Registering for Baby:

Let me begin by saying that registering for a child, a tiny human being, is one of the most overwhelming tasks I’ve ever undertaken.  It’s been done over the course of weeks and I’m still not near to being finished.

I had originally decided to only register at Target and Amazon.  Target, for the convenience of those I knew would be attending my shower (many don’t live by a Babies R Us or Buy Buy Baby).  And Amazon because of the larger selection, fast shipping, and again, the convenience/access for people attending my shower.  I wasn’t sure how the technology/online shopping piece would go over with the older generations attending, but I went with it.

Once I began the process of actually registering – it all went out the window.  How on earth do people keep it straight!?  How does one ensure that they aren’t double registering for something?  Or that they aren’t missing something completely important!?


The lifesaver.

myregistry - mwnIt’s sort of like the Pinterest of registries.  You can browse any website and add items to your registry.  You can sync it to update as you add things to store-specific registries, like Target or Amazon.  It compiles everything you have registered for into one place – which has been super important in helping me stay organized!  If I continue to add items to my Target or Amazon registries, it will automatically update at  How awesome is that!?

For the older generation that may not have access to the internet or feel comfortable purchasing online, I still have my Target registry so they have a store to visit.  Everybody wins!

You can also use for other events – like weddings.  And seriously, I for one, would have much rather sat at home, on the couch, snuggling my husband while completing our wedding registry, versus chasing him through multiple stores with the “super cool laser gun.”  Because, seriously, that happened.

This post isn’t sponsored in any way – just one gal passing on she found exceptionally helpful!


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