25 weeks

I hate the dentist.  I’ve posted before about issues I’ve had with my teeth and it seems I can’t go more than 10 months without having problems.  Which is crazy given the fact that my dentist tells me that I have excellent oral hygiene (no, really, I do.  I’m not just saying that!)  I brush twice a day, floss nightly, and use a fluoride mouthwash twice a day, too.  I’m chalking it up to genetics and bad luck.  Welp, after my tooth debacle last year, I thought I was in the clear for some time.  But, nope.

I had my first root canal done about 10 years ago and that tooth has started to cause some major sensitivity.  My dentist appointment last Thursday confirmed that the root canal is failing.  Who knew a root canal could fail?  What’s in there to fail? I thought they took everything out!  My dentist referred me to a specialist and I’m headed there tomorrow so they can determine what exactly is going on.  THEN, we get to decide if it’s a procedure that can be done safely before I have the baby in December.  Never a dull moment, eh?

In a perfect world – our mini-Craig will end up with Craig’s strong enamel and my naturally straight teeth.  The only good thing about my flipping mouth is that I never needed braces.  Unlike Craig who had hardware in his mouth for over 7 years.  Yikes.

On a related note, I also hope that our little boy has Craig’s ears.  Because they are just the cutest ears ever.  Yep, I think my husband’s ears are cute.

25 weeks - mwnhow far along | 25 weeks.  Wait, what?  That’s a little crazy to me.  Depending on what website you check, it means I’m beginning my 3rd trimester.

what’s happening with bumpster | He’s the size of a rutabaga (a ruta-what?), a Napa cabbage, or an Eggplant.  I know what an eggplant is.  The other two…um, notsomuch.  He weighs about a pound and a half.

total weight gain | I don’t know – haven’t weighed myself this week.

maternity clothes | All day, ‘err day.

stretch marks | None that I can see yet.  But, I’m honestly at peace with the fact that they will most likely show up.  It is what it is, right?

sleep | Awful.  My body decided to stop digesting things (TMI?) and I feel like my body is filled to the brim.  It’s led to some serious discomfort and crazy heartburn.  I’ve never had heartburn in my life.  And it’s terrible.  Last night, you would’ve found me in the Target parking lot chasing Colace with a liter of prune juice.  Didn’t help.  The struggle is real, folks.

best moment this week | Going to see Joe Ely on Friday night was pretty awesome.  I’ve had serious bouts of nostalgia recently and hearing my dads favorite music brings it on strong.  Between Joe Ely and John Hiatt (whom I saw earlier this summer), you could complete a soundtrack to my childhood! 

OH and I had my first “stranger” ask me when I was due.  She didn’t even ask if I was pregnant, just when I was due.  #bold
But, I guess that means I officially look pregnant.  As if I didn’t already realize that given the comparison I showed you all last week!

miss anything | Kim!  She hasn’t officially moved (she is Sunday), but I saw her for the “last” time this past Sunday.  She is heading to Minnesota.  She got a killer job offer and I’m super excited for her.  Excited for her – but sad for me.  We didn’t see each other as much as we should’ve, I think I took for granted the fact she was just 40 minutes away.  But, now she will be, like, 5 hours away and it makes me sad.  But, again, I’m super pumped for her. 

movement | It feels like he’s rolling around sometimes.  It’s a strange sensation.  And there was also a night that I’m pretty sure he was practicing some flutter kicks.  Perhaps we have a future swimmer on our hands? 

food cravings | Grapes!  Trader Joe’s has the best grapes.  They also have cookie butter.  It’s pretty convenient.  And I remind Craig weekly that his sole responsibility on the day I go into labor is to ensure there is a Jimmy John’s Turkey Tom waiting for me after delivery.

anything making you queasy or sick | Prune juice.  That ish is nasty.

gender | Last we checked, still a boy!

pregnancy/labor symptoms | None

belly button in or out | In, but getting shallow.  Sadly.

wedding rings on or off | On – I’m still debating if I should have my rings un-attached.  Do you know what I mean?  I’m afraid that if my fingers do get puffy, I won’t be able to wear my rings – if I could at least wear my wedding band I’d be happy.

looking forward to | Tomorrow!  I’m having an ultrasound done (they’re monitoring a few things – nothing we are overly concerned about), but it means I get to see our little man!

And for real, if you haven’t read about my tooth debacle, you probably should.  I just re-read that post and I can laugh at it now.  What a ridiculous process.




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