Highlight Reel

What have I been up to for the last 3+ months?  How nice of you to ask!

In May, Craig and I completed year two of our “tradition” to go to the Badger Spring game.  We went last year as well and decided it was a perfect way to see a game at Camp Randall without a ton of drunks and a large crowd.  We’ve gotten old and have come to appreciate less and less the situations where there are large amounts of people.  AND It was much warmer than last year!

spring game mwn

Later that month one of my dear friends, Allison, got hitched.  I’m so happy we got to be there.  I hadn’t seen her since we moved from Tennessee.  I met her while working at MTSU and learned she grew up literally less than a half an hour from me.  Small world!

cas wedding mwn

I spent Memorial Day weekend in Indianapolis to see one of my closest friends, Bobbie Jo.  I met her at MTSU, too.  We clicked instantly and have remained in close contact since I left.  I’ve been in Wisconsin for about a year and a half and I’ve seen her three times!  Rather than one of us making the drive in it’s entirety, we decided to meet halfway.  Turns out Indy is almost exactly halfway between Milwaukee and Nashville!  My heart needed that trip.  Jo is so full of happy – she filled my tank right back up!

indi mwn

In June, Craig and I made it to Summerfest – not once, but twice.  What was I just saying about not liking crowds?  We spent the first night seeing Lady Gaga.  THAT was an experience.  She’s so talented though.  And the people watching was at it’s best.  Lots of her little monsters dressed up.

Two days later we went to see a childhood favorite, John Hiatt.  His music is the background music for most of my childhood memories.  He was great to see live.

Looking at these two artists alone you can see  just how diverse my taste in music has become!

summerfest mwn

Early July, Kelsey was finally home from Spain!  Wahoo!  She’s been staying with Craig and me on and off until she finds a place to live and a job.  I secretly hope she stays forever.  It’s been so nice having her around.  My mom made the trip back with her.  She hadn’t seen me with a bun in the oven, so that was fun for everyone.  That first week of July was just a really, really good week.

On the fourth, Kelsey and I decided we wanted to go see Grandpa’s park.  He donated for its creation and spent a great deal of time taking care of it before he passed away.  It’s really special to both of us that we have a space to go and “see” and “feel” him.  It’s become the hub of all of the Independence Day activities in our small hometown.  It was a fun afternoon.

4th mwn

Also, special thanks to Kelsey for indulging with me.  This pregnant lady couldn’t walk away from the funnel cakes and sno cones!

4th mwn2

So there you have it!  Looking back, I had quite a bit jam-packed into the past few months – I’m only hitting the highest of highlights.  We have some other fun plans for the remainder of the summer, but I’ll save those for another time.

Have a happy week!





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