24 weeks

This was a fun week!  We made our first major baby purchases and I had my first prenatal massage.  On the down side, I’ve had some wicked tooth pain and I’m headed to the dentist tomorrow to hopefully find the cause.  Also, check out the bottom of my post – I apparently decided to wear the same outfit 2 weeks ago (maternity choices in my closet are slim!) – look at how much he’s grown in just two weeks!

24 weeks - mwnhow far along | 24 weeks!

what’s happening with babe | He is as long as an ear of corn.  He is also being compared to a garden eggplant.  The little guy weights about 1 1/2 pounds, steadily gaining weight at the rate of 6 ounces per week!

total weight gain | 3-ish pounds.  Yep, I went from zero pounds to 3 in 10 days.  I have the bump to prove it!

maternity clothes | On the reg!  a comfy Jessi is a happy Jessi!

stretch marks | None yet – I’ve always been diligent about using lotion every morning, I’ve added Palmer’s to my daily routine.

sleep | Pretty good – knock on wood – anytime I say that I’m sleeping well, the next few nights are a little rocky.

best moment this week | Going to Ikea and picking out a paint color for the accent wall in the nursery.  It’s starting to come together!  Craig also booked a prenatal massage for me that I enjoyed last night – thanks, hunny!  I was a little afraid of having a prenatal massage (yes, you could call me paranoid), but after talking with a nurse, she assured me that it was perfectly fine and I’d be crazy not to take advantage of such a treat.  I ended up enjoying it so much that I booked one more for myself in October.

miss anything | Nothing new!

movement | He bumps around in there, but I don’t notice it quite as much.  I have days that I will get a bit worried because I haven’t felt much of him and then he will give me a swift jab to reassure me.

food cravings | I always say nothing – and then things like Trader Joe’s happen.  Monday night I went to buy some produce and when I got to the checkout, I realized a jar of cookie butter had jumped into my basket.  No idea how that happened…

anything making you queasy or sick | Not too bad.  Craig offered to make me breakfast on Sunday and the thought of eggs made my stomach revolt.

gender | Mini Mister!

pregnancy/labor symptoms | Nope.

belly button in or out | In.

wedding rings on or off | On

looking forward to | Going to the dentist tomorrow!  I’ve started having some pain in a tooth that had a root canal about ten years ago.  I hate the dentist – I’m only looking forward to it in hopes that they can provide some answers and relief!  On a brighter note, I’m also looking forward to Friday night.  Craig and I have tickets to see Joe Ely in concert.  It’s more music from my kiddi-hood, so I’m quite excited!

22 and 24 weeks - mwn




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