22 weeks

The past two weeks have legitimately been the most stressful I’ve had in months.  Between work and personal life – shit just kind of hit the fan.

Work was stressful all around.  Our market is incredibly short-staffed right now and with people taking vacations and other time off, it adds even more pressure.  I’ve put in a couple 11 hour days and despite the fact I worked 4 1/2 days last week, I still clocked well over 40 hours of work.  It wasn’t even the amount of time I was there – it was all the junk happening while I was there!  Two of my evenings were spent in tears – in serious meltdown mode.  Thanks, hormones.  Poor Craig.  This week hasn’t been off to the greatest start on that front either, but each day is a new day and I’m trying to stay positive!

And finally, I had a couple appointments yesterday.  No bad news, necessarily.  But, my cervix continues to be monitored.  I’m trying not to stress about it.  Doc says I’m in a weird limbo stage where it isn’t something they are super concerned about – however my measurements are quite a bit shorter than average, so they’re keeping an eye on me.  I’ll go back in 3 weeks for it to be rechecked.  Most importantly, we continue to have an active, healthy looking baby – and that’s all I can continue to hope for.  This mama will endure whatever is needed, so long as it means the little guy stays healthy.  It really is incredible how that motherly instinct kicks in before having the chance to meet him.  So, for now, I’m just looking at it all as an opportunity to see his adorable little face on the ultrasound more often than most people get to!  Silver lining, right?

After a stressful couple weeks, it was extra special to receive a package.  Who doesn’t love mail?  Especially when it’s filled with goodies!  I met Amy through blogging early on and she’s just the sweetest.  After doing some baking as a hobby for some time, she made the leap to officially take it on as a business, in addition to her full time job.   I love keeping up with all of her adventures and detectible creations.  She is so talented – you need to check out her baking website for more pictures.  We tried to connect while I was in Texas visiting my parents, but our schedules just couldn’t jive.  Next time!  Seriously – next time 🙂

baby boy - mwn

how far along | 22 weeks!  He’s the size of a spaghetti squash!  Or an ear of corn!  I’ve been sporting a bit of a bump for a few weeks now, but I think I really look pregnant now!

22 weeks - mwnwhat’s happening with the bumpster | He weighs a whole pound now!  He now has a sense of balance and can sense light and dark.

total weight gain | Would you believe me if I said zero pounds?  Because that’s what the doc told me yesterday!  She asked me if I felt okay (and I do) and she isn’t concerned about it.  But seriously – with the size of that bump it makes me realize just how much muscle mass I’m probably losing.  My booty hasn’t seen the gym in a good 2 months!

maternity clothes | Maternity pants are the best invention ever.  Pretty much all maternity now – I can still fit into pre pregnancy stuff, but it just isn’t as comfy!

stretch marks | Not yet!

sleep | Like a dream (knock on wood).

best moment this week | Seeing his face in 3d yesterday.  Well, sort of!  For our last two appointments, he wont take his hands away from his face!  That’s okay though, the 3d kind of freaks Craig and me out – I’m perfectly fine oogling at 2d pictures of our little boy!  OH and we scheduled some maternity photos!  YAY!

miss anything | Same old, same old – sushi.  Copious amounts of caffeine.  Those types of things!

movement |  Flutters now and then and becoming more regular.  I feel him most between 8 and 9 at night.  No solid kicks yet, but lots of weird sensations!

food cravings | A rough day calls for a Homestyle Chicken sandwich from Wendy’s!

anything making you queasy or sick | Occasionally brushing my teeth will still get me a little woozy, but otherwise, I’ve been golden!

gender | Little man!

pregnancy/labor symptoms | I’ve had some cramping.  Doc thinks it’s stress related.  Thanks, life.  But, she said that since it doesn’t persist and there are no other symptoms, she isn’t concerned for now.  Something to keep an eye on, though!

belly button in or out | In!

wedding rings on or off | On!

looking forward to | My next appointment in 3 weeks – to hopefully learn that my cervix has decided to behave.  AND like I said, I always like seeing him show off his dance moves!


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