A Week at the Ranch

I was lucky enough to get one more trip in to the ranch before the bumpster makes his debut in December.  My mama heads back to school in August and she’s back in October for my shower, so the middle of the darn summer was the best time to do it!  For a creature who prefers the cold, I was convinced I was half insane to head to the hill country in mid-July, but shockingly it hadn’t hit 100 degrees yet.  That being said, it did make it to 99 a couple of the days, but it never hit triple digits (thank god).

As it usually is, my time was spent sleeping in, laying by the pool, reading to my hearts content, snuggling pups, and eating a variety of Texas cuisine.  And honestly – who wants to pay for a resort when you have a mama that will make you any meal you request and a pool like this right in their backyard.

texas pool - mwn

Happily, our trip also coincided with some dear friends of ours.  They literally moved to Austin a week before our vacation.  Bryce stood in our wedding almost two years ago and we hadn’t seen them since!  Craig and Bryce used to work together (Craig has since moved on to a different company).  The company Bryce works for requires frequent moving – in the past three years, they have lived in Colorado Springs, CO; Eagle, CO; Chandler, AZ; and now Austin, TX.  Reason #12,345 I’m happy Craig is no longer with that company.

We met them in Austin for dinner at the Moonshine.  It was delicious!  Of course everyone else enjoyed a few libations, while I held out for the delicious peanut butter mousse pie for dessert.  Swoon.  We had plans to walk to the Congress Street bridge to see the bats, but we lost track of time as we were catching up.

Side note: I plan on doing a separate post on some of my favorite Texas dining joints in the next day or two – there is seriously so much good food down there!

poor quality - for a variety of reasons!

poor quality – for a variety of reasons!

The next day, Craig headed back to Wisconsin (he stuck around Friday – Tuesday).  Tuesday night, my mama made plans for us to paint some Texas Bluebonnets at Painting With a Twist.  I was happy when Jenny (Bryce’s wife) accepted our invitation to join us.  Poor woman had been at home unpacking for over a week – I figured she’d enjoy some social interaction.  Plus, she doesn’t know any of the other wives in the area yet.

pwat group - mwn

My artistic abilities are definitely called into question, I know.  And sadly, I don’t even have the booze to blame!  Also – I’m not nearly as tired as I look in that picture.  Yikes.

Of course, there is always a wide variety of wildlife to enjoy in my parent’s backyard.  Some of my favorites include the oryx and black bucks.  Aren’t those baby oryx just the cutest?

black buck - mwnoryx - mwn

I also hit the halfway point in my pregnancy, which is pretty unreal.  You can catch up on that here, if you missed my bumpdate last week.

20 weeks - mwn

Every trip, I enjoy looking at pictures my mom and selected to put up around the house.  This one always makes me smile:

little sisters - mwn

I’m fairly certain this picture was put on display shortly after it was taken and has had a place ever since.  So, here’s your proof- yes, I’ve always had curly hair.  It’s taken me about 25 years to figure out how to control it!  Part of the reason I love this picture so, is because I think it captures our personalities so well.  Kelsey was full of spunk and (in my opinion) was the feistier of the two of us.  Oh, I definitely had my moments, but in general, I was a bit more soft spoken than my kid sister.  I also really like that I’m holding her hand – she was my best friend then and she’s my best friend now.  Love you to pieces, Kelsey Jeanne Marie!

My mom and sister are hosting my shower in October, so my mom and I brainstormed some ideas for theme, food, and invites.  Here’s a sneak peek of the invites:

invite - mwn

Aren’t they the cutest!?  I love, love, love the colors.  My mom commented that it isn’t very “baby-like” and it isn’t, but I’ve never been one that went gaga over baby blue.  Ya know?  Anyway, the colors are perfect because they tie into the colors we are looking to use in the nursery.

It was a really relaxing week – exactly what Craig and I needed.  We got some extra sleep, sunshine, and delicious food that can be hard to find up north.  I also got a pretty serious reading fix.  I got home late Friday night and spent the weekend doing laundry, cleaning, and snuggling with all three of my boys (whom I missed very much)!  Next time we find ourselves in Texas, we will be a family of 5!

I’ll leave you with just one more picture of the wildlife and skyline.  So pretty!

skyline - mwn




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