imaginations.

We also put decals up in the nursery and put together the crib (THREE times), high chair, and nursery chair.  It’s starting to look like a baby room and I’m super excited.

We also purchased a new vehicle!  AND IT ISN’T A MINI VAN!!  WOOT!  This mama is one happy camper.  We chose a Nissan Pathfinder and so far, I’m in love.  Craig is jealous that it’s “my” car, insofar-as I drive it to and from work.  But, let’s be real, when it’s the two of us, he chauffeurs my pregnant booty around!

Last, but not least – we are now in the double digits!  98 days until my due date!

miss anything | Jimmy Johns and sushi top the list this week.

movement | Not as much as I was a couple weeks ago.  Probably because he’s so darn fat.

food cravings | Nothing serious.

anything making you queasy or sick | Nothing in particular.  I’ve been subjecting myself to prune juice still (yep – still having issues).  The mere thought of the sugar drink I have to have tomorrow makes me feel a little uneasy, but I’ve also heard it isn’t so bad.  Here’s to hoping it tastes like lollipop or something else I wouldn’t mind ingesting!

gender | Boy – with a large melon.

pregnancy/labor symptoms | Nada.

belly button in or out |  In.

wedding rings on or off | On.  I had them separated this weekend.  I’m glad I did – because I can wear my wedding band for a bit longer than I may be able to wear them both together AND I can wear my band if I’m worried about scratching him accidentally.

looking forward to | My appointment tomorrow to get my doctor’s perspective on the information I’ve gotten in the ultrasound office.  I’ve seen different techs/doctors each time I’ve had measurements done and I’m concerned that they aren’t truly reflective.  How can it be consistent when 3 different people have done my 4 appointments? 


In addition to the nursery work that we got done this weekend, we are also in the process of  pretty-ing up the kitchen.  I spent the afternoon painting the cans for our lights (there were an awful, dingy yellow – and not from age, that’s the color that was chosen by the previous owners.  Gross.) and taping off the kitchen, and Craig has spent the night painting.  It was his idea to undertake this on a week night, not mine!

Whew!  It was a long one – a more eventful week than normal!  Hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend – and if you were laboring, it was because you wanted to be (like us)!  Cheers to a short work-week!




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