Finish the Sentence…

When I saw Amanda’s post – I snagged it.  She’s one of my favorite bloggers.  Without further delay, here are some random things you probably never even wished you would know about me –

When I open the fridge, I always hope I find… jalepenos.  While I swear I don’t have any specific pregnancy cravings, lately, mama’s been lovin’ her some spicy jalapenos.

My favorite article of clothing is… my slippers.  They’re on my feet the minute I get in the door.  I’ve never been the barefoot kind of girl.

elk - mwn

Last week I was really pissed when… I was woken by my mother screaming in the backyard because there was an elk trying to eat one of their Aussies.  Don’t worry – pregnant Jessi saved the day.  But, it sure wasn’t the way I wanted to start my day (never mind it was like 9:30 when the shiz hit the fan).  And okay, that isn’t a picture of the elk – I was too busy saving the damn dog – but it was at least that big.  And I’m seriously not exaggerating.

One thing nobody understands about me is… how I eat.  I can’t tell you how many comments I got from my mom last week about how I pick apart my food before I eat it.  That’s okay, I’d like to think I’m just rearranging it for maximum flavor!

One thing I don’t understand is… how Craig still enjoys Chef Boyardee.  Seriously.  A couple cans of that garbage get into our grocery cart every week.  So nasty.  I didn’t even know they still made that stuff until I moved in with him.

The world would be a better place if… we all got an afternoon nap.  Like a siesta that they get in Spain.  A rested Jessi is a happy Jessi – which means in turn, the world is just a better place if I have a smile on my face!

If I had a million dollars I’d… open my own doggie daycare/kennel/shelter on a big ‘ole piece of land.  I love my four legged babies and think it’d be a blast playing with them all day.  It’d be hard work, sure, but totes worth it.

If I could change one thing about myself, it would be… my tolerance level.  I lack serious patience in my areas of my life – mostly at work (though, there I can contain it) and in the car (where I don’t even attempt to contain it).


Something that can always make me happy is… Myles.  I’ve mentioned it before, but like many other dogs do, he has a sense of my mood.  If I’m sad about anything, he will snuggle with me all night.  Which is a small miracle, given the fact he is not a snuggler.  He’s normally too neurotic for that, but when he knows his mama needs some comfort, he steps right up.

Something I’ll never blog about is… bodily functions.  That might sound outlandish, but trust, this blog-lovin’ lady has read some very personal things about bloggers.  It catches me off guard and I’m left thinking “why in the world…”

If I could go anywhere I would go… to St. Lucia.  It’s so pretty in the pictures I see.  I’d also like to make it to every continent – Australia and Antarctica, I’m comin’ for ya!

Because… I want to be able to say I’ve been on every continent.

baby burro - mwn

If I were an animal I would be a… burro.  They’re stinking adorable.  And if they’re ones like my dad wants, I’d live a leisurely life as a lawn ornament – eating and sleeping to my hearts content.

A job I’ve always wanted is… stay at home mama.  I’d also like to home school my kiddos, but not everyone is convinced I could guarantee a socially-well-adjusted member of society.  Touche.

My idea of a perfect day is… Sitting on the water, in a boat, on a sunny, 75/80 degree day with my three (soon to be four!) boys.

If I knew I’d die next week, this week I’d… do what I could to help set my loved ones up to continue living happy, healthy lives.

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