And, She’s Back

It’s been a hot minute, hasn’t it?

I just felt like I lost my mojo for awhile, ya know?  I did a lot of writing since the last time I was public on the internets – mostly as an outlet for the myriad of feelings I had surrounding our loss earlier this year.  That space has been exported, saved, and subsequently deleted.  But, man, did it feel good to get it out.

Anyhow, I’m back.  With bells on.

And I have some pretty exciting news to share, right off the bat.

baby bump mwn

Why yes, that is a baby bump.  In the beginning my feelings primarily consisted of fear and worry.  However, I’m happy to report I’m 19 weeks along.  By the time I entered my second trimester my fear and worry were (mostly) replaced with excitement and anticipation.

boy mwnWe are thrilled to have a little man joining us early December!

I just didn’t feel like a blog entitled “What The Efff” was a place I wanted to talk baby.  I mean, it was fun while it lasted, but I felt like I needed a space a little bit more family friendly.

That being said, I’ve imported all of the posts that you’d find at What The Efff and I’ve updated the links back to January 2014.  Prior to that, I make no guarantees that links are in working order.

Thanks so much for rejoining me in my little corner of cyberspace.





    1. Thanks, chica! I figure if I enjoy reading yours so much, I should probably get it together. My family had asked me more than once about it, too. I think maybe I felt like I couldn’t talk about what I wanted to talk about at WTFFF. So here we are. 🙂



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