23 weeks

Oh hay.

Remember that time when I said I wasn’t going to post an bump date each week?  Well, I’m taking that back this week.

Remember when I said I’d post more regularly?  Well, apparently, I take that back, too.

I’m working through some work/life balance challenges and work has been winning on the reg.

Thankfully, I have tomorrow off (but, only because I have to work Saturday).  Craig and I are headed to Chicago to hit up the IKEA to purchase our first baby items.  IT’S GETTING SO REAL.

23 weeks - mwnhow far along | 23 weeks

what’s happening with bumpster | Bumpster is the size of a large mango, a bunch of grapes, or a papaya.  Starting this week I might actually see him moving around.  Wait, what!?  His inner ear is fully formed, so he can hear what I hear!  He’s also starting to chub up a bit.  Beginning this week, he will start packing on the pounds (maybe that explains my sudden weight gain!?) – by the end of the month, he will have doubled in weight.

total weight gain | oh. em. gee.  Remember how last week I hadn’t gained anything?  Well, according to my scale I’ve gained 3 pounds.  In a week.  I feel like the child has been eating my stomach (I’m so hungry all the time!).  Here’s to hoping that isn’t the new norm.  Yikes.

maternity clothes | Every day.  I won’t compromise my comfort when everything else is so stressful.  I’m a hot mess – but at least I’m a comfortable hot mess.

stretch marks | nah.

sleep | Pretty darn good.  But, I’ve had some effed up dreams. 

best moment this week | Craig felt the little guy move for the first time this week – on two separate occasions.  Man, I wish I had a picture of his face.  His eyes got so big.  It was sweet.

miss anything | Nothing new from previous weeks.

movement | I feel him quite a bit at night when I lay down to go to bed.  Occasionally, it will feel like he is pouncing on my bladder and I don’t love it butttttt I love that he’s moving.  There’s truth to it being reassuring.  For sure.  And it hasn’t freaked me out the way I thought it would.

food cravings | Nothing in particular this week.  But, a bag of Nutter Butter bites may or may not have made their way into my grocery cart this week.

anything making you queasy or sick | Nah.

gender | Boy!

pregnancy/labor symptoms | Thankful to say no!

belly button in or out | In!

wedding rings on or off | On!

looking forward to | Our Ikea trip tomorrow – and  I’m also looking forward to my next ultrasound in 2 weeks!




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