All the Fried Foods

Arrival home from state fair allowed us just enough time to assume comfortable positions before passing out to sleep off a food coma.  Oh, and what a food coma it was.  The best kind.  The kind where you allow yourself a day of “I’m going to eat whatever the flip I want and not give it a second thought.”

Given that Craig nor I enjoy large crowds, prepping for a state fair visit means some strategic planning.  We can’t go during the week (well, we could, but we are too wiped from work to consider that) so that means an early(ish) morning.  Okay, it isn’t early at all.  But it means planning for a Sunday morning, when all the good folks are in church and arriving at a time that it’s barely acceptable to begin eating “lunch foods.”  I mean, I don’t even think they sell those glorious ears of roasted corn slathered in a vat of butter at 9am.  But, I could be wrong.  So, we left at 10am and were inside the grounds by 10:45 (read: traffic.  And people having no flipping idea as to where they are or where they are going.  Construction.  And people gawking down every road to find the best price for parking.)

First things first – we got on the Sky Glyder and rode our happy butts to the opposite side of the park.  I immediately regretted my decision to wear a black shirt on a 85 degree day.  A black shirt with 3/4 sleeves.  Curse my arms for getting so dang pudgy with a baby on board.  Curse me for totally giving up the gym over the past 10 weeks.  Anyway.  Unimportant.  The Sky Glyder is the best way to scope out new food stands and refamiliarize ourselves with what is there and what we want to see.

There was a pom competition going on and my heart melted a little bit.  My high school team came and competed here my senior year of high school.  It had been so fun.  So, seeing the beautiful girls practicing with their shiny pom poms made my heart happy!

pom girls - mwn

On the other end of the Sky Glyder, we walked through the massive expo center and some of the outdoor booths.  And of course, our first purchase was the for the boys.  They sure loved their hot doggies!

hot doggies Collage - mwn

By then, it was well after 11am and I felt no shame getting in line for all the fair foods!  First up – cream puffs.  A Wisconsin State Fair staple!

cream puff - mwn

Thanks to Craig for being such a great food model for me all day.  What you don’t see is that after this picture was taken, me wiping his face off – and in the process filling his nose with cream (on accident, promise!).  Ha.  We were quite the scene.  Poor guy – putting up with my antics.

We also enjoyed some fried peanut butter & jelly and bacon wrapped cheese melts from the Machine Shed.  The Machine Shed is where Craig found his Krispy Kreme burger last year.  The pb&j was Craig’s favorite this year.

fried pbj - mwn

We let our stomachs settle as we walked through the livestock barns.  Craig’s favorite were the pigs.  There was a hug pig SCREAMING the entire time we were in the barn.  It was a little disturbing.  My favorites were the sweet little goats.

goats - mwn

It was interesting overhearing peoples’ conversations as we walked through the barns.  I grew up in a small town where a good majority of my friends grew up on farms.  I grew up with horses and my friends had cows, pigs, goats, you name it.  Granted, I never did much with any animal, outside of our horses, but seeing them at the fair isn’t really “novel” to me.  I still thoroughly enjoy walking through and smelling the smells. (That’s weird isn’t it?  The horse barn always brings back memories!)  It’s interesting to me that state fair is held in the biggest city in Wisconsin – and it’s clear that there are quite a few people that have never seen any of these animals outside of a show barn.  Nothing wrong with that – it’s just that being from a small town, it’s hard to imagine that!

The last piece of fried goodness we treated ourselves to was a fried s’mores.  We had this last year and I was on a mission to find them again this year.  Just as warm, melty, and delicious as I remembered!

fried smores - mwn

After the s’mores my tummy was craving something salty and not sweet.  I will shamefully admit, that though it was delicious, the roasted ear of corn was likely just as terrible for me as the rest of the fried food I indulged in.  They dip the whole ear in a vat of butter and it’s delicious.

By then, we were waddling our way through the increasing crowds and we knew it was time to go.  We made a quick pit stop to grab a cream puff for my sister and dodged rain drops on the way back to the car.

It was a fun way to spend a day, but not something I could imagine doing on the regular.  Thinking ahead, Craig mentioned that we wouldn’t be able to do the Sky Glyder next year with a baby.  I took it a step further and said I doubt we’d do the fair at all – I can’t imagine negotiating a stroller in those crowds or strapping a baby to me in the heat.  Gross.  Not appealing.  Not worth it.

So, for now, it’s farewell to the state fair – until next time!



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