20 weeks

I know.

I said I wouldn’t do this every week.  And I won’t.  But 20 weeks is quite the milestone, ya know?  Halfway there!  Which is absolutely insane to me.  I’m wishing for 20 more weeks of healthiness before Mini M makes his big debut this December.  I’ve spent the last four days in Texas, visiting my parents.  It’s been a welcome break from working and the day-to-day chores of being at home.  I’m here until Friday – and by looking at the weather, I will have my fill of sunshine and warm weather.  Temps hit 99 today!  Which is a bit warm for me, but I’ll soak it up while I can – when I left Wisconsin last week it was barely 70 degrees some days!  In July!  What!?  I’ll do a little recap of my trip once I’m home, but for now, here’s a little update on our little man.

20 weeks - mwnhow far along | 20 weeks – grateful to be where we are and hopeful for another 20!

what’s happening with the bumpster | I have 3 pregnancy apps (overboard, I know) – one compares his length to a banana.  Another says he is the size of a mango.  And the last says he is the size of a Belgian Endive.  I have no flipping clue what a Belgian Endive is.  He is also making good practice swallowing and producing meconium.  And meconium sounds completely unappetizing.

total weight gain | I haven’t weighed myself since I’ve been down here.  Mom swears the bump has grown just in the 4 days I’ve been here.  I swear she is crazy. 😉

maternity clothes | Mom was super sweet and bought me the work pants I’ve desperately needed.  I also got a couple new tops.  Thanks, mama!  I’m hesitant to buy too much because I don’t want to look sloppy in something that I’ll “grow into,” but also don’t want to spend money on something I’ll wear for just a couple weeks. 

stretch marks | None.  Yet.

sleep | Not too shabby.  Though, I swear my bladder has gotten smaller and I can’t get through the night without a bathroom trip.  That’s a pretty new occurrence.  And honestly, Craig left yesterday and I slept awful last night.  I like having my hubby around!

best moment this week | Getting down to Texas to see mom and dad.  I haven’t seen dad since March and likely won’t see him again until December.  Mom will be back in October for the baby shower!   Also, dad has lovingly nicknamed our little boy “the bumpster.”  Seeing my parents get so excited makes me all the more excited!

miss anything | Sushi.  And I had a sad moment this week when I got to a restaurant where they had sweet tea (they don’t have that readily available in Wisconsin!), but had to pass because I’d already had my limit of caffeine for the day.  Oh, I’d also like to do some serious damage on a Jimmy John’s Turkey Tom sub.

movement |  I think I felt the little guy move a few times.  But, it hasn’t been consistent enough to know for sure.  I’m honestly not that anxious, because I know that it may be a couple weeks before I feel anything consistently.  I’m also not completely convinced that it won’t totally freak me out.

food cravings | Nothing in particular.  But, I have yet to turn down any Mexican food.

anything making you queasy or sick | No.  Very happy about this!

gender | As the tech put it on Friday, “Well, it definitely isn’t a girl!”

pregnancy/labor symptoms | No.  But ya know, I’ve started to have pretty consistent pain/discomfort in my lower back on the left side.  I’m trying to remain aware of severity and how regular it is.  I’m afraid of it becoming sciatica.

belly button in or out | In.  Thankfully.

wedding rings on or off | On.  Thankfully.

looking forward to | While I am loving the time with my parents, the sunshine, and the warmth (not to mention the pool and the limitless amounts of excellent BBQ joints), I’m also looking forward to getting home to snuggle with Myles, Rudy, and Craig!

I swore to myself that I would never drive a mini van (something which may be changing, much to my chagrin), nor would I ever post an ultrasound picture for the world to see, here you are: the cutest little profile of Mini M:

squirt 20 weeks - mwn

We also have some really incredible pictures of his little ribs and vertebrae.  It’s so amazing to me how many little details he already possesses when he is still so tiny.

Okay, okay.  That’s all for now.  I promise the next time you hear from me, it won’t be baby related.



    1. You think so? I’m afraid it will come across as self centered! Eeep! But, I suppose if people don’t want to read them, they can skip them, right? I’m mostly afraid that I just won’t have anything fun and/or exciting to add every week! We shall see 😉



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