Five For Friday v. 7

Spring time is officially here!  The temperatures have finally started to act a little spring-like and the snow is melting away.  It’s about time!  I was ready for that shiz to disappear weeks ago.  This weeks Five for Friday is all about spring.  Spring has sprung!

I love tulips!  My very favorite flower is in full bloom when spring rolls around.  I just wish they lasted longer.  I got the prettiest birthday tulips from my inlaws yesterday!

spring tulips.two.
I think Craig and I have started a new tradition – the Badger Spring Scrimmage.  It’s a super cheap date ($10 for tickets) to go see the new football team.  We don’t usually make it to a regular season game, which is fine by me.  I hate crowds and drunk college kids!  Last year was a the perfect day – despite being chilly, it was sunny.  There wasn’t a packed stadium.  And we had a great lunch at the Great Dane!

gamespring game 2013

Dogs that don’t mind being outside.  This is huuuuge.  Our dogs drove us insane during the cold weather.  They wanted to go out and run around for five minutes before coming back to the door and barking to be let back in.  …and then two minutes later (after warming up their tootsies!) they were at the door again begging to go back out.  Drove me insane.  Now, we can let them out and leave them be for an extended period of time.  Downside?  Muddy paws.  Ughhh

Craig’s birthday.  I love gift giving.  And surprises.  Craig’s birthday is in May and I’ve already been scheming what I can do to surprise him.  When we lived in Tennessee, I teamed up with his bosses to get him to Nashville and surprise him with tickets to a Preds game.  Last year he got to enjoy a bomb cookies and creme cake (and watch his wife in a dance recital).IMG_1105

After my very last recital!

*Hey Myles!

side note – should I cut my hair off again?  #havinganidentitycrisis

Grilling!  Craig became quite the grill master last summer, which is impressive considering he was working with a tailgating grill.  Tailgating grills mean that you can cook like two hamburgers at a time, which caused for some creative problem solving when we were entertaining.  For Christmas, he got a “real” grill from my parents.  He feels like a real big boy with his big boy grill and I can’t wait to put him to work!

What are your favorite things about spring?

FiveonFridayThanks to April, Christina, Darci,
and Natasha for hosting!



  1. Just found you through the blog link up! Such a cute blog. I totally agree with you on the muddy paws ordeal, but… it IS nice to get the fur babies outside every once in a while! Have a great weekend!


    1. Ooooh I’ve been so excited for maxi dresses, too! I just bought a jean jacket (haven’t had one since middle school) that I’m pretty excited to pair with a couple dresses! Hope you had a great weekend!



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